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How sex changed my life

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How my mom introduced me to sex and a weekend alone with her boyfriend led to my virginity being taken

I’ve read a lot of stories on here and it has taken a while but now I want to share mine. I’ve read about all the petite girls and their experiences. I’m not one of those girls, I was born to a bbw woman and I am a bbw 12 year old girl. When I looked on the mirror I would see a beautiful face on a bigger body. My mom Sarah is a devout Christian and studying to be a minister. She would tell me daily how I am beautiful and Gof made me this way for a reason.

Still there was always teasing at school about my size which hurt and I have cried more tines than I can count. When my 9th birthday arrived, I started to notice my breasts start ro develop. Mom was so proud and told me that she had developed hers around the same age. The teasing from other kids happened, and I started to notice the boys look at my breasts as they got bigger

I was 10 when I had my first sexual thoughts, the new feelings scared me. I was scared to tell mom about my sex dream and waking up with my panties wet. When I finally told her she gave me “the talk” in NY room. As we sat there, she picked up my large teddy bear and laid it on the bed. She told me girls sometimes needed to take care of their sexual feelings and it was okay to do it on a teddy bear. That day she taught me how to hump the teddy bear until orgasm.

That same evening, she said there was another way girls cpild make themselves feel better and asked me to come to her room with her. When she asked me to take off my clothes, I felt weird, I hadn’t been naked in front of my mom in a while. Mom undressed for the first time in front of me. I looked at her big bressts and body and felt aroused, was I supposed to feel this way about my own mom?

Mom laid down on her bed and patted the spot next to her, it felt odd laying beside my mom, with of us naked. She started to show me how to rub my pussy by rubbing hers. I started to rub and listen to her instructions, the feeling was so amazing. We were masturbating together ans looking into each other’s eyes. She sounded so beautiful when she moaned. Her free hand played with her breast mine played with mine. That was when mom grabbed my hand and put it on her pussy and she put hers on mine. I was rubbing my mom’s pussy and I loved the feeling, I loved the feel of moms fingers on my pussy. We were still looking in each other’s eyes and that was when the heat of the moment took over and mom gave me my first kiss, at first repeated pecks on the lips, then her tongue pushed between my lips

Mom’s tongue felt so good rubbing against my tongue, our fingers pleasing each other in a forbidden way. Mom brought me to an orgasm that mad me feel happier than I had ever been to that point. My fingers brought mom to an orgasm. We laid there embracing and kissing afterward. She told me that we could never tell anyone and the church could never find out what we had done. That the church would frown on two females doing what we just did and they would really frown on mom ans daughter doing it.

After that night, I would wake up and masturbate before getting out of bed, my morning orgasms felt so good and I loved starting the day this way. Before bed I would hump my teddy bear until I had an orgasm

It was two weeks after my first time playing with mom. We had come home from church and she told me that we should go to her room. I knew what for when she gave me a long hug and then a deep french kiss. Her kiss made me horny so I let her lead me to her room. Mom helped me out of my dress and I helped her out of hers. Once our panties and bras came off, we stood by her bed kissing. She said it was time for me to learn about oral sex and we got onto her bed. I was on my back, mom on her side beside me. As we kissed, our hands explored each other’s body’s. Mom pulled from the kiss ans started to softly kiss down my preteen body. The feel of her lips on my skin was so amazing. Mom took her time on my breasts before kissing over my large belly and down to my pussy.

When mom started to kiss and lick my pussy, I moaned loudly, this was the most amazing feeling that I had ever felt, I closed my eyes ans loved every second of how good I felt all over. I laid there playing with my breasts as mom licked my pussy, I felt so in love with her on another level. Mom’s lips and tongue brought me to an orgasm more powerful than my fingers or the teddy bear could give me. Mom moved back up my body and kissed me. She then laid down on her back and asked me to go down on her.

Kissing my mom’s soft skin felt so good, sucking on her nipples felt so good. Her nipples hardened between my lips, I took my time licking ans sucking on them. Mom sounded so beautiful as she .moaned and the sweet, loving things she said to me as I kissed over her large belly. Soon I was inches from my mom’s pussy. I remember just laying g there between her thighs looking at it, spreading her pussy lips. Seeing her clit and her opening up close. When I licked it, the taste was so amazing, I started to explore her pussy with my tongue, her moans grew louder. I moved my tongue to her clit ans started to lick it, then suck on it. Mom started crying out louder how good it felt. I just closed my eyes and licked and sucked her clit until she reached orgasm. I loved the taste of my mom’s cum.

Sexual things made me feel happy, made the depression go away for just a little bit. At school I would look at the pretty girls ans feel aroused, then one day, just before my 11th birthday, I had my first moment of being aroused by a boy at school. And my sex dreams about boys increased. All i knew about sex was what mom had described to me. The only cock inhad seen was in a picture mom pulled up on her phone during the sex talk.

Just after my 11th birthday, mom started to date Craig, a new guy in the church. A college professor that was 37 years old and very handsome. He came over to the house a lot, he became like a dad, something I had never known before. He was smart, funny, and always found a way to make me smile. At night after him and mom went to bed, inwould sneak out of my room and to her door to hear the squeaking of mom’s bed and the sound of their moans and cries of passion. I would sit on the floor and masturbate as I listened, with my eyes closed it felt so good and I would cum about the same time they did.. I began having sexual thoughts about Craig, wondering how mom felt during sex with him, and wondering how big his cock was.

A few months after mom started dating Craig, mom was asked to take a trip to cover for a pastor at another church that was in the hospital. I normally went to my grandma’ and grandpa’s when she went out of town. Craig said he would be happy to stay at the house with me. Mom seemed okay with it and left for her trip. I was alone in the house with the man I had a crush on and growing sexual thoughts about.

Friday night was just us hanging out, earing pizza he had delivered and watching TV, inloved how he frequently said the sweetest things that made me feel happy. We sat on the couch watching TV, his arm was over my shoulder and he fell asleep with his arm over my shoulders. I kept looking down at his crotch and noticed a bulge in his crotch area. I felt dampness in my panties as I wondered what was underneath the clothes. I was close to moving my hand to his bulge when he woke up suddenly and called it a night

Saturday I went to his office with him and hung out with him while he worked, being on a college campus was so cool, everyone was so nice to me, of course they were all much older than me. Kids my age were mean, older people and yonger adults were the compete opposite. As I watched Craig work, I fell more in love with him and wished he was my boyfriend not mom’s. Craig took me to a nice restaurant for dinner. As we got home, a night full of storms was approaching. I have always been scared of storms, always slept in mom’s bed during them.

I tried to make it in my bed that night but couldn’t. I had on a nightgown that buttoned all the way down the front. Not able to sleep and scared, I decided to see if Craig would let me sleep in the bed with him. I knocked ans opened the door, Craig gave me a look and I told him I was scared of storms. The blanket was only to his belly so I saw his bare chest and felt aroused. Craig said I could sleep in mom’s spot and I felt relief.

It felt so good being in the bed next to him, I was sering life through mom’s eyes, I was next to her half naked boyfriend that I wished was mine. A loud clap of thunder shool the house and scared me, out of instinct, I lunged toward Craig. He took me in his arms and assured me that it would be okay. His arms felt so good around me. I could feel his breath on my face. My large breasts against his chest. The next clap of thunder and bolt of lightning knocked the power put, the room went pitch black. Craig gave me a squeeze to assure me that it was okay. That was when I felt his kiss on my forehead.

Then he kissed my forehead again and again. His lips moved to my cheek, then to the tip of my nose. My mom’s boyfriend was kissing me. I felt his breath on my lips and knew what was coming. Craig’s lips met mine. My first kiss with a man and it felt amazing. I allowed his tongue into my mouth and we laid there french kissing. My hands were on his bare chest, his hand moved to my breast outside of my nightgown

“I.love you Charity?” He said, he had never said it before

“I love you too Craig?” I replied

I felt his fingers on the top button of my nightgown, we were kissing again as he started to undo them one by one. Inside I was freaking out, mom’s boyfriend was undressing me, he had said he loved me, I didn’t know where this was leading but my preteen hormones wanted to find out. Boys didn’t like girls as big as me, this man did.

My nightgown was soon fully undone, I was naked underneath. Craig’s hand slid under the fabric and caressed my breasts as we kissed. I was on my back, he was on his side beside me. His hand slid over my belly and down to my pussy. I parted my legs and let him rub my pussy slowly. My hand dropped down to his underwear and I felt his hard cock outside of his underwear. Craig pushed them down and kicked them off. I gently held his cock as he rubbed my pussy. I rolled to my side facing him and we started kissing even harder.

Craig put his hand on mine and moved my hand back and forth, showing me how to stroke it as we kissed. Them he was back to rubbing my pussy. Things were growing more heated ans Craig pushed against me, moving me to my back and he was on top of me. His weight felt so good on me. His hand moved to his cock and suddenly, I felt the tip against my opening. And as we kissed, Craig pushed against me. It took him a few tries and I felt the tip start to enter me.

With the storm raging outside the windows, Craig broke my hymen in the spit where mom slept every night. I was 11 and losing my virginity to my mom’s boyfriend. The pain was so intense for a few moments, Craig was so gentle that the pain quickly went away and I felt so much pleasure. I loved the feel of a cock moving inside of me. I felt so alive. Craig’s cock moved slowly at first, then began to pick up speed. I was moaning loudly and happily, sex felt amazing with someone I loved

“You’re so tight Charity, so perfect, I love you” Craig said as his face hovered close to mine

“I love you Craig, I love you” I moaned happily. His cock reaching the depths of my pussy. I didn’t want this to end.

“This has to be our secret” he said as he started to pick up speed

“I won’t tell, I won’t tell” I moaned happily as I gripped the sheets. Craig’s hands moved over mine, I flipped my hands over, our fingers interlocked.

Craig’s cock soon brought me to an orgasm, one that was more powerful than with mom. With my fingers, or my teddy bear combined. Craig kept thrusting into me, he cried out that he loved me as he thrust one last time and I felt a new feeling inside of me, his cum shooting into my pussy. Craig was frozen in place for a couple of minutes. Then he relaxed and we kissed while he was still inside of me.

When he pulled out. He rolled to his back. I rolled to my side and fell asleep with my head on his chest. I awoke the next morning in my still open nightgown, Craig still beside me, and I realized it wasn’t a dream

That morning at church, every time I looked at him the night before cane back to mind and I was overcome with happiness I had never felt, I was no longer a virgin and I liked how sex felt. That afternoon Craig told me if we kept it a secret he wanted me to be his other girlfriend. Inhad never had anyone want to be my boyfriend so I was happy to agree.

That weekend began my addiction to sex

To be continued

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