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The Real Animal

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This is a fantasy about Neva,’ my daughter’ who’s into rape, prostitution, bestiality and verbal abuse

One Thursday evening in September, when – as an attractive, white, dominant, proudly sexist and 39-y/o pervert – I was roaming the ‘Net and happened on to an online group, “DeviantGirls.”

I accessed its membership list and was pleased to find my 20-y/o daughter’s nude photo along with a message: – ‘Hello. I’m Neva. I’m into severe verbal abuse and dogs. While you supposedly can’t rape sluts, I wish my dad and his buddies would pretend to. My only limits are minors and physical harm. My e-mail address is, ‘[email protected].”

At the moment, she was watching TV in the living room, and not being sure I’d read her message right, I pointed toward my cumputer and inquired, ‘Do you mean what you wrote?’

‘Uhhh – yeah, daddy,’ she blushed.

‘You don’t need to be embarrassed because your mom had the same interests ,’ I answered.

‘You – you raped her?’

‘Other than bestiality and prostitution, that was her favorite activity,’ I smiled.

‘Mom was a hooker?’ Neva asked.

‘Yeah, and she loved her customers degrading her particularly while she screwed dogs,’ I said.

‘Will you pimp me, daddy?’

‘Sure,’ I responded, then called my handsome and kinky white friends, the 21-y/o Jude and 23-y/o Roy, with them expressing a desire to safely mistreat her the following night,

Nonetheless, they had their own plan by undressing prior to ringing the door-bell at my house.

‘W-w-who… are… you?’ Neva stammered.

‘I’m Roy and this is Jude.’ the former replied.

‘Oh, I ought to mention that Neva will serve you as a reverse prostitute,’ I grinned.

‘How’s that?’ Roy asked.

‘She’ll pay you $10 apiece for your pricks. I hope that’s enough,’ I responded.

‘Our cocks are priceless!’ Jude said, then: – ‘I very much doubt she understands holy scripture, though since my name is similar to the Biblical Judas, I’m happy to betray her dignity.’

‘That’ll be easy, considering she doesn’t respect herself, do you, Neva?’ I asked.

‘No, daddy,’ she blushed again.

‘Good,’ Roy had scarcely said when he tore her clothes off.

‘You’re a hot turd,’ he remarked while squeezing her large, firm boobs.

‘I’d say you’re a stinking bowel-movement!’ Jude sneered.

‘Until Vanessa, my wife’s death in a car accident 3 years ago, it aroused her to think she defecated Neva into existence,’ I noted.

‘I’m sorry to hear she’s gone, Wrulf,’ Roy answered.

‘Well, she was nearly as scandalous as her daughter!’ I chuckled.

‘You’re a scandal – huh?’ Jude snorted as he gripped Neva’s black hair, tilted her head back, and directed saliva across her pretty face.

‘Yes, sir!’ she bleated.

‘Yeah, you are!’ Jude thundered as he reached down to slap her saucy tail.

Next, he turned, bent over and snarled, ‘Kiss my ass, bitch!’

She obeyed, followed by her starting to lick Roy’s butt-crack, scarcely had she done which before he loudly farted.

‘That’s your smell, not mine!’ he smirked as he pushed her to hands and knees on the living room floor.

Having done that, he crouched behind her and aimed his 12-inched penis into her dripping snatch.

‘Tell me you’re a worthless cunt!’ he ordered.

‘I’m a worthless cunt!’ she complied.

‘That’s the reason we’re going to rape you!’ I growled as I stripped and slammed my 11-inched pecker into her throat.

‘Are you ever a piece of filth!’ Jude shouted while stroking his 13-inched tool.
‘Uh-hmmm!’ she mumbled, though Roy and I furiously assaulted her vag and mouth until we jizz-defled both orifices and withdrew from her.

Once we had, Jude knelt and smashed his rod into her anus.

‘Eeeh!’ the tart screamed through an orgasm.

Nonetheless, Jude mercilessly destroyed her sewer-pussy before unloading in it.

Upon dismounting her, he laughed,’ I might to stoop to marrying the dumb whore!’

‘She hasn’t fulfilled her special destiny,’ I replied as I went to the backyard and returned with my trained, male dog.

‘This is King,’ I introduced him.

‘I can’t wait for him to knot the REAL animal!’ Jude said.

‘He’s referring to you, mutt!’ Roy added, though sniffing her wet cooze gave King a 7-inched boner.

He then reared and buried it in Neva’s loins.

‘Atta’ boy! Siccem!’ Jude crowed.

‘Fuck me, fuck me!’ she panted,

‘You belong in a kennel, you disgusting creature!’ Roy scoffed.

‘That’s right!’ Jude said as King shot his pizzle-juice into her muff.

‘Do you still intend to marry my daughter?’ I asked Jude while having her give him and Roy 10-dollar bills.

‘Absolutely,’ he replied, and a month later he did.

As Neva’s husband-master, though, he offered her exclusively to black men after that occasion.

And not surprisingly, he let them rape her, too.

The End


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    Good stuff! Though I could always use more farting!

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    Does your daughter have snapchat

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    Awesome to such a cheap whore of a daughter. U lucky buddy