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Unexpected First Dick part II

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After getting and giving my first blowjob, my curiosity pushed me further.

I laid in bed thinking about how awesome it was getting my dick sucked by Joe. And how awesome it was when his cum hit the back of my throat. I had no idea how much I would enjoy the taste of cum. Laying there thinking about it turned me on so I decided to take my cock out and rub it some more. I had just blown a fresh load a few hours ago so I knew I wasn’t going to have a huge amount this time. As I was getting close to cumming I lifted my legs up behind my head so I could shoot this load in my mouth. The first spurt missed and hit my cheek and I got so turned on. The next went in my mouth. A few more drops hit my tongue after that. I put my legs back down and laid on my bed. For that moment I felt like such a slut. I had a mouthful of cum and more dripping down my face. My cum tasted even better! It was hot, salty and tasted so much better than Joe’s. I wiped the glob off my face with my finger and put it in my mouth.

I woke up in the middle of that night with a rock hard dick. No longer needing the porno mag under my bed, I just tugged away and came in my mouth again. I was becoming obsessed with the taste of cum.

The next day I asked Joe if he wanted to spend the night. He excitedly agreed knowing full and well what was going to happen.

In the last 25 years I have had sex with 6 men and 2 transsexual women. I have always been a top with them no questions about it, but this first experience was different. I was taking a shower that evening before Joe made his way over and began to finger my asshole. I put some shampoo on my finger, worked up the nerve and slid it up there. Wow! The feeling was uncomfortable but intense at the same time. After a minute or so I slid a 2nd finger in. Now I was sliding them in and out. It wasn’t uncomfortable anymore and there was small drops of cum trickling from my boner despite me not even rubbing it. Eventually I had gotten so turned on from fingering my ass that I finished off my cock.

Joe came over about an hour later. I opened the door and we went straight to my bedroom. As soon as he closed the bedroom door behind him, I leaned in and kissed him. I shoved my tongue as far in his mouth as I could and wrapped my arms around his waist and squeezed his ass. His initial reaction was surprised but he got into it quickly after. We made out for a few minutes and both of our cocks were hard as rocks.

As I said, I’ve always been a top in my sexual relationships with men and trans girls but something about cumming in my mouth made me want to try something I never thought I’d do. There was no question I was more manly than Joe and over the next few years we would have sex hundreds of times, and I only did this a few times with him but tonight I was gonna be a bottom.

“I have a surprise for you.” I told him as I pulled my mouth away from his.

“I like surprises!” He responded

I told him to get on the bed and take his clothes off while I went to the bathroom. Earlier I had snuck into my mom’s room and found some of her sexiest lingerie. I put it on along with a long blonde wig I had used the previous Halloween. I continued by putting some of my mom’s lipstick on. Looking at myself in the mirror was so erotic. I had this intense desire to be treated like a whore that night.

I quietly exited the bathroom hoping my mom didn’t hear me. Each step towards my door I got more and more nervous. My heart was pounding as I reached for the doorknob. I turned it and opened the door and quickly went in and shut the door locking it behind me. As I turned towards Joe his face lit up like a Christmas tree.

I made my way to the bed and crawled on top of him. We stared making out again. My cock was swinging back and forth against the lace lingerie I was wearing and I could feel his cock pressed against my leg.

“I was thinking of dressing up for you sometime” Joe said with a smile.

“You can next time, but for tonight I want to be your cum slut” I told him biting his bottom lip when I was done.

I slid down his body and began licking his nipples. Joe was not fat, but slightly on the chubby side. He had very small man boobs. I followed that by sliding further down to his cock. I opened my mouth and shoved his 6” cock inside. I ran my tongue from his hairy balls all the way up to his tip then shoved it down my throat again. I started sucking his balls while I stroked his shaft. His moans turned my on so much! I pretended I was my mom and he was me. I was doing everything that I wanted my mom to do to me.

I crawled back up his body and nibbles on his neck a bit before whispering in his ear.

“I want you to fuck me” I whispered

I got off him and got on the floor. I was on all fours. He positioned himself behind me. He leaned down and licked my asshole a bit. Wow! I had never even thought that was a thing at that point and I couldn’t believe how awesome it felt. I felt a huge globe of spit hit my ass crack and slowly drip down to my hole. Before it could drip any further I feel his dick tip press against my hole. He presses a little and nothing happens.

“As I push in, you push out like you’re taking a shit. It’ll make it hurt less and slide in easier” he explained

He then pushed a little harder. I did as he said. I was his little bitch that night after all. His tip pops in. I moan and bite my lip to try and keep the noise down. It hurt so bad. Rather than abort the mission I pressed on. I tried to relax the best I could. I started to rub my cock and just think about how I wish I could’ve video taped what we were doing. I would’ve loved to watch this later.

My hole began to relax and he was sliding in and out slowly now. I couldn’t believe I was being fucked! 3 days ago I had never even thought about another guy. For all intents and purpose I was completely straight. Now I’m someone’s little whore tonight.

His thrusts we’re getting much easier now and he was all the way in me. I was being thoroughly fucked now! His hands held my hips tightly and I could feel his balls slapping against me. My cock had slipped out of the lingerie and was only half hard. It was swinging forward and back and every once in a while the tip would swing against the carpet. That felt good too! Just then…

“I’m gonna cum!” He grunted

“Cum in my mouth!” I grunted back as I pushed him off me.

I swung my body around and no sooner did a glob of hit cum hit my tongue. His aim was amazing haha. Another smaller glob hit my chin. I grabbed the base of his shaft and started assisting more cum out. His head fell back and he moaned. “Oh wow!”

What happened next was perhaps the biggest surprise I had for him. In fact, it surprised me as well. I put his cock in my mouth! Overwhelmed by my desire for his dick and his cum I forgot that it was just in my ass. To my surprise it didn’t taste like it was just in my ass, it just tasted like dick and cum. I sucked every last drop of cum out of his cock that I could.

He collapsed on my bed, sweaty and exhausted. I joined him, cuddling right next to him. I was still playing with his semi hard cock. There were still very small stringy drops of cum that I would swipe off his tip and put in his mouth.

We laid there sweaty together for 20 minutes or so, me still gently playing with his cock. He slowly started to get hard again. The harder he got the harder I played with it! I had an idea that I saw in a Hustler magazine I had that I wanted to try.

“Do you wanna fuck me again?” I asked

“Don’t you wanna fuck me?” He asked back

“Fuck me!” I demanded

He got on top of me and started to push his cock in my ass again in a missionary position. After a few minutes he said he thought he was going to cum again. Time for my idea!

I got back on the floor and flung my legs behind my head. He got up and put his dick in my ass again. We were in a pile driver position now. I was slowly stroking my cock when he moaned out “I’m gonna cum again!”

“On my face again!” I shouted

He started raining small drops of hot cum on my face and chest. At the same time I started raining a huge batch of built up cum on my face as well. I had to cocks spraying me with cum! When I was done I wiped everything that didn’t land in mouth up and put it in my mouth.

When we were both done I quietly tip toed to the bathroom. Still wearing the lingerie and wig. I purposely didn’t swallow any of the cum in my mouth until I got in the bathroom. Looking at myself in the mirror was just as pleasing as getting fucked. The wig was messed up, the lipstick was smeared all over my face and I had a mouthful of two different cums. I felt like such a whore. I knew that this was going to have to be put in my rotation.

I cleaned my face up and snuck back to my room. Still wearing the lingerie and wig, I shut the lights off and crawled into bed with Joe. He was still naked and we pressed our warm sweaty bodies together and started gently making out again.

“Don’t you want me to take care of you tonight?” He asked

“You did! You have no idea how much you did!” I told him

I explained to him how much I wanted to continue this relationship. How I want him to be my boyfriend but I also want to pursue a girlfriend as well. He understood and agreed. I also told him that I expect that what we just did was going to be something we don’t do a lot but sometimes I need to get it out of my system. He understood that as well. We started kissing some more. We fell asleep shortly after.

I am a top but every once in a while I just need to be fucked and treated like a slut. I love dick and cum and pussy and pussy cum. It all has to do with my mood I guess.

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