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Watching Mom and Dad 3

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Mom and teenage son continue their first night of passion.

This night was absolutely incredible. First I see mom and dad having really hot sex, then I get the surprise of my life when my mom asked me to fuck her. And now after I orgasm my sperm into mom’s tight wet pussy, mixing with my dad’s sperm already inside her, she asked if I’d like to try her girdle on sometime. As I continued to lay on my mom with my hard cock gently rubbing the satin front panel of her tight girdle, I whispered in her ear, “Mom I love you so much, you’d actually let me try it on?” “Oh sweetheart, you sure can, why not. “Okay mom I’d really like that.”

After a few minutes mom suggested that we better go to bed and get some sleep. Mom said she had a big day tomorrow. It was almost 2 A.M. so I agreed. After reaching the top of the stairway mom went in the bathroom and I went to my room and climbed into bed.

I could hear mom getting ready for bed. Water running, brushing her teeth, flushing the toilet, and a sigh of relief when she took her girdle off. As I laid there I couldn’t believe I actually had sex with my incredibly sexy mom. My sperm is actually inside her. It all seems like a wet dream.

Just then my mom came in my room totally naked. She walked over to my bed with her girdle in her hand a crawled into bed with me. “I’m still horny honey.” She cuddled up against me with her soft warm body. “I really need you inside me again.” She started to rub my cock very slowly with her hand. After a few strokes she took her girdle and wrapped it around my hardening cock. “Do you like that?” I nodded yes and kissed her to show her my approval. In a heartbeat I was hard as a rock and ready to slip myself into her tight little wet pussy. She kissed me and whispered in my ear, “Do you have some more sperm for me?” I nodded yes again. “Then let’s get you back inside me sweetie.”

Mom then took her girdle from my cock and laid it on my pillow. After she stroked me a couple more times she placed her petite body on top of mine. My precum dripping cock was being hugged between us with it’s tip right at mom’s bellybutton.

As we kissed open mouthed with our tongues exploring one another mom very slightly moved her body up and down along mine. Her skin felt so soft and sexual against me. Mom teased me like this for a couple minutes then she slid up much further than before allowing my cock to pop up between her legs.

When she slid down once again I slipped inside her perfectly. “See sweetheart we are ment to fuck, your beautiful cock lined up just right with my pussy. I love having you inside me.”

This time I didn’t orgasm instantly. Mom began riding my super hard cock like her life depended on it. Her moaning and screaming was exactly the same as I heard when she was fucking dad earlier tonight. Just from her actions I’m sure she had an orgasm and then another a few seconds later. Her body shook and twitched as she orgasmed hard on my dick.

After a few more minutes of fucking she stopped and looked up at me breathing hard and obviously exhausted. “Oh my god you horny stud, your the greatest fuck I’ve ever had!!! Your just amazing sweetheart.” After we kissed mom laid her head on my chest to catch her breath with my cock still inside her. “Oh my baby I love you so much.”

My confidence was running high. I actually felt like a stud. My teenage cock had just satisfied a beautiful and a sexual women to multiple orgasms. Best of all I hadn’t orgasmed yet myself. It’s just nice being really hard and feeling it inside mom.

“You get on top honey, I really want you to fuck me now.” Mom lifted herself off my cock and laid on her back with her legs spread wide. She looked incredible laying there waiting for me to reenter her pussy. “Hurry up put it back in me! You owe me some sperm yet.”

I crawled between her long legs and started to mount her. Feeling really cocky I took my hard wet cock and rubbed it up and down her wet slit. She kept lifting her hips trying to get me inside herself. I pulled back just enough to prevent that from happening but continued to tease her horny pussy. “Please don’t tease me, that’s mean. I need you!” She looked up at me with her big blue eyes pouting.

With the next stroke I plunged completely into her and held myself there. I lowered myself on top of my mom, kissed her deeply and whispered, “there is that better.” She smiled, “yes that’s perfect.” She hugged me tightly and wrapped her long sexy legs around my waist locking us together as one.

“Stay still honey, I just want to feel you inside me for awhile. You just fill me so perfectly. I love it when you’re inside me!” I kissed mom passionately. I didn’t move, I felt the same why she did. “Mom I love being like this with you, I could stay this way till morning.” “Okay sweetheart maybe we will.”

We stayed connected together motionless for nearly half an hour. It was so cool being inside mom for so long. We kissed, and talked about what we were feeling being intimate. And how thankful we both were to be finally enjoy our new sexual relationship. It was amazing how great it felt to be intimate with such a beautiful woman.

As I laid on top of my mother she started to squirm and her pussy tightened up around my cock. “Sweetheart, baby, can I have your sperm inside me now?” “Yes you sure can mom.”

I began to thrust in and out of her slowly at first then deeper and quicker. I had been inside mom such a long time I knew I wouldn’t last long. Being in her even without fucking was still a build-up to cuming into her. Just more subtle and gradual but still a build-up.

Mom was starting to get excited again as I continued to fuck her. She was bucking against me, moaning, and getting very vocal. “Oh fuck me baby, just fuck me full of your sperm. I want it all in me deep! I want you to get me pregnant sweetheart”

Hearing her put me way over the point of no return. Mom wanted my sperm and she got it just as deep as I could go. I was in her far enough I could feel her cervix at the tip of my cock. I orgasmed so hard I nearly passed out. Mom even had an orgasm of her own when she felt me explode inside her.

After a few moments we both recovered from the insane orgasms we both had. As my spent cock slowly deflated I withdrew from my beautiful lover and rolled off and laid beside her. “Mom that was so fucking incredible.” “Yes sweetie it definitely was. Thanks for the sperm. I’ve never felt so well bred.”

Then we heard something at my bedroom door. It was dad. “Are you about done fucking your mother for tonight? It’s almost dawn!” Mom climbed out of bed with my cum running down her legs. But before she left she whispered, “I’ll leave my girdle here for you my stud.”

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  • Reply David Kenya ID:mzgdgcd0

    Nice story

    • Robert ID:fx7wlf6ib

      Nice to hear you liked the story. I just uploaded my next story. Should be available soon. More girdle fetish material if that’s what you like.

  • Reply Jay ID:1bfepuyzb0a

    Hot story. More please

  • Reply Robert ID:fx7wlf6ib

    I hope some of you enjoyed reading my story. I had fun writing it. I’d like to hear what you liked and didn’t like about it. I’m working on part 4 so maybe I could incorporate a couple suggestions .

    • Robert ID:fx7wlf6ib

      Still working on part 4. It’s getting kind of long but what the hell I’m enjoying writing it.