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Pickup Suck (ffG Dogging)

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A linebang is like a gangbang, only instead of everyone trying to get it in at once, they line up to take their turns. Hence the name…

Okay, so first our big brother Fred Jr. went off to college, so I could finally get my own room. And then, Christmas rolled around, and I got a futon. It’s like a bed, and a couch, or you can fold it up and sit on it like a couch. So, it’s more like one of those sofas with a bed in the bottom you can fold out, except the opposite?

I don’t know, you know what I mean, but anyways, my sister Daphne got a Pickup Truck. Well, dad got a big big bonus, and he said that after the tax returns, he should be able to pay off the loan for his new work truck come April. Not to mention he can rent a cement mixer, and tow it around, with all the tool boxes to lock up his tools, and stuff. So, he’s going to be making more money too, but Daphne’s friend, Brooke.

She’s the one that called it “More like a pickup suck!” Because it’s rusty, and beat up, from daddy throwing the tools in the back, and bumping into it with cinder blocks, and stuff. “Too bad it’s not a Mystery van,” she laughed, and elbowed Daphne, since were both named after cartoon characters from the old cartoons mom, and dad used to watch in the 70s, but I don’t really like the music, that much, and that’s the whole point of being in a band, right?

So anyway, the tailgate was so dented up it wouldn’t close. So, he had a friend of his weld on some pieces of aluminum, since he’s the one with a MiG welder, and that’s what it takes to weld aluminum to steel.

“I think it looks neat, if you ask me,” but Brook said “Nobody asked you, but out.”

Nosey Josie, she calls me. So, she basically ran me off to keep poking fun at Daphne’s new truck, and I didn’t even get to point out how the shiny new plate, with the diamond studs all over it matches the old toolbox dad hadn’t taken out, yet.

I guess it’d just end up out in the yard, since he doesn’t need it, and it wouldn’t fit his new truck with all the tool boxes in the back, and the ladder racks over that, so it would be tough to drop it in anyway, even if he rented a crane to fly it in, like roof Joists.

I like Joists, that’s a cool word, and this one time I got to go out to the construction site, with daddy? I had to put my hair up, because the hard hat was too big, but I had to wear it with the crane there, because something could fall, and bash my brains out.

So anyway, I came back, but around the house, so Brook didn’t see me, and run me off again. Daphne elbowed her, so she put her phone away before I could see it. The way they were giggling, and blushing, I bet it was something dirty. They get like that, and kicked me out of the room to talk about boys, but I listened to them talk about what Brooke looked up on her smart phone.

Porn, mostly. “Ew” porn when she showed her girl girl stuff, or threesomes with too much girl girl stuff in it. I don’t know, it’s not like girls are gross, and not sexy when there naked, unless they’re all bloody, and gross. As long as they wipe real good, and wash the pee out, I guess it would be okay.

I think Brooke is into that, girl girl stuff a lot more then Daphne is. She’s got a great body too, with a pretty busty chest, but not too busty, I mean. You know, after a while, they get too big, and saggy, like mom. I love her of course, she’s my mom, but after 3 kids, and all that stuff, I have to admit there not as perky as they used to be. Just looking at the pictures of her back in the day, her prom dress, and when they got married, or on their honeymoon out at the beach. Dad says the same thing, too.

I hope mine don’t get too big, and also, I don’t know about having kids. It sure doesn’t look like fun, and it’s got to give you a bad back, to carry around those big heavy milk bags around with you the rest of your life. I don’t have to worry about that now, of course. In 5th grade, I’m not the flattest girl around, but I sure don’t need the bras for support. They’re nice, and perky! I don’t really want to change that, or maybe I can wait until I’m old, and there starting to sag anyway. If I can find a boy that doesn’t mind if there a little wrinkled.

Ew, great. I just grossed myself out.

So anyway, Brook turned around, and said “Great, you can help us!” Since it was my old bed, and the springs were shot out from jumping on it. “What do you want my old bed for?”

“Just the mattress,” she said, so we left the box-spring out on the grass next to the street, and the sidewalk. Along with the headboard, and frame she didn’t want, either. My new futon, it doesn’t have springs at all. Just bars, and the mattress is more like a great big pillow then anything.

So, we can put it up, and push the top down, when I have my friends over. We can play jail, and take turns being it, but since it was my bed, I got to be it first, and stick a flashlight between the bars, so they knocked it when I ran it along the bars.

Why do cops do that, in the TV shows, anyways? I don’t know, but we got the mattress over the side, with my help, and that’s the important part. Then, they went in to talk to mom, and dad about taking her new truck out for a ride, and to deliver my old bed to Brooke’s house.

I don’t know why she had to ask them, when it’s her truck now, or what took so long arguing about it, but I thought about it, and whatever she wanted it for. Brooke, I mean, she has a day bed over at her house, so my old mattress won’t even fit it, but I bet it had something to do with whatever they was looking at on her phone when my sister spotted me, and made her put it up.

So, I climbed over the neat new tailgate, and pushed the mattress back, so I could fit under the matching toolbox. It was cold under there, but it warmed up even before they came back out, and Dad shouted all the “Be careful” stuff to her.

“All right, dad. I know, Jeeze, can you just let me go? It’s embarrassing, why don’t you yell it louder so the whole neighborhood hears about it?”

I tried not to giggle, not because of what they said, but because I knew I got away with it, as soon as they got in, and shut the doors. Thanks dad, with all the distraction, they didn’t even think to check the back, but I was also pretty cleverly hidden, underneath the empty tool box, and behind the end of the bed.

So anyway, a long story short, they didn’t take it back to Brooke’s house. I knew it, that was just an excuse, she’s such a liar. Instead, Daphne pulled over to the street over by the gas station, but she didn’t stop there for gas, and cigarettes. Oh no, we kept going, but I had to crawl out when it got rough, and bumpy. I kept bouncing up, and down, and hitting the diamond studs underneath the tool box.

I hadn’t thought of that, they might look pretty, but they sure don’t feel good when you hit your arm on them.

So then, I risked peeking over it, to see what Brooke was looking at, and sure enough, it was porno. I heard about this, they call it “Dogging” in England, but we don’t have a dog park to pull up, and expose yourself to all the strangers gathered around. Play with yourself, while they get out their dicks, and whack off, looking in the windows, but the girl in the car. She went much much further. All the way, with lots of guys, with her butt hanging out the window, and I guess got all the video from there phones too.

Because it wasn’t just her phone in the seat next to her. Showing her face, and her mouth wide open in an “Oh!” Shaking, and her bust jiggling over the hand brake, but it also switched back to the outside. Where one guy pulled out, and took the rubber off, to beat off all over her butt, then another guy stepped up with his pants down, and a fresh rubber on, too.

Smart, because you don’t just want to get pregnant with some strangers, and not even know which one is the father, so they can all say “Not it!” and leave you alone to raise them as a single mother, which must be even worse if your a teenager, but also there’s stuff like AIDS, and HPV to worry about, and in health class, I heard that 42.5% of adults have HPV, so that many guys, you do the math. Also, they can’t get rid of it, and even though it won’t kill you, it can give you cervical cancer, so they have to cut you open, and scoop it all out, so it doesn’t go all metatastic, and kill you.

Ew, no thanks. I think I’d rather get pregnant, or better yet, just buy some rubbers. Oh yeah, Brooke came prepared too, so they didn’t have to stop at the gas station to get the rubbers, neither. Smart.

Then, I looked around, and ducked down when I realized where we were going. I heard about this place, but I never seen it after dark. My friends, I don’t remember what one told me first, but they got it all wrong. I don’t think they were lying persactly, but you know. it was kinda scary, and once you get a scary story, you tend to make it scarier, and scarier, so the story’s even better.

So anyway, there’s this dirt road, back behind the garage. At that gas station, there’s another big garage with a junkyard, where you can go pick out used parts, And use their tools to put them on, if you didn’t bring your own. This great big lift, too. It can even lift daddy’s big 1 ton, with the dualies in the back, and all the tool boxes filled up too, I bet.

Oh yeah, but this wasn’t like that. Instead of keeping the old cars and trucks nice, under tarps, and stuff. These were all rust buckets, with all the windows busted out, and spray paint all over them from the bad boys. Dirty words, and even dirty pictures, of dicks, and stuff. So, it’s no wonder when some girl found it, and made up a good scary story to go along with a scary place like that.

That’s all it was, but it turns out, that “Rust clearing” was also called “Lust Medow” by the older kids, only you didn’t hear about that in elementary, or even Jr. High unless you’re good as sneaking around, and coming back to listen into them talk after you get kicked out of your own room? Well, me and Daphne’s, back before Fred Jr. went off to college, and I got his old room, with a new futon, to keep me from jumping on the bed.

I just didn’t put 2, and 2 together. I thought the rust yard, where the gang of hobos grab girls, and carry them off to the tracks, to throw you in a train car, and carry you off, never to be seen again. Some say it’s to sell you on the black market, but my favorite one is where the girl ran back naked, after they tore off all her clothes, and had there way with her, before she got away, and ran back to the gas station to tell.

They got away, though. Too late for the cops to show up, and arrest everyone at the hobo camp, because thy just packed up, and left. That’s what hobos do, but it turns out that after that, the teenagers started using it to make out, and stuff, until they get cars of there own.

It sure looked different, even though it was the same old cars, and trucks we used to play around in. Each one was like a little fort, when we’re kids, but now I’m almost 12, and in middle school. So, I looked at the pictures of dicks, and busts of naked ladies.

You get it? Bust! Only whoever drawed it made them real big, so he ran out of room on the car door, and they covered up her arms. She didn’t have a head, because that would be in the busted out window, nor did she have legs, much less anything in between them to look at, but I bet they all gathered around to beat off looking at them.

I don’t know who drawed the dicks either. Maybe it was girls, and maybe it was Fags, I wasn’t there to see it, but I bet they did it at night. That’s why were not supposed to come here at night, and now I bet all our older brothers, and sisters told us scary stories to keep us away at night while they did dirty grown up stuff.

I couldn’t wait, but before that, Brooke, and Daphne had a big fight, and started yelling loud enough to hear them even through the window in the back. “No!” I couldn’t hear all of it, but the gist of it was that Brooke thought it would be hot if they did some girl girl stuff to get the boys in the mood, while Daphne thought that all they really needed was some nudity, and Brooke just wanted to do nasty gay stuff with her.

She did have a point, but then Brooke got mad, and slammed the door, before she stormed off. She didn’t look back, and Daphne had her arms crossed behind the wheel, so she didn’t see me in the mirror, neither. While I had the chance, I jumped out to look for somewhere to hide, until it got dark, and the boys showed up.

Instead, Daphne turned around, and looked around, so I had to hide real quick, but I could see her through the back window of an old hot rod I found. Somebody cleaned up the broken glass, but they took the seats out, too. So it was just rusty metal back there, but she didn’t see me. She did a little pantie dance, and then ducked down, so I got curious, and snuck over to the car she was behind.

This was up on blocks, and when I looked under there, I saw a stump holding it up, too. They must’ve put the cinder blocks under there to hold up the rear end too, since they just had the 1 stump under the engine compartment.

Then, I heard her, sigh. I squinted, and scooted over, but then I saw her shoes, and her pants around her ankles. I heard the trickle next, and then covered up my mouth when I saw her pussy. I almost giggled, because she shaved it on the bottom, I think. I don’t think the hair up front grew like that, so I bet she trimmed it into a heart, but she didn’t dye it pink or anything, and you know what?

Even with the piss still coming out, it sure looked good to me. Sure, I’d seen other girls naked, and even peeing before. I’d gotten the mirror out of mom’s vanity, to hold between my legs, and look at what I had to work with, but this was different. This was Brooke, and I never even imagined she cut her pubic hair into a heart, but you know how she’s a little too interested in girl girl stuff? Showing my sister videos with girl girl stuff in it, even though she knows she doesn’t like it, and calling me names like Nosey Josie, even though she knows I don’t like it.

She’s mean like that, but she’s also cool, and funny. A lot of fun to be around, and pretty too, but that’s when I knew that I was falling in love. A big bonus is a girl can’t get you pregnant, unless she talks you into doing it with a bunch of boys, that’s called a gang-bang, and it looks like lots of fun too, but she’s careful, and she knows all about getting pregnant. HPV and AIDS. Herpes, I guess, but that’s why she came prepared.

She’s smart like that. “Huhn!” I guess I sighed, out loud, and forgot to keep holding my mouth from when I giggled, because she was peeing back there.

“Daphne?” She stood up, and pulled up her underwear first. Then her pants, so she was still wiggling her but back in them when I came around the corner of the quarter panel.

“No.” I kept my head down. “I’m sorry, but. I stowed away, underneath the toolbox, and my old mattress.” I looked up, to see how she took it. “Your going to use it to do it with boys, in the back of the truck, huh?”

“You sneaky little.” She shook her head, but then she couldn’t keep her face straight, and broke into a guilty grin. “You want to watch?”

“No, well. Maybe, but.” I looked around, “The boys aren’t here yet, and. You know, Daphne doesn’t want to do any nasty girl girl stuff with you. Right?”

She took a deep breath, and held it, but then she let it out, slowly. “Yeah, you’re right. You know, you’re pretty smart, for your age.” She hugged me, and didn’t even put me in a head lock, to mess up my hair. She does that sometimes, but I don’t mind it, so much. When she did it to me, this once, i thought it ment that she liked me, since she does it to her friends too, but also. I got to feel her bra through her top, soft and round against my cheek.

I could barely swallow the lump in my throat, let alone let out my big secret, loud enough to hear me.


‘i do.’ I managed to say it a little louder.

“Do what?”

I took a deep breath. “Huh, I want you. To do that. Girl girl stuff. With me?”


Daphne (f Solo. fM Cyber.)

Oh my god, she’s such a homo! “Uh!” I just crossed my arms, but you know. She left her phone on the dashboard on purpose.

Well, it’s not like there’s another girl in that video, and she does kinda look like me. Of course, she’d pick a girl that looks like me, only Australian. So, she’s got like this “G’day” accent, and that’s annoying, but I guess I can keep the sound off.

Because she’s got the hots for me, and yeah, I’m flattered, but I’m not Gay! Of course, she knows that, she just teases me about it to watch me squirm, but now that she’s gone.

Where did she go, anyway? Oh well, either she’s hiding where she can watch me, or she’s not. “Huh!”

All those boys though, and she’s so brave. I checked, “Sheila,” she’s not afraid of all those guys, and I guess she’s got the camera crew there with her, so it’s not as risky, but look around. You know they can just find a rock, and break the window. To drag me out, kicking and screaming. Tear off all my clothes, and hold my mouth so nobody hears me, screaming while they hold my legs spread wide open, and take turns penetrating me. Screwing me brutally, and roughly, with their strong hands all over me, and their hard cocks inside me, pumping me full of sperm, and diseases.

“Hhuh huhHhuhH!”

I mean, yeah. It’s scary and all, but also thrilling at the same time. Like driving real fast, and fishtailing down the dirt road, so it feels like you’re going to spin out of control, and wreck any second, but you don’t.

“UH huh ah Ah AH! HuhHhuhUh. Huh!”

That was quick, and with all this sexy stuff built up from talking dirty all afternoon, it’s just such a relief.

[Blick!] I picked up her phone, and wiped off my fingers to type in the password. [OU812] Since it locked up, and the video paused with Sheila smiling, and holing a soft one in her hand, her face pasted with man juice, and more than 1 man, by the look of it. So, it ripped down off her chin, and left her neck shiny. Her chest…

I shook my head, and swiped to switch back to Messages.

[Chuck: What are you wearing?]

Dick pic. So, I held up my bra, and shirt, to take a pic of my boobs, and sent it back.

[What happened to your tits?]

“Oh,” he thinks I’m Brooke [Sorry, I stuff my bra to make them look bigger.] I had to laugh, just imagine the look on her face when she reads that.

[Oh, come on, now. Like I haven’t seen her naked a million times, and fucked her. Who is this?]

She sure makes this lying stuff look easy! I hadn’t thought of that.

[V] I hit back, [Thelm,] <<<<< [Veronica.]

[Veronica who? I don’t know any Veronica.]

[Veronica] Jinkeys! No, [Jenkins. I’m one of Brooke’s frie] <<<< [Cousins. Just visiting from out of town, but she told me all bout you.]

[Nothing good, I bet.]

“Ha!” So yeah, he knows her pretty good. [Who are you?
I mean, now that we’re getting acquainted, can I see your face?]

I was a little nervous, so I wasn’t just fixing my hair, and hesitating to take a selfy, to make sure I looked attractive, and enticing.

It’s a small town. A real small town, and I know how they talk about the other girls. Once they find out that you come out here regularly, of course, they didn’t see you here. That would mean admitting that you were out here to have sex, so they can’t call you a Slut, and not sound so hypocritical, but.

[Pic!] It switched back from Camera to chat just as soon as I sent the selfy.

“Oh.” I thought she was lying, at first. Not just because Brooke, but also because I heard about it from her, first. If she had been coming out here, for years to slut it up with all the boys, then they would have talked about it, too. But no, I thought she was a total homo, and just making up stories about gangbangs with boys, to stay in the closet.

As if I didn’t know, she’s such a homo, and dying to get in my pants, but no. The secret is, well she wasn’t doing it with the Boys, Or other girls, it was as plain as the rough stubble on Chucks face.

Men, I didn’t know that Men came out here, to have sex with teenagers, where they go to have sex without there parents finding out, but [I’ve never seen you before. Around town.]

[That’s because I’m not from there. I met Brooke online,] and what’s with using your real name, anyways? I thought she was good at lying, it should come naturally for her, when I fumbled over coming up with a name real quick that doesn’t sound fake, and made up.

Veronica Jenkins. I have to roll my eyes, at myself. Such a lousy liar, but he doesn’t care. Probably, he’s a dirty old man, talking to teenagers online, to hook up for sex. I bet his real name isn’t even Chuck, either.


[Chuck? RU on?]

“Huh!” He must have given up, when he found out the truth, because my tits aren’t big enough, and he wanted Brooke instead of me.

[Sorry, I had to pick up the guys.]

[Guys? How many guys?]

[You’re real pretty.
Oh, 2.
2 more guys, plus me.
They think you’re pretty sexy, too.]

[Thanks. Can I see there dicks?]


Brooke (fG…)

“Huh!” It wasn’t until I saw her, looking up at me shyly that I noticed. Nosey little Josey started growing up? I guess i tried so hard to ignore her that I never bothered to look at her for, how long?

Years, at least, but now that I think about it, she must be in 5th or 6 grade now, and that’s about the time that I noticed her sister. Daphne, starting to grow up. With me, and all the boys looking at my chest instead of my face, and her jealousy at all the attention i was getting, and.

I guess, I fell in love. “Huh, really? You’re.” I just shook my head, in disbelief. “A lesbian?”

“Well, I don’t know about that.” That makes sense, because she’s not tomboyish, at all. In fact, she reminds me so much of her sister when she was that age, and I fell in love, but she didn’t.

She’s just such a motormouth, and eager to show off how smart she is, by telling you everything she knows, whether it’s girl stuff, or you know. Construction, I guess. Whatever, there dad works construction. Concrete, or something about cinder blocks? I guess that could be moarter stuck all over the place instead of concrete, but if you pick it off, it just leaves another spot to rust on that old piece of shit pickup.

“Huh!” She just turned around, and started walking away, but she looked so sad, and disappointed. “I understand, I’m too little, and you hate me.”

“Oh, no. I don’t hate you, I just. Never really gave you a chance. I’m sorry, I know you’re really bright, and just as pretty as your sister was, when she was your age.” She, gets good grades? I don’t know what to say to her.

“You mean it?” I hugged her, and she started turning around, but stopped when she got to her shoulder, and put her head down on my chest. Pillowing her face, between my breasts, her hand felt around my hip, and for a second there, I thought she’d gram my ass, or something, but instead, she just hugged the small of my back.

“Huh!” Look at me. Running on like her. The little motormouth. You’d think they still taught kids about commas, and periods. In middle school, she’s almost 13, so that has to be middle school, right? She’s in Honor Roll, FFS, so why does she run on, and on like that, anyways?


She’s not. Flat as a board no more. I can’t feel them, but I just saw her, not really womanly shape, yet. In that baggy dress, banded collar blouse with the matching lace trim around the collar, and the cuffs. “Snh?”

Her hair smells nice, like White Rain. That same shampoo her sister uses of course, and I bet her minge matches her bangs.

Just like her sister’s.

“Brooke, you think I’m sexy?”

“Oh,” don’t call her the wrong name. “Definitely. Especially for your age.”

“Huh, why do you keep talking about my age? I’m almost thirteen, you know.”

“No, sorry. I forgot, look I don’t keep track of my friend’s familie’s birthdays, all right?”

“Well, you want to fool around?” She dug in her toe, and screwed it around in the oily dirt. “A little? Until the boys start to show up.”

“Of course, look. I, don’t care about the boys. I like you, I like you a lot, I just. I had no idea you liked me too?” I can hardly even believe it myself.

“Of course! You’re the hottest girl in town, you’re so funny, and your mind is so dirty, and pervy. Why would I ever like anybody else?”

“Oh!” That’s so sweet!

She giggled, “And you cut your pubes in a heart.” I had to laugh.

“You pervy little peeping tomboy. You like that?”

“Yeah, I like your dirty mouth, and all the dirty things you say, and what you can do with your dirty mouth.” She pulled up her skirt saying this, and shimmied her hips.

When the hell did she start having hips?

“Well, I can lick your pussy?”

“Yeah, you better get down there, where you can lick out my pussy.”


Josie (G… MMMff Voyeur)

“Huh!” She left me, when the guys showed up. Of course, they drove a big van, just like the ones they warn you not to get into? Only without Free Candy on the side, I guess.

“Huh!” Well, it was fun well it lasted. No, really, it was wonderful. Once the fresh pee taste was out of the way, that was gross at first, but I kept licking until it washed away with my spit.

I knew it, I’m a lesbian. She’s not, and we got to talk, honestly about it. In between big big orgasms, as soon as we caught our breath, but she didn’t mean to lie about it.

She had to, because she was in love with my sister, and Daphne didn’t love her back. Yeah, there both bets friends, but that’s it, they don’t even masturbate together, just look at porn.

Speaking of which, I don’t know how to feel about that. She just uses men for sex, she doesn’t have any feelings for them, but she’s starting to fall in love with me too, and it’s good that she’ll stop pestering Daphne about it.

There just, so. Blocky? I mean, i know what I’m supposed to like, the same kinda stuff all my friends like, but I don’t. There not cute, they just look weird, and put together all wrong. I mean, look at Brooke, or. I guess you can’t, unless you have her number, and sexted with her some time already.

Uhm. Okay, maybe not the body of Anne Hathaway, but not far off. I mean, if ever there was a perfect body, with a pair of perfect breasts, maybe more like Michelle Williams? Only not in the face, just in the body, but she doesn’t really look like Anne Hathaway in the face, neither.

Well, maybe in the eyes. “Huh!” I know, I can just look into her dark mysterious eyes, and get lost in there forever, but. You know, what they came here to do in the first place?

Well, Daphne doesn’t know I stowed away, to tag along, just hoping for a chance to see her naked. Not Daphne, we’re sisters, I mean Brooke, of course.

Well, we just did it. So, seeing her naked, after all that, wonderful. I don’t know, stuff. I’m still trying to process all of it I guess, but now I have to wait here, and seeing her strip down, for all those men, and.

“Ew, gross.”

One of them is really actually pretty hunky, I guess. That must be Chucky, she said he works out, and he’s a pipe-fitter, so. That must be his van, it looks like a pipe-fitter van. Well, he’s, fit? I guess, it just looks weird when he takes off his shirt, and he’s got all that muscle, but it’s too much muscle! He’s got this big strong looking arms, and just looking at him grab her.

I’m a little scared for her, even though I know they do this all the time, and he’d never hurt her, because he knows that if he did, he’d be going to jail for statch, and probably. All kinds of stuff happening at night, after lights out, I just don’t want to think about.

And what’s with there nipples? Why do boys even have them for one thing, but for another, they look like Igor eyes, stuck way out in the corners, instead of where there supposed to be? In that old black and white movie, Young Frankenstein. That guy, with the weird eyes, that plays Igor?

Yeah, like that, but she doesn’t even know the other 2, and. “Daphne, no! MHn!” They didn’t hear me, but there pulling the door handles so hard, it shakes the whole truck, and they could just smash out the windows any minute to get at her.

“Huh!” Good, they stopped, when she rolled down the window, and I can’t hear what there saying, but at least there not yelling, loud and angry. She twirls her finger around, so they turn around, and pull up there shirts.

Just my luck, the fat one on this side is hairy too, but at least he’s got some curves? Not soft round, smoothe girly curves, like Brooke. “Huh!”

Brooke. Brooke! What’s she doing to that man? Ew, I can’t watch ew ew ew ew ewe!



Yeah, I know. She’s Honor Roll, and flaunts her intelligence, because she’s in her sister’s shadow, but she mispels “Smoothe.” She’s also excited, and didn’t take the time to proofread any of this, because she’s not being graded on it, and neither am I. So, put away The Red Pen, and try to enjoy it.


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    Pulling a train

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    He is hot fucking a priest

  • Reply The Alter boy ID:28xmofs8rc

    FYI, a line of guys taking turns on a girl is called a train.

    • Psiberzerker ID:1fr6k6ud4

      It’s also called a linebang. Just like it can be called screwing, fucking…

      Funny how the English language has synonyms likeat.