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King Daddy part 2

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I awoke from sleeping as Melody had long gone back into her room. I was getting hungry and decided to find my mother who looked like Donna Reed. There she was miss prim and proper in her light pink dress over the stove. I got in front of her dress and started to finger her like father show me. It shocked her but she kept on cooking. My father made her shave her pussy so what and pink. It starting making a gooshie sound then I licked her clit. That made her jump then I bit that made her fall. I unbuckled my pants and I pushed my dick inside her. She didn’t stop me she laid back as I fucked her as hard as 10 years could.

As she laid on the floor our dog Buckskin came over to see what was going on then went to my mother with his big red cock ready for action. Something came over me and told my mother to suck Buck’s cock. Just like that she did what I told her with no hesitation. Man she deep throated Buck that he started to howl and pour his cum down her throat. After that he went the living room and licked himself. I lost it and flooded my mother’s cunt with my baby juice. I rolled over panting as she got fixed herself then finished cooking.

Later on I found out from dad that he was using Buck to make lewd films with my mother and made damn near 10 grand. Pervents have a lot of money to spend to jack off to.
Afterward we had nice dinner with mother and sister plus Buck.

When my father returned from his trip he was in good spirits and decided to spent it with the family going to a great Italian restaurant. We laugh and smiled everyone think we must be the greatest family ever. Boy did they know. When we got home my mother and sister had to strip and do the night rounds of serve their men plus Buck. See my sister suck my cock and lick my ass while Buck was fucking was always a sight. My mother licking Bucks ass while my father buttfucking my mommy.

These acts lead me down my path as King Daddy. I excelled in school and college to make the money I need to rule bitches in my realm.

From the middle school to the most mature I own them and rule them. Every had a female judge act like a porn star I have. A congress woman during a state of the union had a joy buzzer up her cunt as played with making her jump around in her seat. They can’t resist me I’m perfect in their eyes. A white blonde GOD with a bronze cock to match.


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