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curious cousins alone in the dark with a sexual past ?

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Late night blowjob from cousin while high af

Me being a 20 year old straight male
Cousin being a 18 year old gay male

What could happen between curious cousins alone in the dark with a sexual past ???

We have done sexual things to each other when we were young as 11 years old but stopped after a year or two. Growing up we kept In touch as cousins and met each other at family gatherings or weekends when he would visit my aunts house when I go over. 20 years old now and these past few weeks when he would come over at my aunts he would sleep on his own air mattress in my room on weekends. Recently started talking about things we did as kids and on why we stopped. I said “ idk if you felt it was wrong the entire time because for me it did and hated myself for years and never brought it up when I realized back then “.

We talked and talked and he ended up saying he enjoyed what we did and sort of missed it and that I shouldn’t hate myself if the other person felt it was consensual. He manage to convince me when he said “all this time we could have been doing stuff”. That night it was stuck in my head of the idea of him giving me a blowjob at the moment but I was still uncertain.
The next night we had the same discussion and led to me saying “ are u down to give me a blowjob when our aunt leaves ? “ he said “ yes “. Right when she left the driveway I went back to my room and laid down next to him and pulled down my shorts.

He started jerking me soft then my dick got hard af.
Me haven’t had a blowjob In a long time I was excited and once he put his mouth on my dick it felt so fucking good also I was high so that was an extra feeling 🙂

He tried to deepthroat but my dick was slightly big to fit the whole thing but anyways he gave me head for a good while till I nutted on the blankets

Best feeling ever when your uncut , high and horny

Extra details
Me 20 year old straight male
Cousin 18 year old gay male and he has feminine tendencies

Our Relationship seen by family members is friendly just like cousins so nothing it’s really suspicious

Posting EXXXTRA DETAILS on another story under

MR.X 😉

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  • Reply Marcel ID:2wzbadj9hm

    you should definitely fuck his tight asshole

    • Mr.x ID:9ce2zw8l

      Should I ? He does have a big butt but idk if I’m down to do anal