Let guy fuck my wife

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Steve joins in and helps me fuck my wife

I was living in Banbury in a bedsit I was trying to find a new place for me and my wife to live. Lets call the guy in the next room Stevie he,s about 40 tall fair hair slim body. My wife is small five feet two inch size 16 44dd boobs with big nipples and a hairy cunt natural red head. We are into swinging dogging threesome foursomes any thing goes. Before she came to stay with me for a bit I was getting to know Steve and showed him a few photos of her he say to me would love to see more of her I said to him will see what I can do to see to that.In the mean time I took part of the lock of the bathroom door and told Stevie i had done this. The plane was one evening while she was taking a bath Stevie would open the door as if to go to the bathroom. Just to let you know she,s 60 years old and love,s sex. Well she come to stay with me for a bit and meets Steve in passing the second night there she says I see there is only a bath I said yes she say,s she would love one I tell her to undress slip on her night coat and I will go and run the bath. I do this for her and go and bring her to the bath room alone with matching bra and knickers and tell her I will be back in 20 minutes. In the mean time I knock Steves door and tell him games on she,s having a bath he ask,s what will I do I said walk in on her and say O sorry then ask do you want me to wash your back and also look to your left you will see her underwear.All went to plan that way I watched from the top landing as Steve open the bathroom door this what he told me happened he said he seen her lovely boobs and he said O sorry and she put both hands over her boobs he then asked do you want me to wash you back and she said no you he will be back in a minute he then said to her lovely knickers love to see you in them. He came back upstairs and told me this. I said to him lets see what happens. I went and got her out of the bathroom about 15 minutes later and took her up to the room. She told me what happened and what he said I just said to her he,s on his own in there and why dont you let him see you in your bra and knickers she says are you sure why not I say so she lays down on the bed with her night coat on and I go and knock Steve,s door and bring him to my room He looks at Elizabeth and she slowly opens her night coat showing of her see through lemon bra and knickers you could see the hair of her cunt and her big hard brown nipples. He says he would love to see more Elizabeth opens her legs and pulls her bra up and starts to play with her nipples at this point the door was still open so i close it both me and Stevie start to undress I see he has rock hard cock and it has to be eight inch and very thick. I walk over to my wife and take of her knickers and start to lick and bit her cunt Stevie starts to kiss her lips and down her neck and suck her nipples then he kneels up and puts his hard cock in her mouth she starts to lick it and suck it and then puts her hand up and starts to rub it she,s loving it Iam now finger fucking her hairy cunt and her breathing getting heaver at this point I open legs and get between them my dick is rock hard and has pre cum on it I let Steve smell my finger and then ram my hard cock into Elizabeth and start to pump her hard she loves sex talk and Iam calling her a dirty cunt sexy bitch slut and she starts to buck back faster and suck on Steve dick harder the next thing I here Elizabeth and Steve moan loud and Steve spunk is in her mouth and all over her face I said to her you loved that you dirty cunt yes she says and i want more I slapped her leg and said your going to get more you dirty cunt. At this I pulled out of her cunt I was still hard I was yet to cum and Steve was still sort of hard I went up to her face and said to her suck my dick you dirty whore she started to suck my dick and put her hand around on my bum and started to put a finger up my hole which I love it drives me nuts at the same time Steve is down licking and bitting her cunt I see her breathing hard again Steve say to her to turn round and get up on her knees smacks her bum and calls her a dirty cunt at this she grabs my dick and starts to give me a wank Steve,s spunk is al over my dick from being in Elizabeth mouth Steve is now rubbing is dick up and down the crack of her bum then bang he puts his dick right up her cunt and starts to fuck her fast and faster I hear Elizabeth moan fast you cunt faster and then Elizabeth moan o yes o yes spunk me spunk me I hear Steve moan also and he pulls his dick out dripping with spunk and wips it al over her bum and this point my spunk goes al over hair she later went and too another bath dirty cunt.

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    I like the story, but try using punctuation and paragraphs to make it easier to understand. Use a spell checker too. Good luck.