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Me And My Sister’s Friend

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One summer my sister called her friend for a sleepover that ended in both of us losing our V cards.

One Summer my Sister(13 F) decided to call her friend(15 F) over for 3 night sleepover. My sister is not important to the story, but we will call her friend Eva. Eva was a sexy teenager with huge E cup boobs and a nice ass. She was pretty slim and in a good form.

So first night Eva and my sister were having an all nighter. I could hear them laughing in the other room while trying to fall asleep. In the morning my sister woke up early and after some talking I found out they stood up untill 5am. My brother(9 M) who is also not relevant to the story tried waking up Eva as a part of the joke. He was literally jumping up and down on her and she didn’t move a slightest.

At around 1pm Eva woke up. After lunch we decided to go to the beach and have some fun. On the beach we were soon fighting. During the fight I couldn’t help but constantly look at Eva’s huge tits. I would intentionally get to her and push her by her boobs while play-fighting just to feel them. I even managed to get my dick to touch her pussy.

After we were done fighting we decided to go get some ice cream. Still wet and now out of the sea, Eva looked even more sexy and I was more horny than ever. While eating ice cream I again couldn’t help but look at her huge boobs. They had to be mine. I had to feel them.

The rest of the day went as usual, we went home, took a shower and were just ignoring eachother. Me and Eva were never in the best relationship so we always tried to evade eachother as much as possible.

As the night got closer, my desire to touch Eva was getting stronger and stronger. I decided that this was the night I was gonna do it. That this was the night I was gonna touch her. I knew she was sleep deprived as she pretty much did an all nighter a night before and my parents were out of town that night so we would be alone. This was the perfect opportunity.

I started planning out how to touch her. I was sleeping with my brother so I had to wait for him to fall asleep first. Next I was gonna go stand in front of their room. As my sister had broken the door years ago, the room was open. I was going to listen for Eva’s breaths and determine if she was sleeping or not. My sister had pretty loud snoring and she was also gonna fall asleep quickly so I didn’t bother checking on her.

The plan was ready. I was so happy that I will finally get to touch a girl. I was a nerdy boy and no girls were really into me so I really wanted to feel Eva’s boobs. I couldn’t wait for the night.

The night finally came. I was on my phone untill midnight. Around midnght I was 100% sure my brother was sleeping, but there was a problem. I could hear someone’s phone from my sister’s room. Luckily, bathroom was right next so I could go check and play it out like I was going to WC if I got caught. I came to my sister’s door and took a peek. Both of them were sleeping, but Eva’s phone was still on some video she was watching when she fell asleep.

I made sure Eva was sleeping. Watching her only in bra and underpants made me horny as hell. Finally I decided to take action. She was sleeping on her back so I took her bra and just lowered it as much as I could. I saw her boobs out of bra for the first time. Right as I saw them I started feeling them. Nothing much at first, I just put my hands over them. They were so soft. I could do this all night. After about 30 minutes of touching I started to squeeze them a little. To play around with them. To kiss them. I was going from one boob to the other. Touching the hard nipples. I started sucking on them. It felt so good. Her boobs were so warm. I wanted to explode.

After some minutes of just playing with her boobs I looked at her face. She was so beautifull. I leaned towards her and kissed her. I did it again and again, each time kissing closer to her mouth. Few kissed later and I had my first mouth to mouth kiss. It felt awesome. I was still playing with her boobs in the meantime. Next I wanted to feel her tongue. I kissed her mouth again, but this time as our lips connected my tongue entered her mouth. I started going left-right, touching her tongue and playing with it. I was in her mouth for good 5 to 6 minutes.

All that excitement tired me. She was sleeping on a huge bed so I thought why not lay next to her. I laid down. The feeling of laying in the same bed as a girl was insane. I turned her to the side so I could continue kissing her and playing with her boobs. With each minute of me being next to her, my 16 year old cock got harder.

Suddenly I got the idea. What if I fucked Eva. The thought of me losing my virginity to such a hot woman made me even more horny. I liked the idea so much. Next thing you know my left hand slowly moved from her boob to her pussy. I started moving my fingers over her clit. It felt so good. I lowered her panties so I could take a better look at her pussy. I have already seen pussies in porn movies, but nothing could compare to seeing one in person. I rotated Eva so she was laying on hee back again. I went on top of her and gave her few more French kisses and then went lower.

I saw her pussy up close and felt like I have just found the most beautifull diamond in the world. It was shaved so that made me want to fuck her even more. I inserted my tongue into hee pussy and started tasting her juice. All this time she didn’t even move a muscle. I was so scarred that she was gonna wake up and tell on me, but just went with it. I’ve been enjoying her pussy for the good 5 to 10 minutes. Next thing I know, she came all over my face. Her juice tasted amazing and I wanted more, but had to save some for later.

Now that I tasted her pussy, I had to feel the feeling of blowjob. I put my cock inside her mouth and started going in and out. Good thing was that she had no gag reflexes. I went all in to her throat. I was trying to be as gentle as possible because I didn’t want to wake her up. After around 90 seconds of blowjob I came inside her mouth. The amount of sperm going into hee mouth was insane. She swallowed all the cum inside her mouth.

I gave her one final French kiss and put my dick right in front of her pussy. I started touching the top of her pussy with my dick. At one moment I just felt like it and slowly pushed in. I got deeper and deeper untill I felt some resistance. It was her hymen. I was worried that if I broke it she would wake up, but as I was already inside of her I said fuck it and went all the way in. She just moved slightly, but other than that no reaction.

I was now full of joy that I had my sex toy. I started slow, but with each thrust got quicker and quicker. I was going in and out with insane speed. My dick felt soo good. I finally knew how does it feel to have such a tight pussy around my dick. It was soo good and I was soo happy with myself. It was all a great experience. At least untill I came inside her. I mean, I did like it, but I did not want her to get pregnant. I still just said fuck it and continued fucking her. It was around 4 am when I was dead tired. I couldn’t bother going back to my bed so I just fell asleep on top of her with my dick still inside her pussy.

If you would like a part 2, please do let me know. This story is all a fantasy and none of it had actually happened.

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    Damn that sounds like fun, I hope she gets prego lol.

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    how the hell did she not wake up

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    Loved it and yes Part 2 prices please, love Emma from Aus.

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    Part 2 please

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    Yes part 2