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Expect the Unexpected-3

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Please read the previous part here (/2024/03/expect-the-unexpected-2/ ). Now let’s continue

He screamed “yes I am dying for it”. She drew her sari further down and asked “can you see my full bosom now”? He said “yes, you have a very beautiful big bosom”.

She asked “better than your wife’s”? He said “yes, you are much more well-endowed”. She asked teasingly “you mean they are bigger than hers”.

He replied “yes by four inches”. She asked “when did you measure them”? He replied “I don’t need to measure them. It’s clearly visible and moreover you only said you use 36DD size bra”.

Still holding the pallu she said “Oh! Yes, I only told you. Shall I drop this down”? He excitedly said “yes, please”. She asked “And allow you to see my bare waist again”?

He screamed saying “Yes, that’s the part I am dying to see very badly. She asked “does it make you go crazy looking at it”? He said “Yes, that is the best part of a woman’s anatomy and it can make any man go crazy”.

She asked “And you want to go crazy seeing it”? He replied “Yes, yes”, he saw his mother slip the pallu out of her hands letting it fall to the floor. She asked “Happy” seeing his eyes pop out of their sockets.

He replied “You have a very lovely waist and your belly is so nice and beautiful. You are well built and your figure just below your belly is even more ravishing to look at”.

She asked “What about my legs”? He replied “I will come to them after I see more below your waistline”. She asked “What do you see there” as she started trembling with the pleasures of her peak arousal.

He said “The most sensuously alluring thing that a woman possesses”. She asked “And what is that” as she started to cream with her first orgasm in god knows how many years.

He said “The area below your tummy which curves inwards and ends where your legs meet is very tantalizing to see”. She teasingly asked “Even though it is covered”?

He replied “Yes, even though it is covered. It looks more magnificently translucent than being left bare”. “Why is it so” she asked. He replied “Because it tantalizes you even before you get to see it bare”.

She asked “and what happens after you see it bare. Does it not tantalize you anymore”? He replied “once if it is laid bare then your eyes will not have anything more to visualize and hope for”.

She asked “then what are your eyes dreaming of now”? He replied “to see one of the most sacred treasure a woman possesses”. She asked “so you call it a sacred treasure then what do you call this” as her hands cupped her own breasts.

He replied “they are very beautiful too but not as sacred, as nowadays it is a common sight”. She asked “so you have seen women go top less”? He said “yes I had the pleasure to see many during my overseas trips”.

She cupped her breasts saying “then you don’t need to see them right”. Bunty exclaimed “when did I said so”? She replied “I thought that’s what you meant just now”.

By now Bunty was horny like crazy, he said “no, they are different”. Nina asked “And how are they different”? He said “your fair complexion makes all the difference”.

She teasingly asked “so you want see them”. He exclaimed “Yes of course”. She said “But I never said that I would be revealing them”. Knowing very well that the show was possibly coming to an end, he said “I know but I hoped you will do”.

“You always hope for too much” saying this she pulled out her tucked sari from her petticoat and let it drop to the ground confident that the show had come to an end.

That was the biggest mistake that Nina now made. As soon as the sari fell to the floor, unknown to her she had let Bunty discover the wet patch on her petticoat.

Her petticoat had a sizeable wet patch as she had orgasmed a few moments ago and she was unaware that it had left behind a clear sign. Bunty jumped out of his seat when he saw the wet patch on his mother’s petticoat.

Though he had thought his mother was enjoying the show, he had never imagined that she would have orgasmed so quickly. This took the wind out of him and he leaned forward to have a closer look.

Nina saw him change his stance and when she saw that his hungry eyes were glued and unmoving from her body, she followed his gaze and was shell shocked to see the wet patch on her petticoat.

She stood wondering how foolish she was to have done something like this. As she bent down to collect her sari to cover the wet spot, she saw Bunty getting up.

As she saw him approaching she was astonished to hear him say “drop it, let me continue from where you left”. Startled by Bunty’s now dominating tone, she asked “What” trembling like a fish taken out of water.

He said “I am yet to see your back” coming up behind her. Trying to stall him she said “What is there to see”. He said “I have not seen your back yet” holding her shoulders.

Still trying to stop him she asked “Is it necessary? Are you not satisfied with what you saw till now”? He replied “Your back is exquisite” pushing her hair aside and baring her back, he started caressing it.

Nina’s body trembled as she felt his hands on her bare back, regaining her composure she said “have you finished looking”? He said “No I have just started” and brought his lips on the nape of her neck and kissed it.

It was then that Nina realized that she was helpless. She knew it was out of her reach to stop him and when she felt his lips kiss her back, her body started to warm up to it.

Both were extremely aroused and way past thinking about their relationship, they were like a couple in sexual heat. Throwing all caution to the wind Nina asked “so how does my back look”?

He said “Its alluring but your blouse is covering too much”. Hearing it she said “how sad.” He replied “Yes, it is very sad” and brought his hand on her blouse and started pushing the thin material aside.

Feeling the pressure of his hand on the blouse and knowing very well that the material would not survive his assault, she asked “do you think what you are doing is necessary”?

He asked “Why? What will happen” exerting even more pressure. She replied “my blouse will tear”. He asked “then what shall I do to have a better look” getting thrilled by her words.

She whispered “The hooks are in front”. “Is it” saying this he pushed his hands from under her armpits from behind and clasped her blouse over her breasts.

As Bunty placed his hands over her heaving bosom Nina leaned her body on his and moaned. He asked “Are you comfortable” as he felt his mother leaning on his body.

She barely managed to whisper “Yes” nuzzling closer to him and took a deep breath which made her breasts swell forward. Bunty taking hold of the flaps of her blouse started to unhook them one by one.

Quickly he unhooked the last one, nuzzling his face on the nape of her neck saying “raise your hands and allow me to remove it”. Nina obliged and Bunty removed her blouse throwing it aside.

He cupped her breasts and started to caress them, she placed her hands on his head drawing him closer over her shoulder, she asked “what are your hands feeling now”?

He replied “The most gorgeous mounds”. She asked “Is it a fact or are you just telling it to please me”? He squeezed them harder saying “Believe me, they are full and marvelous to feel”.

She asked “And you love fondling them”? He cupped her breasts in both his hands and said “Yes I love fondling them”. She asked “Are you enjoying yourself doing it”?

He said “As if you are not enjoying'”. She asked “How do you know I am enjoying it”? He gently squeezed her nipples saying “Because your nipples are hard and erect”.

She asked “Is that a sign of a woman’s arousal”? He said “Yes it is a sure sign of a woman’s arousal as this is of a man” saying this he pushed his erect cock into her butt and grinding it.

Now feeling his big hard cock wedged in-between her soft butt cheeks she replied “That surely is aroused”. He said “Yes, it definitely is”. Since their height matched his cock easily progressed far more deeper thru her petticoat giving them both heavenly pleasures.

Soon Nina’s body arched making her cream with her next orgasm. She took longer to recover this time, Bunty too held her tightly in his arms savoring the pleasure of his mother’s body wriggling against his.

Then he put his arm around her waist and took her to one particular corner his room. She asked “What did you do that for”? He pushed aside the curtain in front of them and revealed a full length mirror saying “See for yourself”.

As Bunty pushed the curtain, Nina saw the reflection of her seminude body and Bunty’s hands caressing her breasts. Seeing his face lodged on her shoulders she felt ecstatic.

Trembling with desires she asked “Is this another trick you play with”? He said “Yes”. She asked “Why is it necessary”? He said “Because I can have a look at your body and guide my hands to the spot I want”.

She said “I see your point”, she saw him pushing the bra out exposing her breasts, he said “besides you can also view what my hands are feeling and this is the best way to look at a woman’s body”.

The male touch on her boobs after so long was driving her insane with pleasures making her mind beg for more. She asked “Don’t you think you would have had a better look discarding the bra”?

He replied “No, as I have told you before, I don’t like to fully denude a woman just like that” while nuzzling his face on hers, kissing her cheeks and searching for her lips.

Nina Biting her lips in anticipation of a kiss asked “And now what are your lips searching for”? He said “They are searching your pouting lips” turning her face.

While turning her face towards his she asked “Do you want to kiss me”? He said “No I want you to kiss me” while opening his mouth. She asked “On your lips”?

He said “No on my mouth”. “Oh! You are a baby” saying this Nina opened her mouth and kissed him passionately. As his mother kissed him, Bunty tightened his grip over her and smacking his mouth hard on her soft lips darting his tongue in her mouth.

Nina’s body sizzled as she felt his lips and tongue exploring her mouth. Holding him tightly she reciprocated by pushing her tongue inside his mouth and as her tongue played with his, she creamed again.

When they drew their mouths apart Nina wetting her lips said “I have never been kissed like that”. He asked “Did you not like it”? She replied “Like it? It made me cum” hiding her face on his shoulders.

Embedding his cock deeper between her fleshy butt cheeks he said “Mine is also throbbing and ready to shoot”. On feeling his hard cock throbbing against her butt she asked, “What do you want me to do to make it shoot”?

Lifting her face up and looking into her eyes he said “First my eyes will need to feast on yours”. Hearing those words Nina shied away and bowing her head she asked “will seeing mine make you cum”?

He said “Yes it will, but you will need to undress me first”. Looking up at his face she asked “Is it necessary”? Looking down at his swollen dick he said “Yes, it would give some comfort to it”.

She asked “Is it not comfortable being lodged in my soft butt” wriggling her body over his manhood. He replied “Being held captive in the pants it is hurting”.

To be continued…
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