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The fat girl on the bus

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Then I stopped kissing her, and lifted the front of her sweater up, until her breasts were exposed. To be honest, I couldn’t tell if she had breasts,

My name is John and I’m 69 years old. I live in the Midwest, and am retired and widowed. I was approached by one of my neighbors, who sits on the school board, asking me if I would be interested in becoming a bus driver. He said it only took a couple hours in the morning, and a couple hours in the afternoon, and I knew school wasn’t open year round.

Now, my neighbor didn’t know that I was a pedophile. I was very careful about the children I’m molested, and was never caught. By this point in my life, I’d probably molested 20 children. I like boys and girls, so I figured why not. Maybe the right opportunity will present itself, and I’ll get another child.

There were about 20 kids on my bus route, all of them between the ages of eight and 14. More than half of them lived on farms, so my route included a lot of gravel roads with miles and miles between farms.

It was probably the second week of driving, when taking the kids home one of the boys started teasing one of the girls. I didn’t realize it at first, but the boy was handing me a gift on a silver platter.

“Lori loves Raaayay” a boy named Cody said, laughing.

“No I don’t.” Lori replied.

“Yes you do, but he doesn’t love you cuz he thinks you’re fat and ugly.” Cody said. “And he said if you weren’t so fat you wouldn’t even have titties.”

Now I’m kind of watching this exchange in the bus drivers mirror, the one that shows the passengers, and I can see Lori is visibly upset and that’s when I kind of lost my temper.

“All right, sit down and shut up.” I yelled. “There will be no bullying on this bus. Do you understand me?”

The boy that had done the bullying was quiet, so I called him out by name, “Cody, did you hear what I just said?”

“Yes sir.” he replied.

“Good, so it will never happen again right?” I said, not trying to hide the anger in my voice.

“No sir, it won’t happen again.” Cody said.

“Glad to hear it. If it does, you’re off the bus for the rest of the year, do you understand that?” I asked the boy. “Yes sir.” He replied.

Now, the girl he was picking on was 11 years old and very overweight. Her name is Lori. She probably weighed close to 230 lb, and she was only 4 ft 9 in and wore glasses.

She just happened to be my last stop, So I plan to have a chat with her before I drop off at home.

They were four stops before hers, and when I finally dropped off the last person, I pulled over to the side of the gravel road and put the bus in park period I got up and walked back the few seats to where Lori was sitting.

As I put the bus in part, and walked back toward her seat, what I saw was the gift Cody gave me. A little girl with low self-esteem. It was a pedophiles dream.

I sat down next to her and said, “you OK?” “Yeah, I guess.” She replied, but I could tell she was on the verge of tears.

“Hey listen, Cody is an asshole. And no matter where you go in life, there will always be assholes. Just ignore him.” I said trying to cheer her up a little bit.

“Plus, he’s not just asshole, he’s a stupid assholes, and probably has a small penis” I said to her, causing her to blush even more and giggle. “He’s a little boy, that doesn’t know shit. I’m an adult, and I can tell you one thing for certain, you are beautiful.”

She looked up at me and said, “really? You think I’m beautiful?”

“Since the first day I saw you. You are going to make some boy very happy one day. You remind me of a girl I went to school with when I was your age. She was a little overweight too, but you know what? She grew up to be one of the most beautiful women you’ve ever seen.” I told her as I brushed the hair back from her face.

“In fact, you are so very, very pretty. I would love to give you a kiss.” I said to her, as a stroke her cheek.

She blushed, but leaned into my strokes on her cheek. “Okay, you can kiss me.” She said shyly, as she looked down.

I put my finger under her chin, and lifted her head until she was facing me. Then I slowly move forward and gently touched my lips to hers. As e e kissed, I could hear a moan coming from her chest, “mmmmmmm”.

I slipped my hand up and cupped her breast over her sweater. I squeezed and massaged it a little bit. At first she stiffened a little, then she relaxed and enjoyed it.

I fondled her breast as I continued to kiss her. She was definitely enjoying it, as she pushed her chest into my hand. I stopped for a second, only to slip my hand up under her sweater. She wasn’t wearing a bra, so I came in contact with her bare breasts. I fondled and pinched her nipple, causing her to moan out loud.

Then I stopped kissing her, and lifted the front of her sweater up, until her breasts were exposed. To be honest, I couldn’t tell if she had breasts, or it was just fat. But then it occurred to me, aren’t all titties just fat?

I bent my head down and took one of her nipples into my mouth and started to gently suck on it. If I thought she’d enjoyed my massaging her breasts, sucking her breast took it to a whole new level.

She had her hands on the back of my head, preventing me from moving. She was panting hard, like she had just run a marathon. I reached down and slipped my hand up under her skirt. I started to rub her vagina through her panties, and she immediately started jerking like she had no muscle control.

I don’t think she was coming, she just probably never had her clitoris touched by someone else before. I continued to masturbate the child while nursing on her breast.

I wanted to stop, while she was still at the peak of horniness. Leaving them wanting more, always made it easier to do it again.

“I need to get you home honey.” I said to her, as I started kissing her again. This time when I kissed her, I traced my tongue along her lips, until she opened her mouth. Our tongues touched and she took to it like a duck to water. This child could kiss, and it was making my penis hard.

“Oh god, you are so beautiful I could kiss you all night.” I said to her as we broke the kiss.

She smiled and said, “I would like that.” I helped her straighten out her sweater, and compose herself. I didn’t want her going home all flushed with sexual excitement.

“Okay beautiful, I’ll see you tomorrow.” I said to her as my bus pulled up in front of her house. As she was getting off the bus, she put her hand on my arm and said “I can’t wait for tomorrow.” Then with a big smile on her face she exited the bus and walked up the walk to her front door.

I drove a couple miles down the road, then stop the bus and masturbated. It didn’t take me long to squirt into a napkin. I was really looking forward to tomorrow. She was going to see her first penis.


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    So absolutely true of girls with low esteem … One tiny compliment and they instantly respond. A technique that worked for me! (Name below)@proton.me

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