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Groomed pt3

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My uncle just explored my little pussy with his tongue before he was stopped by lunch time, but I knew it wasn’t over yet.

Trisha and I were still in costume, her as sailor moon, I was dressed as mars. The kids lunch table was more quiet than usual. I felt like all eyes were on me, for what just happened… what I let my uncle do to me. Did they all know? It drove me nuts thinking what if one of them saw what uncle drew was doing between my legs. The thought of him licking ferociously at my tiny little clit got me hot and I could feel my pussy throbbing at the thought of him bringing me to orgasm… again.

“So what you think you’re special now?” My cousin Trisha spoke with a sassy tune, meant to cause me discomfort. I felt it coming, oh god she knows, and she’s about to make a scene of it. I should have never asked uncle drew for help over my fake injury to get out of playing with Peter! “Just because my daddy takes you off somewhere doesn’t mean you can keep him to yourself all day!” Wait, what? Did I hear that correctly? I wasn’t taking uncle drew anywhere. Was Trisha actually jealous that her dad was sexually abusing me?! No way!

“Trish I’m not-“

“Oh stop it!” She cut me off before I could even think of what to say back to her, as if I even knew what was happening. All these new feelings, physical and mental were going on and I didn’t understand any of it other than it felt sooooo good, but so wrong.

“I know what you’re doing with my daddy. Don’t think I don’t know! Who do you think he would play with before you started coming over on weekends? He’s my daddy and you have your own! Go play with your daddy!” Trisha got up from the kids table in a huff and stormed off, as if I did something wrong to her. Her costumes skirt shuffling as she left exposing parts of her upper thighs leaving me with her brothers, I watched her go feeling so terrible that I must of upset her, but I didn’t choose any of this. In one weekend, going to grandpas turned from bad to worse. It was weird enough Peter would try to grab at me and I for sure knew that was wrong! But with the way uncle drew would play with my body, how he would make me feel with just his tongue alone, I was completely changed. I didn’t even realize how much that weekend would change me, and it wasn’t over yet.

After lunch, I tried to hide. It was embarrassing enough what uncle drew was doing to me but for sure, Trisha knew! Why was she so mad at me? I was just listening to what he told me to do! And it didn’t hurt at all… just what was wrong? Her anger towards me ate at me until I could talk to my uncle about it. Uncle drew saw me hiding in the shady part of the yard just before the woods began in the back yard. He saw me huddled in a ball crying and made sure to be a trusted adult ready to comfort me no matter what a kid like me was dealing with. “Oh sweetie doll, what’s wrong? Was it something I did?”

I looked up at him with a surprised look. “No!” I said struggling with tears rolling down my face. “Why is Trisha mad at me, uncle drew?” He looked at me shocked and shrugged.

“Oh I don’t know sweet face but I’ll talk to her, okay?” He said assuring me everything would be okay. “Sweetie come here give me a hug, come sit on my lap.”

I looked up at him and thought “oh great another reason for Trisha to be mad.” But he was my uncle and I trusted him. I crawled over the grass between us and climbed up his body and sat on top of his legs that were sitting criss cross. As I relaxed on top of him, my bottom sitting right over his bulge over his private parts, I watched his hands take place on both of my legs, then he spread my legs apart, stretching them open and draped off the sides of his thighs, my legs were wide open, and my little pussy was vulnerable to whatever he desired. I didn’t know at that moment he would again take advantage of me by something was coming, I could feel it in my chest.

“Sweetie, I’ll fix everything. Just do exactly what I tell you from now on and Trisha and you will be friends forever.” What a bargain I thought! I thought right before his hand lifted my costume skirt up and he dove straight into my panties right for my tiny little clitoris.

“OHHH NO PHHH UHHH UHHH NOT AGAIN!” I screamed! I was scared this was going to make matters worse! He was twirling my little clit in his fingers like it was nothing. “UNCLE! PLEASE! MY BUTTON CANT RAKE ANYMORE I WANT TO STOP!”

He paused, and I was surprised he actually stopped. He took his hand away from my pussy and out of my panties. I felt like he was done, wow was I wrong. He grabbed my face and held my mouth shut so tight it hurt.

“SHUT the fuck up you little cunt, do you want the neighborhood to hear you?” He aggressively whispered to me.

I was so shocked at what he had just said and did, I froze and didn’t say a word.

“Shit, I’m sorry sweetie, you just can’t yell like that out in the open so loud. If someone saw us right now, you’d never love it down your entire life. I’m just looking out for you. I want you to feel good, but we gotta make sure no one sees us, okay?”

Oh no I thought. I was convinced Trisha saw us. The way she was acting made me feel like she hated me because her dad would play with me more than her. Do I tell uncle drew about how she acted or not? He would find out from her anyway, but what would she say?

“Uncle I’m sorry but I don’t want Trisha to be mad that you’re playing with me so much.”

“Oh don’t worry about that, I told you I’d talk to her.”

“Yea but-“

“Don’t worry” uncle cut me off, “I will handle it.”

I didn’t say another word. I trusted him to take care of everything while still feeling sad I made Trisha upset somehow, but her daddy would talk to her. I could tell he cared about us, especially with how he was making me feel safe and excited.

“Now, sweetie, let’s pick up where we left off. Remember how I’m the villain and you’re fighting me? I want to play like that again. You got away from me and I finally caught you again, and this time I did something so no matter what you can’t move, you can’t struggle and you have to play like that! You can’t move no matter what you feel! Even if you feel like squirming away, you can’t. Pretend I’m making you play dead while you’re fully awake, okay?”

“Uhh okay” I didn’t know what he meant but I was ready to fake it. Uncle drew gripped me tightly and I did struggle to try to get away, and then he told me “don’t fight” and I completely went limp. Uncle drew laid me down in the grass and rolled out a blanket. I was still pretending to be still like a little doll so I didn’t move unless he moved me. He picked me up and plopped me on the center of the blanket, lifted my frilly sailor mars skirt up and proceeded to take off my underwear again. He spread my legs open and crawled between them. I didn’t want him to this time but I didn’t speak up for myself because he told me to play dead. My uncle put his face right into my pussy and stuck out his tongue and I felt him licking my clit once again. My little button as he liked to call it. It felt so good, him licking slowly and then lapping at me like a dog again. He was taking his sweet time this go around, like he was savoring my taste and texture. Moving his tongue back and forth left and right in a zig zag motion from my tight unbroken pussy hole up to my little girl clit. Wow it felt good, but so wrong.

“Mmmm uh” I slipped out a moan, I was trying not to because uncle drew said play dead, but I couldn’t help it.

“Sweetie doll you taste so good, your little button is sticking out again. I told you I’d try something else to press on it, let’s try it. Let’s try it right now.”

I lifted my head and looked at him in confusion. What did he mean? What could he possibly put on me that he hasn’t already? Something felt so wrong I could feel a knot in my stomach. “Oh god I don’t want this anymore” I thought to myself.

Uncle drew lifted himself and unzipped his pants, shifted his boxers around until he exposed his hard cock pointing right towards my open legs and vulnerable wet slit.

“Uncle drew please I don’t want this!” I pleaded with him “please no I’m not supposed to touch those please don’t get it on me.”

“Sweetie doll! Have I ever hurt you? Have you ever felt pain from the fun you and I had this weekend? No? Then don’t worry. I’m not going to do anything that will cause you pain. I did promise you I’d try something different with your little baby button this time, though.” He did promise me, and he’s been good on his word so far, I decided to trust him, whatever he was about to do.

I laid down and relaxed as uncle drew positioned himself over me, his hard cock about to graze my clit. He pressed his pelvis into mine and I felt his hard cock on my slit, he held it down for a second and then started to rock up and down thrusting his cock over my slit, pleasuring my little baby parts. His cock head would rub against my clit over and over which made me moan with excitement, and he would grunt with pleasure. I’ve never felt anything quite like it. Not even grandmas massager was like this. My uncles hard cock rubbing my little 10 year old clit. It felt amazing.

“Mmmmm sweetie baby, you like this?”

I was ashamed to answer, because I did like it, but I knew I shouldn’t.

“It’s okay honey, I told you I would try pressing something else against your button, it makes me feel good too.”

I let out a slight moan, I could tell he took it as a sign that it was all okay on my end, because the soft slow rubbing got faster, and harder and I felt my uncles hard cock start to move in a jumping like motion I’ve only ever seen from a dog before. He was rubbing his cock on my clit so nice and fast my body started feeling that warm tickle. My clit was soon overrun by pleasure and I let out a loud moan, neither I or uncle drew was expecting. I came! I orgasmed! Oh wow it felt amazing and I couldn’t do anything but just lay there in all the good feelings. Right then at that moment, I knew it was a good and bad thing, but I started plotting how I could sneak grandmas massager out of her room and use it with out anyone noticing. I wanted to feel my little girl pussy shake with pleasure again.

“Time to get up sweetie doll. Your dad will be here soon.”

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  • Reply Naughty78 ID:20pgwvj4m1

    I know exactly what you’re saying. I honestly can’t remember exactly how young I was when my uncle started playing with me but I believe 3rd or 4th grade. It felt wrong but at the same time I liked how it felt

  • Reply I wish it was me ID:1dfldgjb5kn5

    Grooming is an amazing way to love a baby girl. More baby girls want to be groomed than older men realize. The grooming allows the young girl to have her body enjoyed without taking full responsibility for giving her body over. Although she really wants to be touched and used….

    • Olderguy ID:1dkky9xmlc9v

      We’re you groomed? How old were you and how old are you?

    • I wish it was me ID:1dfldgjb5kn5

      I was 11 when the grooming started….I was confused at the time, but also craved it. I made my self available to be alone with the older man so he could have access to my body and touch me.
      [email protected]