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Grilfriend’s cousin part 1

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This is a true story about I fucked cute innocent tight 13 years old virgin cousin of my gf

This incident happened few days back . That was the best fuck ever but I have no credit on this . I can say I was a lucky 21 years old horny guy.
I lost my virginity long ago to a classmate in school toilet. After that I managed to have put my dick in lot off pussy. With experience I realized I love to fuck tight teen virgin pussy than experienced dominant shameless girls
But as I grew up it’s continue to become difficult to fuck teen girls as I wasn’t teenager anymore.but god I have a great craving for those tight innocent shy girls . They just make me super horney without knowing nothing about sex.
Recently I was having a monotonous sex life with a 18 years old girl though she is 3 years younger but for me she is too old .
One day I saw her with a girl on a restaurant who was by far had cutest face and innocent smile . I just stopped by to get introduce to that beauty . My gf welcomed me with a warm hug and laugh on her face . Only seeing us hug the girl turn red . What a cuteness and innocence.
My gf introduce me with the girl as her cousin sister . The girl not even able to look at my eyes because of her shyness. Shes here to enjoy her vacation.
After some formal talk I left saying my gf to come my place that night.God I needed to realise my load. The sent of the teen making me mad.
After a wild sex with my 18 years old gf I was not able to get her cousin out of my mind.
My gf told me her cousin is most well behaved and innocent kid in the family. With no boy no violence. I was totally in the girl .now don’t get me wrong I wasn’t new at sex or not like I never fucked teen virgin.
The youngest girl I fucked was 15 years . But I have to admit this girl’s cuteness was out of the world.
Just imagining the expression of her face when I will enter her made my dick painfully erect.so I had to fuck my gf once more before she leave.
After a week my gf called she need a little help .
Her cousin’s vacation is over she need to be dropped to her home which is in next town . My gf promised to drop her but she has an sudden appointment as intern. so she wants me to drop her cousin to her home.
I can’t believe my luck I am gonna be with that innocent crush of mine for about 5-6 hours . But that’s not enough and secure, so I said my gf I can drop her cousin to her home but before that I have to attend a family program . My gf got really frustrated hearing this . Because of the girls cuteness and behavior everyone of the family loved the young teen most . And obviously my gf is very jealous of her and wanna sent her home as soon as possible. So I offered I can take her with me to program with me then drop her to her home next day . My gf says her family will not allow that .so I give her a idea she will say she is taking her to home but will take her cousin to my house from where I will take her.and my gf will stay at my home.
See guys now I have 2 days to be that cute princess.
My gf instantly agreed.
So I the next day I took her with me in my car it’s surprised me she was so alert about avoiding any physical contact with me. I can bet she never touched by any boy or man except her father.
I told her about the fake family program in a hotel and started driving to that hotel. I already booked a room in hotel at the Midway to her house . When we reached there at evening she was surprised to see may baggage in one room. I lied to thather I not back till next morning. She was too young so like work on her.
I have to make myself prepare for the night action so left leaving her alone and headed to bar for some boost up.
Let me know your comments . Part two is coming soon.

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    Great Story Do Part 2


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