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Let’s All Get Pregnant! Part 2 of 2

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Johannes and I made our way out of the forest and went down the street to get his car before driving over to Ted’s house. I felt it was right to get my friends man back before continuing with my pregnancy announcements. I was really pissed off at what he had done so far and wasn’t going to let him off easy, I don’t think my man was either. We pulled up to his driveway and noticed his car was parked outside, I was going to launch into him if Johannes didn’t hold me back. We got out of the car and went to the door, knocking, and finding Ted’s father at the door. “What do you two want?” his dad asked.

“We just want to see Ted, is he in?” Johannes asked.

“Yeah, he’s with a girlfriend of his though, go on in.” he said letting us inside.

We walked up the stairs, I followed behind as I didn’t know where I was going. We rounded the corner and stood outside his bedroom door. I heard soft whimpering and moaning coming from inside the room. I was boiling mad knowing he was fucking some other girl in there, cheating on my friend. I pounded on the door before Johannes could pull me away to leave. “Come on in, baby!” was all I heard from inside so I burst through the door and found Ted stark naked laying on top of Nikki, the girl I hate the most in school, balls deep in her pussy. He gave her a good few thrusts before he turned around to look who came in his room. “What the fuck are you two doing here?” he asked surprised.

“We came to tell you you got my friend pregnant you asshole! Now instead of manning up to it you dumped her and are fucking this slut! I can’t believe what a fucking asshole you are!” I shouted at him.

“Who are you calling a slut? The whole school knows you two are fucking. I bet you have his baby in you right now, you little tramp!” Nikki said back, Ted still balls deep inside her.

“Look, Camila, your friend lied to me. She said she was on birth control the whole time, and fucking her ass like that is something she wanted me to do. She begged me for it every time we fucked so I just went for it. I bet she told you she didn’t like it? It’s her own fault for lying, I’m not ready to be a dad, she knew that, at least Nikki here knows to use protection. I guess white girls know how to fuck black guys better, you Spanish bitches are all a bunch of sluts.” he said looking straight at me.

“I’m a fucking slut!? That bitch has opened her legs for the entire fucking school. Her cunt will look like a roast beef sandwich by the time she’s 20! At least I stick to the same man and he sticks to me, a loyal relationship is to difficult for you two whores, and why haven’t you stopped fucking her!? Pull out for fucks sake!” I shouted.

“Nah, fucking her is more enjoyable than listening to you bitch. You can go tell that lying whore I’m done with her. Johannes, I thought you had your bitch under control, you don’t need me to hold her down do you?” he said condescendingly.

I was about to launch into him but I felt a pair of hands grab my arms holding me back. Not only did I have to listen to this asshole call me a whore, but I had to watch him fuck my arch rival the whole time. I had never seen her naked before, despite her being the queen of whores. She did have nice tits, and her pale white pussy stretching around his big black cock was mesmerizing. It reminded me of my slut mother fucking those black guys for her Onlyfans. “Now that I think about it, I have a proposition for you.” Ted said to me.

“What do you want from me? I’m not in a giving mood right now.” I replied

“You lay down on the bed here, and let your man have his way, join us in a foursome and I’ll go back to that little slut friend of yours. Leave and I’ll tell the school about your little as secret, and not the one inside you, but the one even your man doesn’t know about. One involving mommy…” he said to me.

I went pale. How did he know about that? The only person I told was Isabelle. Did she tell him? I felt betrayed, confused, angry, and worried. Now he had the upper hand on me, I had to join them, could you imagine if everyone in school found out my mom fucks black guys on Onlyfans? Wait a minute, was he one of the men in that video? There’s not many black families around here, did my mom fuck Ted and his dad on camera? Does that mean that my mom and friend might be pregnant from the same person? What if the man who got my mom and friend pregnant was going around breeding all the local women? I had no choice but to join them with my man. I reluctantly went over to the bed, knowing I was already pregnant made the thought of this easier on me as I slowly removed my panties so my man could get inside.

Johannes seemed hesitant to join in as well but we just closed our eyes and went with it. That is until Nikki chimed in saying, “Jesus, is that how you two fuck on your own? You’re the most boring couple on the planet. I think we need to show you two how to really have some fun…” she said allowing Ted to pull out of her pussy for the first time since we got here. I knew she wanted to swap so she could finally fuck my man like shes always wanted. “Bitch if you think you’re gonna take my man so easily, you’re smoking crack.” I told her laying on the bed. I hoped that was the end of it but then Ted had to continue with it, the two couldn’t just leave us alone, they had to be a pair of assholes. “No, no. She’s got a point. I think we need to trade partners for a few minutes, let Nikki get what she wants or I spill the beans…” he said looking at my exposed pussy. I hate these two, I should just say no and walk out. Some way somehow I’ll get back at them for this. That little blonde bitch stealing my man, I’ll admit they look like a typical pairing together but he’s my man and I don’t share. Johannes bent down and gave me a kiss, whispering in my ear that he won’t let her enjoy it.

“You want me to wear a condom?” Ted asked looking down at me.

“I’m already pregnant, you can’t get me double pregnant.” I sneered back at him.

“Oh really? I’ve never fucked a pregnant girl before. Let’s see how this feels.” he said taking his already hard cock and shoving it against my opening. I held my legs up for him hoping that if I could make him cum quickly he would be done. I looked over at Johannes as he prepared himself, giving his cock a few good strokes before it was rock hard like usual. “Would you look at that, the rumors aren’t true after all. My man has a bigger cock than you do, so much for that BBC, right?” I said mockingly as Ted fucked me. Nikki laid in the same position as me on her back with her legs in the air. My man grabbed her and flipped her over, holding her against the bed by the back of her neck and pulling her ass up with his free hand. He entered her cunt forcefully and like he did to me in the forest, he went straight to a rough fucking. Her back arched more than I’ve ever seen while he held his hands over her mouth. The sounds of his hips slapping against her ass intensely filled the room. Her eyes were wide open as she was being fucked far harder than she thought she would be. Sweating, crying and moaning like a whore as Johannes made sure to fuck her pussy like he was raping it.

“PLEASE STOP! PLEASE STOP! GO SLOWER! IT HURTS! OH FUCK, MY POOR PUSSY! MY POOR PUSSY!” she moaned as he ravaged her cunt. Slamming in and out of her cunt like it owes him money. Meanwhile I was getting filled by my friends “boyfriend”. I couldn’t figure out what my mom and friend saw in black men, this cock wasn’t hitting any of my pleasure points like Johannes does. I was giving him a pity fuck while my man raped Nikki’s pussy. Serves her right. “Do you think you could start fucking me sometime? I thought you black men were supposed to be good at this?” I said looking up at him,
“Oh I’m sorry, that’s not the dirty talk you want, is it?” I added. He just held his hand over my mouth and tried to fuck me harder like Johannes was doing to Nikki. After several minutes of fucking, I heard Nikki’s body betray her as she melted with orgasm after orgasm while getting her pussy ravaged and destroyed. Around the same time I faked a orgasm hoping it would hasten Ted’s climax. Johannes looked over at me and said he was going to cum. I always submitted to my man and let him cum where he wants but now that he’s taking another girl, I’ll let him choose.

“Come here, slut!” he said pulling out of her cunt, now red and sore. He grabbed her hair and pulled her off the bed down on the floor on her knees forcing his cock into her mouth. He grabbed the back of her head with both hands and face fucked her until he held it down deep around his shaft while he shot his load down her throat. After he was done he went up and shoved Ted away, grabbing me and putting my clothes back on, Ted hadn’t finished yet and acted upset that he was being denied a climax as we walked out. Nikki just sat on the floor naked, crying as she had been used and abused like a piece of meat by her crush, without even getting the creampie finish. We got back in his car and drove straight back to my house. I got on my phone and texted Isabelle to see if she still had her phone. She replied right away asking what happened.

“Ted is an absolute dick and I say you should leave him now, don’t look back.” I told her.

“What did he do?” she asked.

“He was in his room fucking that bitch, Nikki. Not only that, but he threatened to tell everyone in school about my mom fucking black men if he didn’t let me fuck him. I was too scared of that happening so I let him, Johannes basically raped Nikki while it happened, no one had a good time. You should find a man who cares for you and not some playboy rapist asshole like him.” I told her.

“What a fucking asshole! I can’t believe I let him creampie me! That cheated fuck, gets me pregnant then gets me grounded, then just leaves to fuck that whore!” she replied clearly upset.

“Hey just think of it this way, You graduate in a few months while I have to stay here another year. You can go fuck all the college boys you want, not every man is an asshole like that.” I said trying to keep her calm.

“You know what, yeah. Fuck him! I have plenty of other boys lined up, I think I’ll give one of them a chance once I’m not grounded anymore. I’m sorry you had to deal with those two, I’m happy for you and your baby, too.” she said back. We went inside and sat on the couch. I was tired of dealing with people today and just wanted to relax with my man. I could only imagine the men Isabelle had at the ready, but she was pretty enough she could land a man easy. The rest of the day we spent laying around together, we had had enough sex for one day. I checked my phone and saw a notification, my mother posted a new Onlyfans video…


Here’s the second half of the story I posted earlier this week, more stories to come. Be happy Britney, now you can fuck whoever you want…

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  • Reply Pregnant fetish ID:7z8j90mzrb

    I need more pregnant stories

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

    I feel so violated and humiliated Camila ! on what Ted did to me ! What do I do now ? I’m pregnant and no guy will want me now ,especially a pregnant Spanish Conchita as myself ! and I never told anyone about your mom , I’m also sorry that Ted black mailed you into fucking him but it was great hearing that he raped that whore bitch Nikki ! Thank you Camila for watching over me and sticking up for me ! please thank Johannas to for me Camila ! Love Isabela