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I married in to a family that had a very unusual wedding tradition

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I drank the semen of more than 40 men and boys on the day of my wedding.

My husband’s family had explained to me what happens to the bride on the wedding day, it really freaked me out at first and I wasn’t going to go through with it, but I loved my fiancé and really wanted to get married, so in the end up I did it, and this is what happened.

On the day of the wedding we said our vows, became husband and wife, went to the venue, gave speeches, had our first dance and cut the cake, everything you’d normally expect from a wedding, but later in the evening after all the guests had left and only family members remained, this happened.

The woman and girls of the family all lined up and each in turn gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek welcoming me to the family, which was really sweet, then they left and only male members of the family remained, and it was only those physically old enough to ejaculate that were permitted to stay, there were around 40 men and boys aged from 11 upwards.

A large soft cushion was placed in the middle of the dance floor and I had to kneel down on it, then my hands were bound with silk string.

Then all the men and boys stripped naked and circled me while playing with themselves, all round me men and boys walked in circles, jerking on their erect cocks, so many cocks, it was a wonderful sight to behold.

After a few minutes they slowly started to approach me, one by one, and they ejaculated their semen in to my mouth which I then had to swallow.

The reasoning behind this family “tradition” was that swallowing the semen of men in the family was meant to bring good fortune and fertility to the married couple.

Over the course of about half an hour I swallowed what felt like litres of semen, though quite a lot was ejaculated on my face and on to my breast and wedding dress, I wasn’t allowed to touch their cocks but was allowed to suck on them when they placed them in to my mouth, if I wished to do so.

It was some of the young boys that impressed me, one boy, Kyle, was 11 years old, he had large balls and ejaculated a very heavy load of semen in to my mouth, his semen was very thick, a bit chewy and plentiful, I remember him fondly and would love to suck his cock again one day.

When the last had emptied his load in to my mouth, my breasts and face were drizzled in and my stomach was filled with “good fortune”.

My new husband whisked me off to our hotel and he finished me off with a good long fuck.

It was a great wedding, though a little unconventional.

I’m still waiting for the good fortune, but I am now pregnant so the fertility side of it worked.

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  • Reply nakedcripple ID:1tw3wo209

    what culture does this?

    • dumbass ID:4bn00en3fia

      its made up dipshit

    • Cuckoldtoilet ID:bajcax8qk60

      The Cybelian practise is that after the wedding vows all the male guests fuck the wife before the husband, and then all piss on him. Look it up.