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Brothers not so little willy

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Came home drunk and found my little brother sleeping on the sofa, his willy was sticking out of his pyjamas so we licked it dry.

It was about 3am in the morning when me and my bestie stumbled in to my house, we’d been out since 6pm partying in all the pubs and clubs and we were extremely drunk, we staggered in to the kitchen carrying our pizza boxes and my friend sat at the kitchen table while I tried to make us a coffee.

“This chairs too hard.” She complained, she got up and wobbled down the hallway carrying her pizza box and trying to eat a slice, “I’m going to shit on your sofa.” She shouted back to me.

She was drunk and slurring her words, “Shit on my sofa?” I asked, bursting out laughing.

“Sit – SIT on your sofa.” She replied.

I shut my eyes for a moment trying to regain my balance then I picked up the made coffees and walked to the front room, when I got to the door she was sitting on the floor next to the sofa, my little brother, Gavin, who was only 12, was asleep on the sofa and she was rubbing his leg.

“What are you doing?” I asked, stumbling forward and carelessly putting the cups on the coffee table causing some of the coffee to spill out.

She pointed to his crotch, “Look. His little willy is poking out.” She said, my vision was impaired so I stumbled over and fell to my knees next to her and gazed at his crotch, there it was, the head of his little soldier poking out the front of his pyjama’s, “Can I play with it.” She asked, starting to reach out for it.

I laughed at her, “Susan. He’s only 12.” I said.

“Go on, he’ll love it.” She replied, then she pried apart the flats of his pyjamas, reached inside and pulled his willy out, “It’s not bad.” She said, pushing his foreskin back and looking delighted at his little mushroom head.

“This is – I can’t believe we’re doing this.” I said, feeling ashamed but too drunk to care, I reached out and felt it and we both giggled quietly while we rubbed it together.

It took a few minutes to start responding to our attention and then after a few more minutes of vigorous rubbing, it was finally up and hard, “Wow.” I said, astounded the size of my little brothers cock, “That’s epic for a 12 year old.” She said.

We both leaned over and licked the rim of his mushroom head at the same time, sharing the yummy taste of his cock, then he woke up, “Tia!” he said, jumping with surprise, “Hi brother.” I replied, I just turned briefly to answer him then went right back to licking his cock.

He just watched us licking away and he was breathing heavy and groaning, his cock swelled against our tongues and then he came and his thick warm spunk dribbled on to the tips of our tongues, and slowly filled both our mouths and we slurped and swallowed his salty seed, lapping up every drop and cleaning his cock until it shined.

“Score!” shouted Susan, throwing her arms in the air in celebration, we burst out laughing again, my brother asked again why we did that, I pushed his cock back in to his pyjamas and then we just shoved pizza in to his mouth and told him to go back to sleep.

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  • Reply Carla ID:y8hyzb0d

    I give it 1/5 for making a so short story, and for not continuing it after being so great. Too bad.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:2kyee16vm1

    Hot story.. wouldn’t you like a bbc in your mouth instead ?😉

  • Reply AP ID:on8so7lk0a

    EXCELLENT story!