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so where do i start it all happend with porn and watching too much off it i found sissy hypno stuff… then i meet a girl who sould i say not girlfriend but more off mistress she sayed u have juicy asspussy and i always sayed u mean my ass?! And she always called me Samantha and i was mad but never ended things one night she handcuffed me too bed and sayed today ur no longer a virgin… oh boy i was wrong she pegged me and fucked my ass and called me names:sissycumdump,sissyslut,fucktoy,fag,and so on for some reason my dick started too leak precum and then cum and she laughed at me and called me big sissyfag and she pulled off her strapon and uncuffed me and sayed good bye faggot go serve men… i don’t need bitch boy who cums from beeing fucked like a bitch…

so now for over 3 years i fuck my bussy 4 to 5 times a week and i have many toys from 6inch to 9 inch dildos and i ordered 12 inch and 16 inch oo train my bussy plus i will order chastitycage since i wanna be good sissy and have many sissygasms hehe and since i watch so much sissy porn the fake dick is just borring i want meat in mee some dick or sir,daddy dick but i’m afraid too do it…. I’m a shy person but i do crave dick and i’m thinking of traveling the europe maybe go on grinder and give my virgin bussy to some daddy and give up on my male life and get brave and get more dick hehe…so if u love my story and stuff go check my link and enjoy my BUSSY

here i’m most active and i all so post there…

much love ur future maybe sissy pornstar we never know?

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  • Reply Blackbear7 ID:1ck6aiqta2pr

    I love your up bringing to the sissyside. If you’re in need of a Daddy Dom, hmu at
    [email protected]
    And we can see if we can become.

  • Reply Danny8282 ID:1ah742a78rc

    Good sissy enjoy the mens cocks.

  • Reply Imyourdaddy1620 ID:2c3g2s7044

    You better keep us informed!