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Love making with 15 years cousin sister…

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Hii, l am Rik. I am telling you a incident happened in my life. In my family total five members, my parents, two elder sisters and me. One sister got married. I have a cousin sister who is one year younger to me. I slept with my sister in the second floor. Two friends of my sister came to sleep with us. I started to masterbate in the age of eleven. I could see the boobs of my sister’s friends when they bent down. Gradually it became my regular job. One day I decided to touch the boobs of them when they sleeping. At around 1a.m when I awake l saw one was sleeping on her right side, facing opposite to me. I couldn’t see her boobs. Another was sleeping on her back. Her round shape boobs were going up and down with her breathing. Seeing this my penis was erected. She was sleeping after my sister. So I couldn’t stretched my hand. After few days when I awake l find that one of them was sleeping just next to me . She was sleeping facing me. I placed my hand in front of her boobs and slide to her boobs slowly. After few seconds it touched her boobs. I pressed her boobs slowly with my fingers. This was the first time I ever touch boobs. After half an hour she turned and sleeping on her back. I feared if she awake. But I was lustful and as she was sleeping just next to me so I didn’t want to miss the chance. After nearly ten minutes l moved towards her and placed my hand on her belly. I was afraid and shivering my body. When I find no reaction from her l proceed and moving my hand towards her boobs. After a minute my left hand was on her boobs. I cupped her right boob and keeping rest my hand on her boobs. My hand was going up and down with her breathing. I moving my fingers slowly on her boobs to feel the softness of her boobs. After that I sometimes touched their boobs. After few weeks one day I saw that my cousin sister’s nipples were swelled when she was bathing in the house yard. She was then 12 years old. After six months l again saw when she was bathing in the house yard only in panty. Around her boobs also swelled. I realized that it grow her boobs. But I had no sextual interest to her. After three months l saw that her boobs swelled more. She then bathing wearing panty and top. After three months when she was 13 went to her maternal uncle’s house and came after three months. I saw that her boobs became more big than before. I came to know by talking that she was sleeping with her cousin brother and grandma. Her cousin brother was two years older than her. Her cousin brother must pressed her boobs at night. But how could he press her boobs as she was her sister. In the meanwhile a incident came out in my village that a girl got pregnant by her cousin brother. So I realized that it can be happened with cousin brother and sister. Here we two cousin brother and sister was friendly. After six months my another sister got married. Her friends didn’t come to sleep in our house. When I was talking to her l could see her boobs. Seeing her boobs gradually l feel sex and I tried to touch her boobs. When I held her l feel the softness of her body. When we were playing to titillate each other l feel her back and deliberately placed my hand on her butts. I touched her bare thighs, belly, bare back , butts. After one year l started to love with her friend. She was middleman. One day she called her in her house and left us in their second floor and she was looking people. We were gossiping and making love. She didn’t allow me to touch her boobs. But l aroused sex and I laid her down on the floor and kissed her and entered my hand inside her top and pressed her boobs. She called my cousin sister and she entered in the room when I was pressing her boobs. I released her. After few days my sister told me that her friend didn’t love me. I became sad. My sister holding my face console me and told me why were you behave such. I said she was my girlfriend so I can kiss her.
..no , you have do some extra.
…no l only kissed her.
… I saw you were pressing her boobs.
I became silent. She smilingly said was it arouse in your head. As she console me l actied as l was very sad. After two days l sobbing . She came to me. Held my face. I placed my face on her chest. She move far.
After three months in the afternoon when we were playing to titillate each other, l lifted her top and moving my fingers on her back. I placed my hand on her butts. She suddenly turned forward and told me to titillate on her belly. Seeing her belly and navel hole my penis erected. I moving my hand on her belly. I sometimes deliberately slide my hand towards her boobs and touched her boobs. She didn’t say anything. Then l laid down by her. She told me what were you doing on that day.
….l held her hand, then kissed her and hold her boobs. When l hold her boobs she went far . I then went to her and hold her and laid her down.
… And then
…..then nothing.
….were you not pressing her boobs.
….she turned towards me and said what was in her boobs.
Hearing this l was astonished. And said everyone want to press boobs. If nothing so why she didn’t allow me to touch.
…. I don’t know. But to me it is nothing. As you touch my belly ,back thighs boobs also same.
….. So can I touch your boobs.
…..holding my chin ,)no bro, these are not for you. You are my brother.
….l want to see how soft your boobs.
… You…naughty..
She overlapping her hand on me said what will you get touching my boobs.
… Nothing but want.
Then l turned towards her and hold her. She didn’t say anything. I started to kiss her. Pressed her boobs. She also kissed me and hold me tightly. I entered my hand under her top and pressed her boobs. She slide her hand under my shorts and hold my penis. I also entered my hand under her panty and touched her pussy. Rubbing her pussy with my fingers. She became lustful. Then we saw each other bodies. In this way we making love with each other. But we didn’t fuck her.

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