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So it begins

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I end up with both Sara and Kat and her brother catches up

Now that I had had sexual contact with both sisters, 15 year old Mags and 12 year old Kat without either of them know about the other my problem was going to be how to keep them apart or perhaps to get them together. And then there was Sara 13 who Kat had given to me like a present. I had fucked the two younger ones but Mags was too nervous and shy so I had been taking it slow with her. The two younger ones were far more adventurous and had take to cock exceptionally well.
New years was over now and I had returned home. I was getting daily texts from both Kat and Sara about when I could come back to town. I told them not until a good reason presented itself that would allow me access to them. The only contact from Mags just said how much she liked her pictures and was thinking of taking more. To me that meant she wanted to try more sexual experiments as it were.
On Jan 4th Sara texted me that her parents were going out of town from the 5th to the 9th leaving her 16 year old brother to look after her but he usually went out with his friends Friday and Saturday nights leaving her alone for several hours. I told her I would come down Friday night and she should text me when he was gone. It was around 8pm when I finally got her text and I parked two street away from her house and walked over. She answered the door and to my surprise and delight there was there stood both Sara and Kat in little sexy baby dolls. Sara grabbed my hand and pulled me in and shut the door. Kat proceeded to give me shit and look pouty because I hadn’t told her I was coming down. I patted her on her tight little ass and said I was sorry but that I had been sure Sara would tell her.
That seemed to satisfy her and the two girls one 12 and one 13 dragged me to Sara’s bedroom. Kat is very blond and tall for 12. She is very slim with a nice tight ass from dance and small A cup tits and is just starting to get pubic hair. Sara is at least 3 inches shorted with dark brown hair and also a tight as from gymnastics. Her tits are a bit larger than Kats and her nipples are longer and perkier than Kats but both girls are too hot for their own good.
I undid my pants and let them drop to the floor and before I could do anything else Sara grabbed my underwear and pulled them down as well. My 8 inch cock was about half hard and Kat was first to grab it. I knew I had to get to not argue over my cock so I suggested that Kat suck me and I would eat Saras cunt and we would change positions every 15 minutes or when one of them came. Both girls seemed to love the idea and were giggling like the school girl they were. I lay on Saras queen sized bed and the girls took their positions on me Sara over my face and Kat between my legs. Both girls had shed their baby dolls and were perfectly naked.
Sara straddled my face and immediately sat down pushing her bald cunt into my face. I guess my suggestion that she shave it worked. Kat was already sucking my cock and gagging lol and fingering her pussy with her other hand. I was in heavan. My cock was engulfed in Kats mouth and Sara’s pussy was pushing hard on my face. I could feel Sara getting wetter and was sure she was about to cum when the door to Sara;s room opened and there stood her brother.
Both girls jumped off me and at first I thought he was going to attack until I stood up and was a lot bigger than he was. The girls were trying to cover themselves and I just stood there and asked him why he didn’t at least knock. He had no idea what to say so I told Kat to go over and let him feel her tits. Knowing Kat was the wild one I was sure she would do it. I looked an Neil’s pants and he was starting to get a hard on. When Kat grabbed his hand and placed it on her tit she also started to rub his cock. He was still in shock so I walked over and undid his pants. At first he was reluctant but when she took his other hand and put it on her cunt he was hooked. He let me pull his pants down and then his underwear and is 6 inch cock which was fully hard now jumped up and slapped his belly. Kat bent down to start to suck him when he finally realized what was going on and jumped back and said I’m calling my parents right now if you don’t leave. I said I would but then Sara said “ if you do I’ll tell them that you sneek into my room sometimes and touch me.” He stopped and told her that this is much worse but then she uncovered herself and said ya and we’ll both be in shit for a long time.
She uncovered herself for the first time since he had opened the door and stood naked in front of her brother. His cock jumped and he seemed to be thinking about what to do so I signaled Sara to come over and took her hand and put it on his cock. I pushed her down and she started to suck his cock and right then I knew we had him.
I pulled him over to the bed and he didn’t struggle as I laid him down and the girls went to work on his cock. He didn’t last more than and minute and he was shooting cum down his sisters throat and when he pulled out he shot the next two ropes on Kats chest and face. She greedily licked it up and sat back with a devilish smile on her face. You know Neil I’ve wanted to fuck you for a long time and now I think I will. She took him by the hand and dragged him out of Sara’s bedroom and next door to his own. As they left she turned to me and just smiled. Sara was still a bit shell shocked but I comforted her by telling her that once he fucks Kat he cant tell anybody. She was still a bit scared so I started to suck her nipples and whisper in her ear. She calmed down when I lay on my back and pulled her on top of me and placed my still hard cock into the entrance of her hole. She looked down and pushed herself onto my cock and started to ride me. I matched her movements and it only took a minute before she was moaning and riding me to an orgasm.
Meanwhile next door it turned out Neil had gotten into the spirit of it all and was fucking Kat. I know this because I heard him yell that he was going to cum and Kat told him to pull out. I finished with Sara and led her into her brother’s bedroom and we switched partners. At first Sara was reluctant and so was Neil but I told them if they got it out of the way Neil wouldn’t be sneeking into her room anymore unless she wanted him too. At first he was going to agree with Sara but then seeing her perfect body he said nothing. I took her hand and placed it on her brothers cock and stroked it a bit and he was almost immediately hard again. I took his hand and put it on one of her tits and pushed his head toward her so he could suck a nipple. Both of them moaned a bit and then I knew they would do it. And they did. Kat and I watched as brother and sister fucked and sucked each other to 2 orgasms for Neil and 3 for Sara.
After their first orgasm I got Kat on her hands and knees and we fucked watching the siblings enjoy each others bodies. Being tired I suggested we all retire to Sara’s room and catch some shut eye. Nobody argued and we all fell asleep in the same bed and I was the first awake because I had to piss.
I was pissing standing up when Sara said wow that’s a lot of pee. I asked her if she need to pee and she said ya real bad. I shook my cock off and told her to go ahead. She looked at me funny and I told her I wanted to watch so she sat down and started to pee. I put my hand between her legs and felt as she pissed and then I asked if I could lick her dry and she giggled and spread her legs more to give me access.
When I was done licking her piss Neil came into the bathroom and said he wanted to shower. Sara asked if she could shower with him. His cock immediately started to rise and I left the two of them to enjoy a shower. They seemed to be really getting along well and I needed them to in order to avoid jailtime.
I returned to Saras bed to find Kat just starting to wake up. I climbed in beside her and she kissed me good morning. I could smell her cunt juices so I put my hand in her slit and sure enough she was wet. I started to masturbate her and she seemed to wake right up. She reached down and grabbed my now stiffening cock. We continued to kiss and then she pushed me off and got up on her hands and knees. She asked me fuck her but in her ass. She told me Sara had told her how good it was once you got over the first time. I reached into her cunt and started to wipe her juices over her anus and she moaned as I got her lubed up. I then put my cock into her to lube it up and then put the tip as her asshole. I pushed the head into her ass and she yelped and told me it hurt a lot. I told her to relax and I would take it slow and only push an inch or two in at a time. I know it was painful because she continued to grunt and yell. When I asked if she wanted to stop she said no keep going. I finally after a long time managed to sink my whole 8 inches into her ass and just left it there for almost 15 minutes. I could tell she was getting used to it when she pushed back and then pulled out and back again so I started to slowly fuck her asshole. Now she moaned and her breathing was labored like when she was going to cum so I started to ram her asshole and that was when she yelled “oh yes Hugh fuck my asshole and then she started to orgasm as hard as she ever had. I was so aroused I almost didn’t feel my balls tell me it was time and I shot several streams of hot cum into her ass. I pulled out with a loud plop and we lay there and fell asleep together.
When we woke Sara was calling us to come down to eat. They had ordered pizza with money their parents had left for them. We all ate nude and when I suggested we retire to the bedroom for more fun Sara asked to speak to me in private. We went into the den and she told me she just wanted to fuck her brother from now on. I smiled at her and asked if he had hurt her and she told me it was the opposite. He was wonderful with her and (now she blushed) his cock wasn’t as big as mine and didn’t hurt her at all. She also said she loved him a lot and just wanted to be with him and was it alright. I gave her a hug and told her to always remember its your body and you do what you want with it and give it to whoever you choose. We returned to the others and she went over to her brother and hugged him and they turned and left

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