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Ok take 2

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Ok so this is part 2 of my last story. So Tam decided that her and my self should become one on one.
I thought this to be quite selfish. Seeing that her sisters were so deeply involved in such hot sex acts. After all both of her tiny little preteen sisters were so much more comfortable with ALL. types of sexual contact. Eg anal ,vaginal, oral, rimming and anal play. Eg fingerling and full peinile penertraition. They were truly and totally in to full on and total sexual pleasure 100%. I could not believe how hot and horny these 2 preteen girls could be,At just 11&12. A full year and something younger than their older sister.
Never the less I had made up my mind to keep all 3 sweet young prepubescent little girls happy in their own individual way. I had to explain to the youngest 2 sisters that there older sister was getting hooked up on me. This was all completely blowing my mind, being the absolute centre of attention to all 3 young girls was driving me crazy.
I thought carm down you fool, just go about this like a mature, experienced, confident young man.
So I had completely convinced the oldest sister Tam that I was completely in love with her, I told her that she was the only girl I had ever wanted. HA HA. Mean time both of her tiny little preteen sisters had agreed to keep our little secret sacred between me and them. They were so hot and horny nether of them cared at all about keeping quiet. Both little sweet hearts made the sweetest promise, “We will never ever tell a single sole about our sexy times together, because we love you. WHAT!!! I said. We have had other boys many times before but no one has ever been so loving and gentle with us. This made me feel very special and very attached to these gorgeous young, “I like to call little lady’s “.
Mean time I had told Tam that my feelings for her had grown from just sexual contact and pleasure. To true love feelings from the heart.
Tam took this to be the love of all time for her.
I was completely fucked. Witch baby do I play with first??.


So I made up my mind to keep both of the little things happy first, this was very smart because when I told both little babies together they looked at each other and just smiled and giggled. We win they said.
I asked what they were talking about and the 11 year old came straight out and said Tam is kinda lost in trying to find a mister “BIG dick lover boy”.
And you are bye far the biggest she has ever seen or been with.. WOW!!. Shit.
I kept my mouth shut for now.
I could not believe the words I was hearing, these so young so sweet and so so gorgeous young little things were TOTALLY into me.

So Tam first, just for the story. We had already had some of the hottest sexual experiences I had ever imagined.
Her and both of her tiny preteen body sisters.
These are truly amazing stories. If you would like to hear some of them in detail please make note for me.
Tam liked to be butterfly kiss-ed.
For most part all over.
Her baby little nippels fell Rock hard when flicked and sucked to extreme suction. Her tiny tiny little vagina pulsed with excitement and twitched when I tickled it with my tongue. Her clit was so hard for a girl of her tiny body and age it spazzemed in my mouth. Truly it was fucking amazing.
I my cock had gotten so hard I could hardly believe it.
She was absolutely addicted to me. I was entrance with her. We sucked and fucked for many many years after.
We engaged in the end.
But all the time I was loving Tam I was making both of her tiny little preteen sisters into life long nymphomaniac. There lust for sexual release was at least bloody fantastic, at best. “”ABSOLUTELY FUCKING MIND BLOWING “”.
The 2 youngest sisters were just amazing at ALL things to do with sexual pleasure and relaxation. Both girls would team up to expand both of their sexual wants and pleasures. I had to be for the best part of five years the sexaual centre of all 3 if the girls lives. I now live with Tam, we are very much in love. I would lay down my life for her today and any day. But I can never ever ever tell her that I still to this day have. I am not sure how to say this but.
Both of her baby sisters still, even though they are both married with children. We still have regular hook ups.
And I do mean very very regular hook ups. The 2 youngest girls still hook up with me when possible for fucking hot hot weekends. Love to tell you more.
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