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Submissive Teen

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Story of a young girl becoming a submissive collared play toy

I was five when my parents took teaching jobs overseas. They taught in Germany, Italy and France. I was eight when my dad came home and caught my mother in bed with another man. Things went downhill after that and he left my mother and me soon after. My mom decided to stay teaching in Europe as she had made a few close friends in those years.

How close I was not aware of till I got older.

I remember the weekends the most growing up. I would come down for breakfast and there would be my mom with some man she had met the night before and decided to come home with. She was not shy when it came to sex. A few times there would be not just one man staying for breakfast after her night of unhibited sex, but there were couples and and more often than not, there would be two men joining us for breakfast.

When I was ten my mom became friends with Ellen and Jack. They were a Dutch couple who lived across the street from us. I cannot remember what he did, but his wife worked in one of the local hospitals. When my mom was stuck at work or too busy; the couple would offer to look after me till she got home. I was shy growing up and did not have many friends, so I welcomed the attention they gave me.

During the summer and on weekends, they would offer to take me with them when they went sight-seeing, to the beach and day trips.

I remember them asking my mom if I could go with them for part of the summer holidays. They had rented a beach house along the ocean. My mom felt that I would be intruding on them too much, but they assured her that it would not be a problem and would be more than happy to take me along. My mom finally gave in due to my whining and begging.

Had she known what was to occur I am sure she would have said not.

The first day we just drove what felt like forever. We went up to the Northern part of Germany along the coast. When we got to the rental house, we found that it only had one bedroom with a pull out couch in the living room. I volunteered to sleep on the pull-out and that night as I laid there trying to get to sleep, I could her Ellen and Jack having sex.

Ellen was very loud. The following morning over breakfast, Ellen suggested that she and I go to the beach while Jack ran into town and got some groceries for us. I quickly agreed and got ready. .

The beach was only a short walk from the house and Ellen picked a quiet place for us. We laid out our stuff and headed into the water for a swim. It was still early and not many people were out yet.

As the morning went on, I noticed and told Ellen that most of the people around on the beach and in the water were not wearing their swimsuits or bikinis. Ellen smiled and told us that we were on one of the many nude beaches and that we should do the same. It would not be good manners to keep our bathing suits on. Ellen, not wasting any time, removed her top and let her beautiful breasts fall free. She then removed her bikini bottoms. I looked at her not sure what to do when she had me come to her and she undid my top and slipped it off. I had not started to develop and had tiny breasts and nipples. She then turned me around and slipped my bottoms off me, rubbing my ass as she did. I covered my pussy and she told me to show her. I was bare between my legs and she commented that I looked nice and showed me that she was also bare between her legs.

We swam naked and walked up and down the beach for the rest of the morning and afternoon. Ellen told me not to be shy as everyone was just as naked as her and me.

It was late afternoon when Ellen suggested that we pack up and head back to the house. When we arrived Jack was there talking to another man and waved to us as we approached. Ellen told me to go inside and get ready for dinner.

As Jack prepared dinner, Ellen and I showered and joined Jack on the patio. Ellen told him about our day on the beach and how her and I had to get naked like everyone else. Ellen told Jack she was very proud of me for being so bold. I asked Jack who the man was and Jack told us it was another renter spending the week here with his wife and friends.

After dinner we went for a walk and when we got back we put on the TV to watch a movie. Jack commented he wished he could have seen us at the beach. I blushed and Ellen teased me a bit. There was a moment of silence when Ellen told me to come to her. As I stood in front of her, she told me to remove my dress and panties so Jack could see what he was missing. I was shy, but Ellen told me not to be as I was a very pretty girl.

Ellen watched as I undressed and she stood up and got naked with me. We then turned and looked at Jack who commented that both his girls were very beautiful. I sat beside Ellen and cuddled with her till bedtime.

In the morning I was awoken by Ellen who to my surprise was still naked. She told me it was breakfast time and then the three of us were going to the beach. She told me not to get dressed either. I was a bit embarrassed and shy, but did as I was told and joined Jack and her at the table. Jack admired my body and told me how beautiful I was next to Ellen. I blushed and said thank you to him.

The day on the beach was more relaxing than the first day. Being with Ellen made it easier, even though I was still embarrassed being naked in front of so many people.

When Jack removed his shirt and shorts, I got to see him naked. I had never seen a man’s cock before. Jack’s cock looked so big to me then.

The three of us spent the day playing in the water and Ellen took me for a walk along the beach again. This time she pointed out some of the guys that she found cute and asked if I found them cute as well. She asked if I had been with a boy before and I told her no. She then asked if I had been with a girl and that made me blush and I told her no as well.

When we got back to the house that night, Ellen suggested that we stay naked after our showers as it was what people seem to do here on their holidays.

Jack liked the idea and told us both we were too beautiful to cover up.

As we watched a movie, Ellen and Jack talked and the conversation turned towards sex. Ellen told Jack that I had not been with a boy or girl before; which made me blush, but Ellen carrassed my leg and told me it was nothing to be ashamed about. She told me that she lost her virginity around my age and it was wonderful when it happened.

Jack told me it would be a wonderful experience for me too when the time came. He asked Ellen and I if we wanted a drink; and Ellen told him yes and to make me one of his special drinks. Ellen smiled at me and continued to hold and caress me. The warmth of her body against mine felt reassuring.

Jack brought our drinks and Ellen watched as I drank. As time went on, I became more relaxed. Ellen touched me more and I was not able to resist and I will admit that her hands felt good. Not sure when, but Ellen took me by my hand and led me into her bedroom with Jack following us.

She laid me on the bed and joined me. She started to kiss me and I felt her hands on my breasts and another pair of hands spreading my legs wide. She whispered to me how beautiful I was and how much Jack and her loved me.

As she kissed my nipples, Jack crawled up between my legs. I could hear the two of them talk and Ellen told Jack to take this little slut now. I felt some oil being poured on my pussy and then felt the head of Jack’s cock begin to slide up and down my bare slit. I laid there unable to move. Ellen held my arms down and told me how sexy I was.

As Jack entered me, I cried out in pain and told him it hurt, but he kept going deeper into me till he was all the way in. Ellen told me how I was a big girl now and that Jack was going to take my virginity for me.

Jack took me slow with long deep strokes, burying his cock all the way in, resting then almost pulling it out. Both of them whispered to me how good a girl I was. I was so tight and began moving my hips for him in response to his thrusts. Not sure how long he fucked me that first time, but I could feel his cock get bigger and began to pulse as he came inside of me for the first time.

He fucked me two more times that night. Ellen encouraged him to use me harder each time. When I resisted, she held my arms and told me to behave like a good girl. To muffle my cries, she would stick one of her tits in my mouth and tell me suck on her nipple.

When I woke in the morning, Ellen and Jack were already up. When I joined them for breakfast, they asked if I was okay and I broke down and started crying. Ellen came over and told me it was all okay and led me into the bathroom. She ran me a bath and washed my body for me from my head to my toes. She told me how beautiful I was and how being a good girl made her and Jack happy.

After my bath, she led me back into the bedroom again where Jack was already waiting. She told me to drink the special drink, which I did and the both of us joined Jack in the bed.
I watched how Ellen played with Jack’s cock with her hands and mouth, while Jack touched and rubbed my body for me.

When the drink started working, Ellen guided me to Jack’s cock and had me do what she had done early. The two of them talked about how good I looked and Jack commented that I was a natural cock sucker.

The rest of that day was spent being held down and submitting to Jack using me as his fuck toy. When Jack was resting or had left the room, Ellen would take over using my body to please her. She would finger and lick my used pussy and have me kiss and play with her tits and nipples. Ellen would straddle my face and have me lick and suck on her pussy lips and clit smothering me with her juices from her orgasms. I was only allowed to sleep for short periods, before I would be given more of the special drink and be held down and fucked again by Jack or Ellen.

When I was at the breaking point of having forced sex; they would they would use me harder till I begged them for more. Only then was I allowed to sleep.

It was on the fourth day that both of them began to see me submit. Jack would come into the room and I would anxiously get on my knees for him to take his cock and balls into my hands and mouth.

When he was hard and ready, I would climb onto the bed and spread my legs for him offering my pussy. I guess you could say that I accepted to being used by them both. I would cuddle with Ellen and take her breasts and nipples into my mouth. She would stroke my hair and tell me that I was a good girl for them and how pleased they were. I found her words comforting and suckled her even more.

It was on the fifth day that Ellen said she was happy with my performance and she took me to the beach with her. It was refreshing as Ellen told me it was my reward for being such a good girl and that I learned my lessons so quickly for her. Hearing that I gave her a kiss and impulsively went to kiss her tits and nipples, but she told me to save that for later.

We spent the day swimming and walking on the beach. This time, Ellen had me pointing out which men I found attractive. She teased me and told me when I was ready, I could have as many cocks as I wanted. I blushed when she told me that.

When we got back to the house, Jack had dinner waiting for us and the three of us ate in silence. Jack had me pick a movie to watch and the three of us sat together with me in the middle.

When it was bedtime, Ellen told me to get ready. I knew what she meant and went to their room and got on the bed.

I waited on the bed until Jack came in.

Joining me, I already knew what I had to do. I started playing with his cock and balls and took his cock into my mouth to make him hard. When he was ready, I turned around and got on my hands and knees and presented my pussy to him. When he mounted me from behind, I told him “how good it felt and he could use me for his pleasure”. Ellen insisted that I tell him that and any man or women that were to play with me as well.

After the first three weeks I easily submitted to them when either of them got an urge to use me.

The final week of our stay, Ellen told me that my mom would be coming up to stay with us as well. She had gotten time off work and a week’s vacation would be good for her.

I waited in anticipation for the day she was supposed to arrive. I could not concentrate on much else. Jack left us on the beach and headed back to the house early to be there when mom showed up.

It was close to dinner when Ellen told me it was time to head back. Walking up I could see my mom’s car there and was happy. Walking into the house I did not see her or Jack and went down the hall towards the bedroom. Walking into their bedroom, I saw my mom naked and on her knees sucking Jack’s cock. Around her neck was a collar and Jack had her on a short chained leash.

Jack, seeing me, told me to undress and join my mom. I stripped and went to the both of them and got on my knees as I watched my mom suck Jack’s cock. I knew right away it was not her first time. She looked at me and took the cock of her mouth and fed it to me smiling and blowing me a kiss. I could feel Jack thicken and felt him release his cum into my mouth.

I swallowed as much as I could the way Ellen showed me.

When I was done, my mom kissed me and whispered how much she loved me.

Ellen was at the door watching, As she entered she acknowledged my mom and then came to me. In her hand was a leather collar like the one my mom was wearing. She pulled my hair to the side and placed the collar around my neck.

When she was done she stepped back and smiled and commented to Jack how much I looked like my mom. Two submissive sluts.

That night I was allowed to sleep on the pull out while Jack and Ellen had my mom in their bed. I did not get much sleep as I heard the three of them fucking and mom begging to be used by them both. When I woke in the morning, my mom was laying with me on the pull out.

To be continued…

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