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my stepdaughters older lover

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i watched my stepdaughter blowing an older man

my 14 year old stepdaughter trista had a school friend charmaine that moved to the town next to ours about a year ago. where she moved to was a city that can best be described as ghetto. the two friends still would visit with each other on occasion but talked on the phone every day. usually her friend would come to our house but once in a while i would drop trista off over at her friends house. with the start of summer trista started asking to go visit her friend more often as charmaine didn’t have a ride to our area. one time in late june after dropping her off i was heading home and discovered my usual route was blocked due to road construction, after turning around i saw trista getting into a beat up truck that was parked on a side road in front of a house around the corner from charmaines house. knowing that is wasn’t charmaines moms vehicle i was upset. trista knows that she isn’t supposed to be going anywhere in that neighborhood except charmaines. i was already past the intersection so i headed around the block to come back around and bitch her out. after two rights i saw that the truck had already pulled away and was ahead of me by about 500 feet. i followed the same way going faster than they were but not flying down the road. after about 2 minutes a light turned red that they were coming up to so i got in the right lane as they were in the left. i pulled up next to them thinking of embarassing her by yelling and making her come with me but as i looked over thinking i would see her with another teenager i was surprised to see an older black man driving but didn’t notice trista for a few seconds. then i noticed that she was in the passenger seat leaned all the way over. i saw her blonde hair come up a little bit and i figured she found something she dropped then her head went back down. it took a couple seconds for me to process that she was giving this old black man a blowjob. i was dumbstruck, just staring with a shocked look on my face. I looked up a little and made eye contact with this fucker that was getting a bj from a girl i treated like a daughter. when we made eye contact he smiled really big and pointed down at her sucking his cock. he obviously had no idea that is was my little girl, he just figured he was giving a free show. the light turned green and he turned left while i still sat at the light still processing what i just saw. by the time my sense returned the light turned yellow. i hit the gas and was forced to go straight due to another car coming up in the left lane trying to beat the light. i had to drive two streets before i could turn due to the next road being a one way. as i was looking for them my astonishment turned to anger, which quickly turned to me getting turned on. it was either the completely confident look on his face or it was my interracial porn fetish but i was rock hard. it took a few minutes before i found the truck, it was parked in front of an abandoned house facing the same direction as me but on the left side of the road. i parked across the street from them and put my trailblazer in park. my window was down and i was maybe 20 feet away and started to watch. i know i should have stopped what was going on but i so turned on i just watched. i could hear him talking to her as she blew him. i could even barely hear the sucking sounds and her moaning due to her enjoyment for what she was doing. everything he was saying was turning me on even more. it was “that’s it baby, suck that cock, you like sucking my cock don’t you, you’re going to be my personal cocksucker from now on, you like sucking this black cock, you’re my bitch now, keep sucking, you are going to swallow when i’m done, white girls like you are made for sucking black cock, go deeper, oh is that too much [I heard her gag], i’m going to give you lots of practice on my black cock.
It just went on like that, i could hear her mmhmm at every time he said something but when he said about lots of practice she pulled off for the first time and asked him “promise”?
He answered yeah i promise now get back on it. He put his hand on the back of her head and pulled it into his lap and she got back to work. he kept his hand on her head and started controlling the pace. around this time he looked around and noticed me parked close to him and just smiled again. he started his comments again but this time around it was all about her being young and white and him having a big black cock. he also was saying it all louder this time like to make sure i could here. I think he was getting off on a white man watching him dominate a white girl. he was looking at me in a gloating way without realizing that it was my stepdaughter whose mouth he was taking. I got my cock out and started masturbating furiously. I’ve never came so fast. It couldn’t have even been a minute. i cleaned myself off and then heard him say that he was about ready to come and for her to swallow it if she ever wanted to suck his cock again. i could see his whole body shake and then he very loudly say that he was coming.
I started thinking shit how am i going to explain to her that i just watched her blow someone and that i needed to pull away before her head came up. then i heard him tell her to not get off his dick until he tells her that she is allowed. he put his truck in gear and drove away.
I sat there for a few minutes and then my senses came to me. I called her phone, noone answered, i called 3 more times in a row before she answered.
I told her something came up and i had to pick her up. That i was leaving home right then and coming to get her. she pleaded with me to let her stay and hang out with charmaine and i told her no that i was coming right then. I waited 10 minutes and then went over to charmaines as i pulled up she was sitting on charmaines steps by herself, i could see the beat up truck around the corner. she got in and i drove in the opposite direction.
her hair was a fucking mess and i asked her about it she said that her and charmaine just had a pillow fight. i was amazed about how quick she came up with that. i drove her to the mall and the whole way there she was complaining about how she must have slept wrong because her neck was hurting. i also noticed her massaging her jaw occasionally.
I bought her a few things at the mall and watched her. for the first time i didn’t assume she was my innocent little girl. i noticed how she flirted with her eyes with older black boys and black men but not with any other race. her eyes always went to their crotch and sometimes while looking at their package she would lick her lips. i guess my little girl isn’t so little anymore.

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:3zxjmhgwoij

    I would have gotten on my knees next to her and sucked it with her

  • Reply Chimmychonga ID:pwu4hgyzrj

    Please use paragraphs. It becomes very difficult to follow.

    • Herstepdad ID:7ylren98r9

      Sorry about the lack of paragraphs. First time writing a story

  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz6i9

    I lo e watching young white girls sucking on black cocks

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:3057hz2fii

    You got to write more I’d be fucking that cunt every day probably pimping it out also