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Blackmailing My Little Sister and Her Friend into Sex part 3

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The story continues. See parts 1 & 2 to catch up

That evening I was sitting in my room with my pants around my ankles airing out a growing boner. I was looking at the naked pictures of my 12 year-old sister and her friend I had taken earlier when I blackmailed them into having sex. My sister thought she had deleted them, but I’m no fool: I uploaded them to the cloud before handing her my phone.

Just then my sister walked into my room unannounced. I quickly hid my phone and pulled up my pants.
“Oh, relax!” she said. “I’ve seen your junk, remember?” She sat next to me as I finished zipping up.
“Are you OK?” I asked, genuinely concerned. “You’re not bruised and sore?”
“Oh my God, get over yourself,” she exclaimed. “I barely felt your tiny little thing inside me.”
I was getting angry. She was lucky that the parents were downstairs or I would show her how big my cock really is by having another go at her, and this time, not as gently.
“So why are you here?” I asked tersely.
“Mandy and I were discussing what happened this afternoon,” she began. “Turns out, she has a little crush on you. I know, I don’t get it either. She had a good time, she felt a connection with you, yada yada yada, long story short, she wants to be your girlfriend.”
“She’s 12 years old; I’m 16,” I stated.
“That didn’t seem to matter this afternoon when you were porking her,”
I thought for a moment, then shrugged. Why the hell not? “Mandy was a decent piece of tail; with a little training, she has potential.”
“Exactly what I said about you,” Lynne said with a smirk.

Lynne headed for the door, whirled around quickly and pointed an accusing finger at me. “Look here, Baby Daddy: Mandy is my friend. If you break her heart, it will be my mission to make your pathetic, so-called life a living hell. Understand?”
“Yeah, sure,” I agreed. “Whatever. And stop calling me Baby Daddy; mom and dad might hear.”
As she stalked out the door I wondered if I had made a deal with the devil.

The next day was Sunday and the parents were home, so nothing happened.

On Monday I picked the girls up after school. We had the house to ourselves until the parents got home. Lynne suggested: “Let’s play a game. I have a deck of cards.”
“What shall we play?” asked Mandy.
“We can play strip poker,” explained Lynne. “Scott can teach us.” Lynne smiled, Mandy blushed.
“OK,” I said, “loser has to stay naked until our parents come home.” They both agreed. “The game is high card – low card: dealer deals everyone one card. Aces high. Everyone flips over their card and the low card takes something off. Any questions?” They both shook their head.

First round, Mandy had the low card and took off her shirt, revealing a white cotton training bra.
Next round I was low card and took off my shirt, baring my chest. Then Mandy’s pants came off, revealing her granny panties.
Next round Lynne’s shirt came off revealing a lacy bra. Next round: off came my pants. Then Mandy lost the training bra, revealing her puffy nipples.
At this point, Mandy was in her panties and I was in my boxers while Lynne was still mostly dressed. It was Lynne’s turn to deal. “You’re going down, Baby Daddy.”
“It ain’t over til it’s over,” I said. “And stop calling me Baby Daddy. I doubt you’re even pregnant.”
Lynne’s pants came off next, revealing sexy, see-through bikini style panties.
Next round Mandy lost her panties. She stood up, embarrassed, but very turned on. As Lynne and I both took pictures Mandy tried out some playboy style poses, beginning to really feel her sexuality.
“Let’s go once more,” said Lynne said to me, “winner take all.”
I pointed out. “You have your bra and panties, I have only my boxers.”
Lynne took off her bra, freeing her perky little tits. “Sudden death round. And let’s raise the stakes: if I win, you get naked AND you have to eat my pussy.”
“And if I win, you eat Mandy’s pussy,” I grinned.
“You’re on,” said Lynne as she dealt the cards.

I turned over the King of Clubs; Lynne turned over the Ace of Hearts. “Bon appetit,” she smiled.
I dropped my boxers and posed while the girls took pictures of me. Then it was time to pay up.
I already had a boner, but the sight of my little sister’s pussy close up combined with the delicious aroma made me even harder, almost painfully so. While I worked her insides with my tongue, she moaned and trembled beneath me, and the sound of her pleasure brought me to the brink of crisis. Mercifully, she pushed me away when waves of electric fire washed over her from head to toes.
Meanwhile Mandy was fingering herself, trying to keep up with Lynne. When Lynne saw Mandy in distress, she crawled over to her like some giant cat stalking its prey. “Your turn, sweetness,” Lynne purred, as she positioned herself above her friend’s leaking pussy. Mandy slowly opened up to Lynne, and Lynne began pleasuring her.

While my sister eat her boxed lunch, I licked and sucked Mandy’s sensitive, puffy nipples. It wasn’t long before Mandy was bucking wildly having her first ever orgasm. “Scott, put it in,” she begged, “put it in RIGHT NOW!”
I straddled her and began feeding my monster into her tight little preteen hole. It was slow going at first; although she was soaking wet, my member had grown bigger and thicker than ever before. As I worked it in, Mandy was gasping for breath as her pussy was stretched to its very limits. When I hit bottom, I continued to pump her faster and deeper, unconcerned with whether or not I was hurting her, lost in my own need. It wasn’t long before Mandy was convulsing beneath me in the midst of her second, even more powerful orgasm, which was soon followed by a smaller third and forth as I continued to pound her.
I pulled out so as not to spill my seed inside her. I lay next to her, side by side, and we were both panting with the exertion .

And then, without warning, Lynne straddled me and in one swift stroke impaled herself upon my still swollen shaft. “My turn.” she purred as she swallowed me whole, balls deep. Once again, her vise grip inner muscles began to milk my cock, bringing me back to the crisis point. She was riding me hard.
“You crazy bitch,” I cried. “I’m about to cum.”
“That’s right,” she said, riding me even harder, “and you love it! You love your sister’s pussy. You want to cum inside your little sister’s pussy. All your cum belongs in your little sister.”
Her words excited me almost as much as the feeling of her hot, wet pussy smothering my overly engorged cock. At that point I lost all control and began to explode inside her, wave after wave of boiling hot semen, pouring into her pussy, filling up her fertile preteen womb until it spilled out onto my cock. And still it came, erupting like a volcano, shaking my body and draining me of my very essence. I don’t know how long it lasted, or how many loads I blew into my baby sister.

Lynne did not move, holding my cock inside until it was too soft for her cum slimed inner walls to hold. When it slipped out, she lay beside me, put her knees up and slipped a pillow under her bum. Mandy rolled over threw her leg across mine and put her arm around me holding me tight. I put my arm around Mandy, and the three of us lay there for some time.
Lynne was the first to move, heading to the shower and getting dressed, Then Mandy and I showered together and got dressed. We stripped the semen soaked sheets and put them in the wash, just before the parents arrived.

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