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The time when my older brother and I started sucking each other’s dick

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It was just a normal night at home, my parents had gone to bed and I thought my siblings were all sleeping. I listened out to hear snoring but I couldn’t hear any so I checked and my younger brother was asleep, but my older brother slept in another room so I didn’t know. I didn’t really care because we weren’t in the same room, so I took out my phone and opened porn. I was masturbating to it when I heard my younger brother start waking up and he slowly crawled out of bed and asked what I was doing. I just said “go back to sleep” and he got back in bed and went back to sleep. I knew I had to be more quiet from then if I was waking my brother up. Soon after, just a few minutes after actually, I was still masturbating and had actually gone louder and my older brother walked in. I quickly covered myself up and he just grabbed the covers and pulled them off me, exposing my 6.5 inch cock. He just looked at it and smiled. I was on the top bunk of a bunk bed so he told me to jump down. I tried to put my boxers back on but he just took them off me and threw them. I jumped down and tried to cover myself with my hands but he used my arms to push me into the bathroom and shut the door behind us. I was sitting on the toilet and he was down on the floor in between my legs, sucking my dick. He was going up and down and it felt so good. His tongue was swirling around my tip and I couldn’t hold it anymore. I told him “I’m gonna cum” and he shoved my cock further into his throat and I shot cum down it. After reluctantly swallowing it all, he turned to me and said “your turn”. I didn’t want to and I just thought he was sucking me off. I told him “I don’t want to” repeatedly and every time he would respond with “I don’t care”. He told me to pull his pants down and I didn’t do anything, so he turned around and put his ass in my face. I pushed away and he said “if you don’t pull down my pants, I will do it again” so I pulled his pants down and exposed his slightly-bigger-than-mine 7 inch cock. He was forcing me to open my mouth and shoved his cock in, humping my throat while I sat on the floor crying. He shot a stream of cum down my throat and I think reality set in. He realised what he’d done and began apologising, begging me not to tell our parents. Eventually he told me that every time I sucked his dick, he will suck mine in return. I took that offer and most nights went to suck his dick. He would always suck mine after and because he was hard again I’d let him cum all over my body and face and he licked it up.

Let me know if you enjoyed and want a part 2

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    This made my pussy wet though, into my asshole

  • Reply ioanik ID:1eiuq4jp8yy9

    Nu am experimentat niciodata sa sug pula unui partener ,desi am avut fantezii de mai multe ori cu diferiti prieteni

  • Reply Bob ID:1dr8ji1sdg3f

    Mmmmmm, so fucking hot!!! Yes, post more parts and continue telling the story of 2 young cocks!!!!! I like to stroke while reading. Wish I was being sucked!!!!
    Love, sucks and fucks,

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    • Bullet ID:1ekd92ooxp0b

      I want to see u stroking yours

  • Reply Violet ID:v7fz30454fv

    Very nice story, your ages boys.

  • Reply Jon do ID:1ef6fk9w7ue1

    Me and my brother fucked each other asshole

  • Reply Ric ID:2sfk1bvyvg7

    My brother and I have been sucking each other off for over fifty years.

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      That is so hot

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    I love being fucked bye my big dog and eating his cum

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    • Jacker63 ID:1eb5in4ydgka

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      Love to help.

  • Reply boy ID:7zv1lwo7d1

    Part 2 please gay is the best

  • Reply Marcel ID:1ghnn6rsk09

    Please make a part 2 and your brother should fuck your tight little asshole

    • AProbablyHornyDude ID:2xn8ykui499

      Part 2 will be up probably about tomorrow

  • Reply Danny ID:3057hz2fii

    Little brother. Needs his little dick sucked

  • Reply BiBoy ID:1743mlfij

    Would love a part two, not nearly enough brother on brother stuff on here

    • Unknown ID:38avgy2m4

      I done this with two of my younger cousins. One of there asses was great. The other one had nice feet and I accidently sticked my dick up his ass and he moaned like a girl.