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Mrs Tollan

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Adrian’s experience of a weird teacher in the 60’s

St James’s RC Primary School was a Victorian Building. To a 5 year old it was a dark and foreboding place.

As well as the old school buildings, there were two “cabins” which had been built on the edge of the playground to house the new intake classes. That’s where Adrian found himself on his first day at St James’s.

The teacher was called Mrs Tollan and she was the wife of the Head Master and she was very strict.

Adrian had no idea how old she was but the thought she was ancient. She was definitely much older than his Mum and wore her hair short and permed, rather like a hat Adrian thought. She had pointy glasses which accentuated her beady scary eyes.

The pupils had to wear school uniforms which meant for the boys grey shorts (even in winter), white shirt, school tie, green jumper and green blazer, white socks with black shoes. The girls wore similar except a grey pleated skirt replaced the shorts the boys were wearing.

In his first year of school Adrian’s class, of mixed boys and girls, had all of their lessons with Mrs Tollan. At lunchtime, those who didn’t go home, were marched in line to the refectory 5 minutes away where several schools were served lunch.

On return to class the children were encouraged to have a short nap at their desks before lessons started again. You could be in trouble if you larked around whilst you should be napping.

Mrs Tollan gave no warnings to children who misbehaved. She would glare at the offender and shout “come out” in her thin reedy voice. The child would come to the front of the class. If the child was a boy, she she would lift up the leg of their shorts to expose the lower part of a buttock, and she would deliver several sharp smacks to the bare flesh, usually leading to tears from the child. If it was a girl, she would lift up the skirt, tuck it into the waistband, lift up the leg of her knickers and delivered blows to the buttock.

Adrian always found it quite exciting as he had no sisters and therefore didn’t get to see knickers or girls buttocks. There was one occasion when the offender was a girl who was wearing green woolly tights under her skirt – which was a sensible idea given how cold it could get in winter on bare legs.

When this girl was called out front, Mrs Tollan lifted up the girls skirt and pulled down her tights. The tights took the girls knickers down with with them, exposing her bare arse. I’m sure she hadn’t intended to pull the knickers down as well. There was a “wooo” from some of the pupils and the girl started crying.

Adrian couldn’t take his eyes off her bare bottom and certainly noticed a stirring in his pants.

Mrs Tallon slapped her on both buttocks, turning them red and causing the girl to scream. The teacher pulled up her knickers, plain white and quite baggy. Next the tights were pulled up and the skirt pulled out of the waistband and it flopped down covering the girl’s embarrassment. “Stop crying for gods sake girl, you were balling before I touched you” she growled.

The girl went back to her desk, but continued sobbing for quite some time.

Adrian was not a naughty kid. He tried to avoid getting into trouble but it was not always possible. Like the time when his mate Tony was poking him when they were supposed to be napping. Of course Mrs Tallon didn’t see Tony do that, but she sure saw Adrain poke him back.

“Adrain Kingsley Clifford, Come Out” , he was in trouble.

He walked out and stood in front of the teachers desk. Mrs Tollon grabbed the leg of his shorts, but they were slightly longer than the other boys wore and she couldn’t expose his buttock. So, down came the shorts, up with the leg of his underpants and slap slap slap hard on his ass cheek.

Adrain didn’t cry. In fact he was quite excited at being exposed in front of the class. It would not have escaped the notice of the class that Adrian’s “dick was on poke” as kids referred to an erection. It certainly didn’t escape the notice of Mrs Tollan as Adrian pulled up his shorts and went back to his desk. As he sat down Tony whispered “ hey Aidy, you had a bit of a poke on there mate”. Adrian was a bit embarrassed but was trying to figure out why getting punished in front of the class caused his dick to go hard.

Over the next days and weeks, Mrs Tollon seemed to pick on Adrian for what seemed like nothing, and his buttocks were subject to many hard slaps with the same effect on his dick. The teacher seemed to be obsessed with the little tent in his white y-fronts. Adrian found himself going out of his way to get into trouble.

There was a supply cupboard at the side of the class where books, pens, chalk etc were stored. This is where Mrs Tollon took Adrian after he had been punished for the third time in one day.

“I’m fed up with your behaviour Mr Clifford and you are in for it now”. She was pretty red in the face and dragged Adrian in and shut the door. When she switched the light on there was a chair in the middle of the cupboard. Mrs Tollon sat down and told Adrian he was in for a bare bottom spanking. She said she was doing it in the cupboard so as not to display him in front of the class. Adrain didnt buy that explanation even at such a young age, maybe she didn’t want the kids going home telling their parents that some kid got his bare bottom spanked.

She pulled down his shorts and there it was again, a tent in his undies. She took hold of his y-fronts and pulled them down to his ankles. She took a few moments staring at his small hard dick and then she moved her skirt up a little exposing part of her bare legs. Then she pulled Adrian across her knee. He could feel his hard hot dick against her bare legs which felt nice.

She ran her hands over his buttocks down until she brushed against his small tight balls. She ran her finger along his butt crack and then delivered a hard smack across both buttocks. Adrian gasped because he wasn’t expecting it, but when he recovered he wiggled his butt causing his hard cock to move against her bare legs.

Mrs Tollon pulled him further onto her knee causing her skirt to ride up further and causing Adrian’s cock to rub against her warm thighs. This feels even better, he thought as another slap rocked his firm bottom. He was ready for that one and found a wave of pleasure flood his body. She spread the slaps around ensuring that every part of his bottom was turned bright red.

Adrian didn’t know how many slaps he received, but she abruptly stopped and stood him up. When he got up he glimpsed the teachers black lacy knickers before she pulled down her skirt to cover her knees. Adrian’s face was as red as his bottom and he stood there with his clothes around his ankles and his dick sticking out in front.

Mrs Tollon looked puzzled. She interpreted Adrian’s red face to be distress due to his spanking, but he was standing there with a stiff dick making no attempt to pull up his pants. She was sure he had peaked up her skirt as he was standing up too.

She leaned down to pull up his pants and her forehead brushed his willy. She reflexively put her hand up right on the end of the penis sending it swinging. She was all flustered but Adrain looked delighted and completely relaxed. He was thinking she touched his knob on purpose and was wondering what that was all about. He knew it felt nice and was pondering on the experience when Mrs Tollon told him gruffly to pull up his shorts. He did and struggled a bit to get his dick comfortably back in his underpants and shorts.

As he was led back to his desk, he couldn’t help notice the incredulous looks from his classmates. They had all heard the unmistakable sound of a bare bottom being smacked. When asked in the afternoon playtime, he told those who asked that Mrs Tollon didn’t hit hard, he didn’t feel it and it definitely didn’t hurt. He was lying of course, his bottom was stinging in the most delightful way. The other kids knew how hard Mrs Tollon smacked.

He hadn’t yet discovered the joys of masturbation yet, but he knew he liked the feeling down below when seeing others spanked especially when he could see knickers and bottoms. But best of all, he liked the feeling of being exposed in front of others and he liked his bottom being spanked. He knew that all the other kids hated it when the teacher smacked them and were really upset at being exposed in any way, so even at that age he knew he was different.

Mrs `Tollon was shaken by the supply cupboard incident and stopped spanking Adrian, and so he began to play up even more in an attempt to experience the sensations that spanking gave to him.

Eventually he went too far and the teacher literally dragged him to see the Headmaster, her husband. Mr Tollan didn’t seem surprised to see Adrian and he suspected that they both had been discussing him at home after school.

Mr Tollon told Adrian he was going to be caned which scared him a bit. He had heard from other kids that Mr Tollon caned pupils hard on each hand and it hurt like hell. Adrian had not bargain for this.

It was therefore unexpected when Mrs Tallon pulled his shorts and underpants down, so his cock was flaccid, but that didn’t last long. As the cool air hit his naked lower body, his dick rose to full erection.

“See David, I told you” she said. ‘You said a first year could not get a boner, but there it is”. Mr Tollon looked at Adrian and said “You won’t have that thing standing up after I have finished with you”.

He made Adrian lie flat across his large wooden desk. It was polished wood but the flat surface was covered in green leather which was cold against his hard hot dick.

The headmaster pulled out a long bamboo cane and flexed it before bringing it down hard on Adrian’s soft white bare bottom. There followed 5 more hard strokes spaced evenly across his bum and even clipping the top of his legs. Yes it hurt and his bum was stinging more than he had ever experienced before, but the excitement he felt far outweighed the pain. In fact after the final stroke from the cane, Adrian experienced an orgasm. He didn’t know that’s what it was, he just knew that if felt truly amazing.

Mr Tollon stood Adrian up and was amazed that his cock was still stiff, although it wouldn’t stay that way for much longer, and was incredulous that Adrian was not crying. He wasn’t even looking upset, in fact he looked quite pleased if anything. Mr Tollon had never encountered a kid that wasn’t close to hysteria after one of his canings.

Adrian simply pulled us his pants just as his erection had subsided. He waited for the inevitable lecture, which didn’t come. Mrs Tollon simply took him back to class and watched him carefully as he sat down. Adrain just sat down relishing the sharp sting in his bottom and felt his cock starting to stiffen again.

When class ended everyone wanted to know why Adrian hadn’t got “The Whack” from the Headmaster. Adrian told them that he had. No one believed him, so a few of them followed Adrian behind the cabin classroom and he lowered the back of his shorts and undies to show them the aftermath. There were massive stripes across both buttocks which were almost purple and angry. Both boys and girls took a look and were really shocked at how his bum could be in that state and Adrian was walking around as if nothing had happened.

In fact Adrian was really turned on having all the attention on his bare bottom. The thought about displaying his erection, but thought better of it. The rest of the class must have thought he was some tough nutter, but they didn’t know the truth …. Yet.

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    Lovely story! The Tollans are a fascinating pair of pervs. Must hear more!

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    I would like to hear more about the old lady in this particular story

    • Kingsley Clifford ID:h9alcerd2

      Done – should be posted shortly.

  • Reply Fred ID:h9alcerd2

    Loved that Kingsley. What happened to let the other children find out about your strange desires? Did you get caned again? Did your teacher give you a bare ass spanking again?