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I miss the ” 70’s ” 1

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I was a holsome 15 year old boy that turned into pure lust for little girls set loose.

This took place in the early 1970’s. I am 65 now, but I was 15 when it began. We lived just a few miles north of the border, near a military base.  Not much to do there. My mom was busy with my younger sisters, my dad was always at work on the air base or deployed.

There were always illegals passing through, now they call them undocumented (Back then both sides called them illegals).  Back then they would send a lot of them back to where they came from, so a lot of them worked hard and kept quiet, hoping no one would turn them in.
That is enough background I guess.

While walking around I noticed a home, just a one floor but still large.  It had a tall wooden fence with a lot of cactus growing along it and a couple of wire fences several yards away from that one. both with a lot of cactus and sagebrush, but we had a lot of that everywhere.  I noticed that they would load up the van with a lot of young girls and if I had to guess, I would bet they all came from south of the border.

I got curious enough one day to sneak up to the wooden fence to see how many families lived in that house.  I was just bored and curious.  I saw no toys in the yard or anything to look like people lived there except a BBQ grill and a couple of picnic tables and old patio chairs. This made me more curious.

One day I saw the van drive up and I got nervous because I was just outside the wooden fence being noisy. I was squatting down hiding between some cactus and sagebrush. I noticed that they brought two young girls out of the van and into the house. I had no idea what they said, but I could tell the girls were very scared and didn’t want to go in there. This really got my curiosity going strong.
I found a place where a couple of boards were loose and I could push them to the side.  I was then able to squeeze in and look through the window.  They had two men get out of the van and two inside so a total of 4 men that I could tell and the two girls.  I didn’t see any others from that window.  The man kept yelling at the girls and I could see that they both were shaking. One of the men slapped the girls along the side of the head and they started crying. Then another gave each a small cup of water from the tap. Then took them into a room and it looked like as soon as they entered they started to go down like a stairway.  This would be strange because none of the homes or buildings had basements there.

I then found a small window that looked like it was built into the foundation of the house. I looked in and I saw a large basement that looked more like a dungeon. It had a few small rooms added down there, but the large room had a lot of mattresses on the floor and rings on the walls, some of which had chains on them.  The man that brought them down to it was chaining them to a wall next to a mattress. He then started to fill one of the girls’ tits. She was maybe 12 or 13 hard to say.  The girls that came from the south seem to develop faster than the girls on or side of the border.
I know I should have gone to the police but it was turning me on. My cock was as hard as it ever gets.  I then saw another man well dressed come out of one of the small rooms. He gave one of the men some money and he left. Then the man in the basement went into that room and brought out two girls from that room and took them upstairs.

Over the next few weeks I snuck over there every day and I saw a lot of different men come and go, sometimes even two men at a time would stop by. I would also see the men that worked there have sex with the girls in the dungeon area. The girls only got hit once in a while, never much, except for a few really well done spankings. A few times in the early evening on Friday and Saturday the girls would be cleaned up well and hair and make up was on the girls and they would dress them very sexy.  I was able to count about 14 girls in total and the oldest was about 14 years old. I would get a hard on anytime I just thought about that house.

I finally couldn’t take it any more. I went up to one of the men, I picked the one that I thought was in charge. When I saw him at a dinner in the local town. We spoke so no one could hear us. I told him that I know everything. I thought I did, I was wrong. I told him that I have been watching for a while and I told him some of what I saw and told him I had plate numbers of the people that came to visit. But he didn’t have to worry I could keep this secret. He then said nothing, he just looked at me for a while then he started to nod his head and he got up and walked out to his car. He looked at me and motioned me to come over.

He then asked me how much I wanted. I told him that is the best part. I didn’t want any money. He looked confused for a moment. I then told him I just wanted in on it. I will be happy to keep your secret and even help you. I just want to be able to Have some fun with the girls. You know I won’t say anything because I would be as guilty as everyone else. His confused look turned to a smile. He said get in and we drove to the house.He said nothing on the way there.

Once we arrived we went inside. I was shown around the house. They each had a room in a different corner of the house. The other upstairs rooms were all done in different themes. The closet of each room had a couple of laundry hampers and a dresser with clean sheets and such for that room, including outfits in different sizes for the girls to wear. The shower room was down stairs and had four shower heads. Part of my job will be to clean the rooms and change the sheets between customers.

As well as cleaning the rooms I was to make sure the girls washed up especially in between customers. He said that during Friday evenings and Saturdays it will be busy and they will be helping him as well as the girls.His main purpose is to keep the high price customers happy, and they will always be on the above ground floor. The rest of the week goes easy, He told me to go and take my pick and have some fun and he will go over the rest I need to know and answer my questions later.

I went down stairs and saw a new girl in the corner curled up and chained to the wall holding a dolly. She looked like a beautiful 12 year old girl. I had to have her. They told me her name was Carmen and she is 10 years old. She had little boobs started about the size of half a golf ball. My cock got so aroused I thought I would blow all my cum then and there. They unlocked her chains and they told me to take her to an empty room.

I took her to an empty room and I undressed her, she was trying to pull away from me. I only knew a few words of Spanish and she seemed to only know a few of English (Yes, No, Hi, Bye).  I took her over to the sink and I started to wash her up. I could tell as I took the wet washcloth to her face that she was thirsty. So, I got her some water and a banana and watermelon.  She was really thirsty and starving, so I had to make sure she ate slowly.  She let me clean her while she ate.  She seemed to relax with me when she saw I wasn’t going to hurt her.  If she only knew what I was planning to do.  I got such a hard on when I saw the other girls get slapped or spanked real good.  Their crying just made me want to shoot my cum everywhere.

I enjoyed washing her, especially when I was cleaning her little pussy and that sweet little round ass.  She felt so soft and her pussy was so smooth, my cock was making a large bulge in my shorts. I was gentle while bathing her. I kept imagining what I wanted to do with her.  After seeing all of those special rooms I was thinking I should take her up to one of them.  I went and got a sexy little outfit for her and once I put it on her I wanted to rip it off.

I didn’t realize how much time went by. I was called upstairs to go over the rest of what I needed to know. I told him I spent the hole time cleaning her up and I really want to fuck her. He said she has had no training at all, if I like he will let me be the one to break her in and teach her. No one else will touch her until I am finished.  I found out that there are a lot of important clients and we had a lot of protection as well as being backed by people you don’t double cross. They keep us supplied with plenty of girls.

It was starting to get late and I had to head home, but I couldn’t wait to come back.

I will continue if you like to know what happened.

I still today love young and prepubescent are my total favorite. I don’t get them like I use to. Thanks to my club I can still get one every couple of months. I wish I could go back to the 70’s

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