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drugged my sister and her friends

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me and my mate drugged my sister and her friends at a sleepover and raped them all. it was a lot of fun but i got in trouble for it. it was worth it.

I was 15 when this happened and I got in a lot of trouble for it. This story isn’t for anyone who doesn’t like rape stories. I’ll tag it as rape so if you don’t like that then don’t read it.

My parents went out one Saturday to celebrate their anniversary and they were going to be staying a posh hotel for the night. They let me and my sister have some friends stay over, I only had my best mate John come over but my sister had five of her friends sleep over that night.

Me and John were both 15.

My sister Jessica was 14, had beach blonde hair down to her shoulders, 5’3” with C cup boobs and her friends:

Melanie 13 – Brunette curly shoulder length, 5’4”, C Cup boobs
Chloe 13 – Blonde straight elbow length, 5’4”, C Cup boobs
Amy 14 – Blonde swirly elbow length, 5’6” elbow length, B Cup boobs
Emma 12 – Redhead straight elbow length, 5’2”, A Cup boobs
Yasmin 14 – Dark curly hair shoulder length, 5’5”, C Cup boobs

We spent the start of the night all downstairs just chilling and drinking alcohol that was in the house and John and some of Jessica’s friends sneak over with them. We ordered some pizzas and like I said we were just chilling and having a laugh. I’ve always had a crush on my sisters friend Yasmin, she was Persian and really fit, I mean drop dead beautiful, I’d asked her out in the past but she’s always rejected me and even asked her that night, I beg her to just give us a go but she shot me down again.

John fancied Emma, he liked younger girls, she was pretty but looked too much like a kid to me, but he fancied her so each to their own I suppose. The night was getting on and we were getting nowhere with the girls, then John pulled me in to the kitchen and pulled some pills out of his pocket, he told me they were party drugs, John wasn’t always the best behaved boy, he’s been in trouble with the police loads of times, so this didn’t surprise me, he said we could slip them to the girls and have some real fun.

I wasn’t too sure about it, in fact I was going to flush them down the toilet until he said, “Go on. You could fuck Yasmin.” And boy did I want to fuck Yasmin, I’d do anything to fuck Yasmin, I decided to do it and we made up some vodka shots and put pills in the glasses, the girls necked them all down and then as they started to feel sleepy they headed up stairs.

We waited a couple of hours passed midnight and then went upstairs, when we opened my sisters bedroom door they were all passed out, some on the bed and some on the floor, we called out their names and even nudged them a bit but they didn’t respond, they were totally out of it, fully unconscious and at our mercy.

John initiated a high five and rubbed his hands together excitedly, “Party time.” He said, and he immediately rushed over to the bed and laid down beside Emma, she was laying on the bed on her back with her legs hanging over the edge, wearing a t-shirt and short skirt, John rubbed her legs, “Yeah man!” he whispered, smiling widely, he licked her face and rubbed his hand up her skirt, he lifted it up and started to rub her crotch while licking and kissing her face.

“I’m doing this.” He announced, sitting up and pulling off his shirt and pants, he pulled Emma’s top and skirt off and leaned over her, after fondling her tiny boobs under her bra he pushed it up so they popped out and started to suck on her nipples, then he pulled her thong off, “She’s bald. Look.” He said, waving at me to come over, I walked over and saw her bald pussy, it looked nice, John got down and licked her out while rubbing his cock, “Yasmin’s over there, go get her. You won’t get another shot, dude.” He said, then he pushed me away towards her.

Yasmin was on the floor on her back, she looked so beautiful, she was wearing black jeggings and red tank top, just looking at her naked belly turned me on, I kneeled on the floor next to her rubbing my knees and licking my lips, “Dude!” shouted John, then he came over and pulled Yasmin’s jeggings off, “Get in there.” He demanded, then he went back over to Emma and continued to sexually abuse her little body.

I took off my clothes and sat between Yasmin’s open legs, I lifted off her tank top, she wasn’t wearing a bra and her boobs were slightly pointy, not round like most girls, they were pointy and nice looking, I gave in to my perverted desires and fondled and sucked on them with enthusiasm, I had an instant boner, I looked over at John when I heard his groaning, he was on top of Emma humping her unconscious brains out, I laughed at him seeing his ass popping up and down while he fucked her pussy, he saw me and gave me a thumbs up and a smile, “She tight as fuck, dude.” He said.

If he could do it so could I, I slid Yasmin’s pink knickers down and gazed upon her pussy, it had a little patch of fuzzy pubes above it, it was warm, wet and soft to the touch, I pushed apart his pussy lips with my fingers, it was pink inside, then I leaned down and licked it out, it tasted so nice, then I leaned over her and pushed my cock between her pussy lips and it slid inside her, I felt her hole stretching as it went in, I found my rhythm and I just fucked her right there on the floor, he boobs were bounding around and her head lightly swaying side to side, I put my tongue in her mouth and snogged her mouth.

Yasmin’s skin was so soft as our bodies rubbed together, her nipples and her soft cushiony boobs pressing against my chest, her whole body was so smooth and bouncy, I enjoyed fucking her, John groaned really loud and I caught a glimpse of him ejaculating over Emma’s boobs, then a few minutes later I came inside Yasmin, I should have pulled out, but her sex felt so good I couldn’t resist filling her hole with my spunk, and it was nice to have the memory of how it felt coming inside her tight little pussy.

By now John had already moved on and he was humping my sister, she was face down on the bed, he was holding her ass back and fucking her from behind, “That’s my sister.” I said, disgusted with his actions, “I know. I’ve thought she’s always needed a good cock up the ass.” He joked, he pulled out of her before he was ready to come and he moved on to Melanie, he shoved his cock, which he just had up my sisters ass, into Melanie’s mouth and fucked her mouth, he squeezed her boobs for a while before coming down her throat.

I liked the look of that so did the same with Yasmin, I throat fucked her and came in her mouth, she reflexed and arched her back swallowing my spunk down her throat, she groaned lightly and then lay down again, still passed out.

Chloe and Amy were the only two left, both on the floor, John dragged Amy across the floor by her feet and lay her next to Chloe, a few feet away, then he stripped them both, “Fancy a fuck race?” he asked.

I wasn’t sure what he meant then he explained we both fuck one and see who comes first, I agreed and we got down on the floor over a girl, Amy was mine, “Go!” shouted John, after we both slipped out cocks inside them, and we started to fuck them as fast as we could, I had Amy’s legs up in the air, resting on my shoulders and fucking her pussy fast and hard, John was just ramming it in Chloe, I could hear his balls slapping against her ass, unfortunately John came first, so I lost, but still had sex so we’re both winners really.

We both fooled around with the girls for an few more hours, took loads of photos and videos on our phones, and I fucked Yasmin again, I couldn’t resist her and I wanted to record a video of me fucking her sweet pussy, when we got too tired to do anything else we tidied up, that means we wiped up all traces of her spunk and redressed the girls, then we went to my room and talked about shit what just happened before going to sleep.

The girls never knew what happened, they woke up the next morning thinking they’d just got too drunk and fell asleep. But a month later Yasmin found out she was pregnant, but as far as she knew she’d never had sex with anyone, it took a few days to put it all together then she knew something happened that night at the house.

When the baby was born her parents got it DNA tested and found out it was mine, they reported me and John and we got sent to a young offenders place for 18 months. Yasmin had the baby and she lets me see my son, she’s forgiven me for what I did that night but she’ll never let me fuck her again.

My sister still speaks to me but none of her other friends do. No one thought to check my phone though, we still got all the pics and videos of that night and I watch them regularly while jerking off, Yasmin had a nice pussy man.

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  • Reply Daddy ass ID:2px1mhuf4hu

    Really enjoyed it. But I have one question, you said that you got locked up for 18 months, so where was your phone hidden at that they didn’t find.

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    You surely fucked your sister that night.

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    Pretty sexy story

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    I wanna hear some more and maybe even see video and pics.
    We are all here for alittle something more

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    Congrats bro, wish I could’ve joined in. You da mvp!! Rape those bitches! Men with huge cocks are the KINGS!

    • Dylan ID:2v2x3wtoid

      IU idiot how u get caught my sister iz 18 I been drugging her 4 about a year then she got married r norac& she woke up with me making love ❤️ with her the look on my sisters face when she realised my SPERM just entered inside ur FANNY was shocking my sperm was warm 2 hot but I carry on shooting my SPERM inside my sisters pussy 4 times & once inside my sister ass because she was married & I’ve had the snip!!! My sister said she never seen so much SPERM b4!!!! She was angry

      But I fuked my sister so hard core even made my sister ride my cock
      Both of us never spoke about it again

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    Wow. Can you send the pics and videos to me at [email protected] please?

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    Once a month for the past 2 years I drug and have sex with my daughter, she was a virgin, the storie about it is on here somewhere.

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      Do you use a condom on your daughter

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  • Reply Jessica ID:1i2kovirk0c

    I helped my brother 15 have sex with my friend 13, if he would be OK with me having sex with his friend.
    Both my friend and I lost our virginity that night.
    Bad thing we didn’t think about condoms.
    We both became pregnant. It was difficult not telling my parents who the father was. But as soon as baby was born, my parents knew because the baby was black.

    Our families got together and got a place where my brother and his friend and my friend and our babies lived together. Our parents thought it was better us being together than our brothers Going to jail.

    • PUSSYWANTED ID:5u100ta9qj

      Do you still have sex and are pregnant again

    • Jessica ID:1i2kovirk0c

      Yes we still have sex. I didn’t learn my lesson from being pregnant, 2 weeks after having my baby I let my brothers friend have sex with me. I got pregnant again . My daughter won’t be a year old when her brother is born

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