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The Stone Man’s Wife

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Childhood games take on new dimensions for a teen girl when she is caught trespassing by The Stone Man. mf Mf boy reluc het lght gang preg size

“Can I go first this time, Sadie?” asked Timmy as he happily skipped at Sadie’s side.

“No way. I’m going first,” said Seth as he pushed Timmy away and took his place beside her.

Sadie rolled her eyes and wondered why she put up with such childishness. “Don’t fight. Everybody’s going to get a turn.” She looked about her as she walked to make sure no one was watching. She needed to make sure the two boys were not making a spectacle of themselves in case anyone might happen to notice their boisterous posturing. There was nothing really suspicious about a pair of twelve-year-old boys walking home from school with their fifteen-year old neighbor girl but she wanted to be as safe as possible.

“You boys need to calm down and keep quiet or I’ll just go on home,” she warned them.

“No. Don’t,” whined Seth. “You promised.” He turned to Timmy and frowned.

Sadie was satisfied she had them under control. They had just passed the last house where the road headed into a forest before it curved to follow the railroad tracks. “Come on. Let’s take the short cut through the woods,” she suggested. She would never let them know it but she was quite anxious herself for the fun to start.

She climbed up the embankment and started up the trail. The two boys bounded up close on her heels. It was good to be hidden by the trees. The two boys were jumping and skipping around her in obvious excitement and she worried it might spark idle curiosity. In a few short yards they were out of sight from everyone. She picked up her pace.

“I’m going to go real fast this time,” chimed Timmy. He jumped in front of Sadie and walked backwards in front of her. “You like it when I go fast, huh Sadie?”

“No, sir,” argued Seth. “I go faster.” He took hold of her arm as he walked and trotted to match her stride. “Tell him, Sadie. I’m best, huh?”

She almost giggled at their behavior. Boys were so easy to control when you had something they wanted. Sadie loved being in control, especially when she got what she wanted out of it. Sadie was clever beyond her years. And she had always been the de facto leader of the kids in her neighborhood. She was the oldest, the cleverest, and the only girl among them. She had always decided on the games they played, the rules they played by, and who got to play.

“You’re both good and it’s not just about being fast,” she scolded. Actually, speed had nothing to do with it at all and she wished they would understand that. They were all she had to work with and they needed all the coaching she could give but her lessons were always eclipsed by their unbridled excitement.

Just then she heard a clomp, clomp, clomp coming from behind. All three spun around to see Dave running headlong down the trail to catch up. “Hey, wait for me,” he yelled. Dave was a year older than Seth and Timmy and one of their neighborhood friends. He had always been a regular playmate and the four of them a team since they were all old enough to walk.

Sadie had hoped to avoid him. “He can’t come with us,” she whispered.

“Why?” Timmy whispered back.

“He just can’t,” Sadie reinforced.

“But, why?” Timmy continued. Timmy was a loyal friend and playing favorites confused him.

“He could get me …” she started. “He could make me… sick.” For the sake of expedience, that was the simplest way she could say it.

Dave had just trotted to a stop in front of them. “Hey, where ya goin?” he said amidst his huffs and puffs. He did not need a billboard to tell him where they were headed and why. “Don’t forget me.”

“You can’t come, Dave,” Sadie asserted. “You just can’t.” She meant it. As anxious as she was, she would just have to call the whole thing off if he wanted in on it. She really liked him and she did not like doing this to him but it had to be this way.

Dave’s brows knitted over his eyes in perplexed denial and he pleaded, “Why? Why can’t I? You always let me before. Why not now?”

“It’s different this time. I’ll explain it to you later but not now,” Sadie maintained sternly.

“Why? What’d I do? I won’t do it again,” Dave whined. “Let me go, please? Come on, guys?”

“Seth,” Sadie frowned at Seth directing his support.

“Sadie says you can’t,” Seth warned and he stepped between her and Dave.

“I’ll explain later,” Sadie spoke gently, hoping he would quickly give up. “When we’re alone, I’ll explain. But not today. I’m sorry.”

Dave looked like he was about to cry.

“You gotta go, Dave. Sadie says it’s just Seth and me this time,” said Timmy.

Seth bent down and picked up a dirt clod. “Get outa here, Dave,” he added angrily.

Dave turned and ran away back up the trail from where he came. They could hear him crying as he ran.

Sadie hated to do that. She resented playing her friends against each other. Dave had always been one of her best friends and she really liked him. It really hurt her to shun him but it was vital to exclude him. She would explain it to him later and make him understand. He was changing in ways that had a tremendous impact on their relationship and the games they played. For her safety, she had to forbid him.

The last time they played their “game”, Sadie had shrewdly noticed the newly springing hair around Dave’s dick. It was a sure sign Dave had started puberty and Sadie had acquired enough knowledge of life to know it meant he would soon be shooting sperm (if he had not already). As much as she liked him, Sadie had to avoid his new capacity and the dire peril it might mean for her.

She looked at her two companions. They were both sullen about what they had just done to their buddy. Sadie was usually candid with her friends but a lecture to them about where babies come from was nothing she really had time for at this moment. She promised herself she would sit all three of them down and explain it to them. “I’ll make it up to him,” she consoled them. “I learned a special trick I can do for him. He’ll really like it… even better. You’ll see.” She took each of them by an arm and marched them onward down the path.

Being the oldest was not always easy but she held their little band together through hard times. She had grown up tough, they all had. The depression had taken its toll on all of them. It was, of course, a struggle just to get by. But now, with her dad in Europe fighting the Germans, Seth’s dad off in the Pacific on a battleship and Dave and Timmy’s dads both in California building airplanes, they had to grow up fast. Sadie was managing everything just fine.

Sadie was a pretty girl with dark hair and big, endearing hazel eyes. She had been blessed with a sturdy frame, which was rapidly losing its girlish shape to assume a new womanly form. The change had triggered curiosity and awoken needs in her like she had never known. She had many friends from school and over the years had expanded her universe of interests beyond childish play and into new games with bigger fun. Away from school, her social circle shrank to this juvenile band of childhood playmates. Her nature with them being what is was, it was not long before she taught them new ways to play, ways that fed into her emerging sexuality and her body’s growing needs.

She learned about sex the year before, among her school chums, and had introduced the boys to it soon after. They caught on real fast and sex play soon eclipsed their customary playtime fare. Eager to please and hungry for these new, wanton sensations, Sadie had directed the boys’ development to propel some real kicks. However, it was not completely emotionally stimulating for her and not quite as physically satisfying as she would have liked. She did not feel the boys shared her intellectual appreciation for the act. To them it was little more than a thrilling new game. Physically, they got close but they just could not quite scratch where she itched. Nonetheless, it was great fun for all of them and had reinforced their strong bonds. All they needed was a secluded spot and from there on nature took its course.

The three soon forgot all about Dave and excitedly advanced on their objective. In the warmer time of year they had anywhere in the woods they wanted where they could have their fun in seclusion but with the weather turning colder and damper, they needed more comfortable accommodations. Two houses up the road from Sadie’s house, there lived an older man who did stone carving. Mr. Simmons worked hard making ornamental statues and inscribing gravestones. He was an old hermit of a man who for the most part kept to himself. He was a gentle sort of fellow who was always helping the mothers of the neighborhood when the men went off for the war effort. He had always been very kind to Sadie and her mother and Sadie had been warned many times by her mother to not bother him but rather treat him with respect.

The children had their own impression of the old man. They called him The Stone Man and were absolutely terrified of him. Perhaps it was his size; he was a big, strong man of well over six feet. It might have been because he was a mute; he had lost his larynx to a bullet in the Great War and communicated by use of a slate and chalk that hung from twine around his neck. It most likely was his secluded miserly life which always draws suspicion from children. Regardless, the four dreaded him beyond all reason and took great pains to avoid him and the terrible wrath they imagined him to have.

In back of and adjoining the old stonecutter’s house there stood an old tool shed. It was where the Mr. Simmons kept his supplies, but as with all sheds, rarely attended. In spite of their unnatural fear of The Stone Man, this was where Sadie and the boys made their winter fun. It was sheltered from the elements, secluded, and relatively clean. The forest ended right behind the shed so they could approach it without being seen and a loose board in the back gave the kids access. This is where the three were headed.

“Fuck-time, fuck time” exclaimed Seth silently as the back of the shed came within view.

“I’m getting a boner already,” added Timmy.

The three were coming up on the edge of the forest, just behind The Stone Man’s shed. “Shhh,” chided Sadie. “Both of you be quiet. Timmy, go see if the coast is clear.” She knelt behind a big tree and Seth knelt beside her, Timmy crouched low and crept up on the old shack.

Boldest of the three, Seth yielded to his passion and his hands went to the hem of Sadie’s skirt. He lifted the cotton fabric and searched up her leg for the edge of her underwear. With one hand to her front and the other under her butt, he followed the border her garment to converge on the curly nest of Sadie’s pussy. Clumsily and greedily he explored her treasures. The fingers of one hand combed her thick curls while the other delved her already moist slit.

Sadie was only vaguely aware of Seth’s unsanctioned advances. She always let them have their way with her once the games were started. She felt his hands clumsily fumble under her panties and dig into her thick curls but her mind was on Timmy, watching him secure the area. Timmy quietly lifted the loose siding and peaked into the shed. He signaled O.K. and then went to the corner of the building to spy on the house. After a thorough watch and listen for activity, he motioned them to join him.

Sadie stood up with Seth’s two fingers deep inside her. She shrugged him away with her hip and advanced on the shed. He followed, his hands still intruding up her dress. With Timmy holding the loose board up, Sadie ducked inside.

It was dusty and dingy but it served their needs well. The shed had one door that led into the house. There was a dusty window that faced away from the forest and let in a dim, diffuse illumination. Dusty shelves lined the walls and were crowded with tools, odd supplies and other reserves. There was a workbench and a stool beside an old grinding wheel just below the window but otherwise, the floor was mostly free. The children’s focus was a small pallet on the floor and close to one of the shelves. It had a layer of canvas sacks full of sand on it and rose a total of about a foot above the floor. An old tarp draped over the top of it made it soft enough to serve as a bed and as such, they used it.

Safely inside, the three had a customary procedure before the fun could begin and they set about them like practiced routine. Sadie started by lifting the front of her dress and pulling her bloomers down around her ankles. She stepped out of them and then holding the front of her dress up, she gingerly lowered herself to the pallet of sand bags and sat on the end, making sure her dress was tucked neatly under her butt but not hanging below her exposed pussy.

The two boys eyes remained glued on the treasure of all men’s longing – the thick, dark triangular patch of Sadie’s womanliness framed by her soft, pale flesh. They peered into the promise of Sadie’s lush nest as they lowered their pants and underwear to their ankles. They stood up before Sadie, holding their shirt tails out of the way, waiting for inspection. Their little dicks stood at attention in stiff arcs, pointing at their navels.

Satisfied with her arrangement, Sadie addressed Seth first. She took hold of his swollen little cock and she examined it. It was not much bigger than her middle finger, pale, smooth-featured, and had a round head with a protruding rim about it that looked like a little helmet. She tenderly pulled it away from him and searched all around it for the first wispy traces of pubic hair. She gently lifted the wrinkly scrotum and small balls bunched up tight against his straining prong and checked him all over. She took this seriously. She did not notice Dave’s slowly evolving body until his voice began to change and then who knows how many times he might have leaked his sperm in her and how close she might have risked getting in trouble. No, Seth was still safe. Now, it was Timmy’s turn. The boys shuffled sideways and Timmy stood before her for his examination. He giggled slightly when Sadie’s cold fingers dragged lightly under his shriveled, not-yet-dropped nuts.

They were both approved. It was time to get their game started. Sadie picked up a piece of twine tied into a loop that was lying on the floor. She pulled it behind her rump and wound it several times around her wrist. She put her other wrist into the loop and wound it several times around too. Her hands were bound behind her now but with enough slack between to keep her hands at her side. It was a safety precaution the boys were not quite clever enough to figure out. If by chance they were discovered, it gave her the option of claiming she was forced. She had to admit it was a dirty trick and that she would probably confess her participation anyway, but it gave her options. To be honest, she actually kind-of liked it; placing herself at the mercy of their blind inexperience until they had their fill.

The boys, by this time, had dropped to their knees between her feet and were intently studying the mysteries of her Venus coils. They could see the fullness of her pouting labia and smell the musky wetness of the arousal that had been building in her for the past hour. They knew she was theirs and what spoils she was to provide for them. They made the most of this opportunity to educate themselves about such rare and coveted treats. Their grubby hands and pudgy fingers crept over her flesh. The softness of her inner thighs, the coarseness of her lush curls, and the wetness of her inner folds were all visited with eager eyes devouring every detail. It was much too good a moment to let go to waste and they were certain to use it fully.

“Come on,” Sadie whispered heavily. “Let’s get started.” She was horny for the fucking she was about to get. Like an itch she could not scratch, her anticipation was driving her and laid down flat on the “bed”. The boys knew what to do. Like they had done dozens of times before, they assumed their positions. Timmy, yielding his quest to go first crawled around the pallet to Sadie’s side. He took a kerchief from Sadie’s sweater pocket, wadded it up, and poked it in her mouth. In keeping with her charade, Sadie took it between her teeth like a gag.

Seth got up on his knees between Sadie’s widespread legs. His rigid pud was stuck hard against his pale waist in a short arc. He positioned his hips over Sadie’s and bent over her. His breath was becoming heavy with excitement. Trembling, he rested his weight on one hand beside Sadie’s hip, with the other he pushed his turgid little boner downward and aimed it at her dark snatch. His hips moved toward her and he expertly parted her thick mat of hair to find his target.

Propping herself on her elbows Sadie watched. She felt his entrance; the sharp piece of flesh pierced her moistness, gained her sheltered crease, and skimmed the roof of her cunt as Seth moved his hips up flush to her upturned thighs. Once firmly entrenched, he let go of his tool and placed the hand next to Sadie’s other hip.

Seth put his weight on his knuckles, trapping Sadie’s waist between his wrists and his hands clutched at her dress to press her to his service. His shoulders hunched over and his head hung low. He enjoyed watching the show. All three children observed; Seth from above, Sadie from over her breasts, and Timmy leaning in from the sidelines. Before them was a child’s mystery theater of life with wanton thrills beyond imagination. Seth worked his hump. He drew back and then bucked in sharply with his hips. The three delighted in seeing his meager joint emerge wet from Sadie’s feminine curls and then disappear with his next thrust. Again and again, the slender boy hips rose and fell between the creamy white V of her thighs.

Sadie monitored the claiming of her body until Seth settled into his rhythm. She laid herself back, closed her eyes, and let the sensations catch up with her feelings.

Never mind that his short, skinny little dick was nowhere near the dimensions that could adequately fill her maturing physical capacity. Never mind that this crude union with clumsy, rudimentary exertion only barely qualified as sexual intercourse. Never mind that the feelings brought to the encounter were merely childish curiosity and not the emotional exchange she aspired to. In Sadie’s mind, she was getting a good fuck and if she let her thoughts wander, she could make it into anything she wanted: a ravishing in the swashbuckling ardor of the debonair Errol Flynn, a passionate consumption in the bed of ruggedly handsome Clark Gable. Her imagination made it real and the boorish pounding of her young friends fueled it.

She rotated her hips to just the right elevation and angle so that Seth’s lunging loins bumped against the sweet center of her pleasure – her attention craving clitoris. His small but remarkably stiff dick plunged into her proffered femininity. It tickled her yearning desire and teased her with the promise of more. Stirring and jabbing within her open gates she dwelt on his delving instrument and imagined it to be bigger; plundering her yet-untouched depths, filling her, caressing every square inch of her hungry pussy flesh. She let the thought take her and as it did Seth’s hunching pelvis worked its magic against her carefully offered clit; a climax wracked her straining body. She moaned as the pleasure spread through her. Her body clenched under the throes and her mind dreamily drank from the fountain of the fantasies crafted within.

“You… liked that,… huh… Sadie,” Seth grunted in cadence with his hips. He was stumbling over the threshold of his own delivery. New vigor seized him. His thrusts became faster and harder. With a frantic urgency, he seemed unable to control, his hips slammed tight against her pelvis and froze. He grunted. His hips rose and slammed back again. Another grunt. A third strike and then a fourth. Seth’s face clenched, he whimpered and his arms got shaky.

Sadie had seen boys come off before and it looked like that was what Seth was doing. She did not have a wealth of knowledge on what pre-pubescent boys were capable of nor on the mechanics of the male reproductive system but she had read through some books at the library. Based on her close examination of him before they started, she was pretty sure that whatever Seth was going through (and what was going into her), it did not involve sperm. Maybe he was just imitating Dave. Sadie bumped her bush against him a couple of times to milk the most of the experience for him.

“What happened, Seth?” asked Timmy.

With his face flushed red, Seth finally pulled back. “Whew,” he exclaimed. “That was good.” His dick pulled free of Sadie’s clutch and slapped back against his waist, just as hard as when he had started.

“What was good, Seth?” Timmy persisted.

Seth just smiled broadly and chuckled in a kind of stunned tone as he shuffled away from Sadie’s crotch on his knees. In his absence, Sadie felt a moist trickle run down from her pussy. She knew he had indeed left her with something.

It was Timmy’s turn now and he scrambled to take Seth’s place. He crawled over Sadie and laid himself down on top of her. With his head on her breast, he reached down between them to pull his shirttail out of the way and then guide his stiff little boner into Sadie’s moist nook.

Sadie could feel his hardness lying against her mound. She felt his clammy hands reaching over her skin for his eager weapon. He fumbled and probed looking for the opening that would embrace his tender flesh. He finally found her ready gash and plunged in.

Sadie gasped with his intrusion. It was a slightly smaller instrument than Seth’s, but it served its purpose just the same. It reached a tender spot inside and at the top of Sadie’s cunt. Together with her imagination, it was just barely enough to trigger the delight she craved. Sadie actually preferred Timmy’s rutting to Seth’s. Timmy laid flat against her and humped into her with the entire lower part of his body. His hips fit perfectly between hers and his pelvic bone kissed hers at just the right angle. He put a rub on her clit that got her off like gangbusters every time. She spread her knees wide to let him settle upon her.

Timmy got his arms tucked along Sadie’s sides for leverage and he was off. He wiggled and slid upon her and kept a cheek pressed to her young tit.

She knew this would last a long time and his fuck would be consistent. She closed her eyes and this time imagined Frankie Sinatra making passionate love to her while crooning her favorite love song in her ear. Timmy’s rhythm took care of the rest and it was only a matter of minutes before she found herself climbing to a strong orgasm. She dug her heals into the floor as it crested and with squeals announcing her pleasure she bucked her hips against her hapless lover who ground away diligently through her rising excitement. Sadie moaned when it hit, she let the orgasm have its way with her body and her feelings. Her pussy quivered and clutched at the emptiness somewhere just beyond Timmy’s reach.

Timmy stayed with her through her throes. When Sadie pushed her hips up in the air, Timmy was lifted with her. Even though he lost his footing he clung to her fiercely enough he could maintain his rhythm and he kept his pelvis humping steadily against her mound and his stout boner drilling in and out of her moist slit.

Seth was not far from the ruckus. Rubbing his still stiff dick with one hand, he had taken a position between Sadie’s feet where he could watch her pussy and examine Timmy’s assault upon it in scintillating detail. He watched Sadie’s pink folds flowering from her dense, dark mat of curls. He watched his young buddy’s pale finger of flesh disappearing into her open gash and how her billowing hair enwrapped his wrinkled ball sack with every thrust.

Sadie had thoroughly enjoyed her climax and was holding her hips up in just the right angle and height for Timmy’s weight to rest squarely against her clit. Timmy’s relentless and consistent fucking was pushing her toward another pinnacle of delight and all she had to do was wait for it. She gave up her fantasies for a moment to get in touch with her body. Timmy’s head on her breast was delivering a soft caress to her unappreciated flesh. His very hard and urgently lunging dick was nudging deliciously along the top of her cunt in a very sensitive area. Most importantly, the front of his pelvis was grinding over her clit with just the right firmness and just the right speed.

Sadie came off again and just like the last time she pushed her hips up off the pallet, trying to increase the pressure of Timmy against her mound. She squealed into her gag and strained every muscle to heighten the sensation as waves of pure delight crashed upon her body. Her hips heaved and Timmy’s legs dangled above the floor and he bounced on top of her but held on and kept pounding into her for the joy her snug pussy was slathering over his tender boy-cock.

Sadie dropped her hips back down to the pallet/bed and returned to thrusting against Timmy. She rocked her hips and lunged her mound against him in a rhythm counter to his. Her frantic bucking became almost enough to dislodge him but he held on and kept his happy little dobber secure to her crotch in obvious delight of what her slippery crevice was providing him. Sadie could not help it. She wanted more; deeper fucking, a bigger cock, a more imaginative style. It was as if the climax she had was close to something wonderful but just barely missed. She lifted her feet from the floor and pulled her knees up toward her chin. She wanted to give him better penetration but she felt frustrated.

“Come on,” whined Seth after Sadie had settled down and Timmy fell back into his regular pace. “You had enough. It’s my turn.” He tugged on Timmy’s shirttail to emphasize his demand.

Fair was fair and Timmy knew he had ridden long enough. He stopped his humping in mid lunge and resolutely lifted himself from Sadie. His boner popped up against his waist as he pulled it free. He bent over and examined her pussy as if checking on the job he had done and then scooted aside for Seth.

Seth moved in as soon as Timmy got out of the way. He had gotten some ideas while watching Timmy pump in Sadie’s patch and he was anxious to get started. Just like his last ride, he leaned over Sadie while aiming his poker into her quim.

Sadie was feeling the same frustration since her last climax. She wanted some better relief but like an itch she could not scratch, it was eluding her and she was wondering if Seth was going to be enough to satisfy her. She thought of trying something new. She lifted her legs like before and put her heals on the edge of the pallet to rotate her hips back and point her cunt upward; allowing Seth to get his crotch closer to hers and force him to stroke downward into her.

Seth started right into his fucking. He was more aggressive this time and was working to pound his nut-sack against Sadie’s bush. For the first time in any of the children’s encounters, two partners were working together toward a more sophisticated goal than just friction. Seth was taking advantage of having Sadie’s thighs out of his way. He got his hips in tight against her and parted his own knees enough to close the distance between their crotches. He lengthened his stroke and was really hammering his stiff little prick into her, grunting brutishly as he worked.

Sadie was enjoying their improved attack too. She used the position of her feet to add a swirling motion to her hips, which helped alter the angle of Seth’s dick in her cunt. It was not everything she wanted from a fuck but it was a lot closer to her desires than anything she had done yet and she began to moan in counter-sync to his grunts. She could sense the approach of another good climax and she closed her eyes to paint a scene in her mind.

She was so close to reaching her peak she did not hear Timmy’s shriek. It was actually Seth’s abrupt halt that got her attention. When she opened her eyes and looked up she saw The Stone Man standing in the doorway to the shed. The huge man, his head taller than the doorframe, towered over the three children on the floor. His deeply lined face wore a look of consternation and shock. The steel chisels he held in his gigantic hands dropped to the floor and he stomped into the room.

For a second all was quiet and the four of them froze in fear and distress. Timmy was the first to move. Without pulling up his pants he jumped to his feet and dove out through the loose siding board in almost a single motion.

Seth had a harder time. If he had risen to his feet, the old man standing just a yard away, would have easily grabbed him. He ducked to the opposite side of the pallet, over Sadie’s thigh and tugged up his pants while on the floor. Mr. Simmons shuffled to stand where Seth had been and Seth crawled around to the opposite end of the pallet. He was cornered but he had speed on his side. He feigned a move toward the door and when old Mr. Simmons moved to block him, he dashed out through the hole as Timmy had. The Stone Man awkwardly stepped forward after Seth but he was too late, Seth was out the hole before the old man could even bend down to reach him.

Sadie was helpless through the whole debacle. Her fear rendered her motionless. Flat on her back with her hands tied, she could not have moved anyway. She lay in a state of panic as she watched her friends affect their escape and all the while hoped they would bring her too, but they left without even a note of concern. And now, she was alone, bound, and half-naked under the eyes of the gigantic, fearsome hermit she had avoided with dread her whole life.

Looking up, she watched The Stone Man standing at her feet. Enormous, his head nearly touched the rafters of the small building. His gray hair hung about his head in the manner of a man with no society to keep appearances up for. His deeply furrowed brow was crossed in the frown of angry consternation and disbelief. The years of tired labor and long hours of lonely pursuits showed in the weary lines on his face. His well kept but dusty clothes hung on his gigantic frame like a worn out partner of his arduous existence. His towering size was the specter of fear itself and his still silence formed a myriad of unpleasant prospects. Of course, she did not expect him to say anything but his brooding stare told her a scolding would be the least of her worries.

She turned her head away and waited for the worst. The air in the tiny room got so thick it felt like it bound her in place harder than the twine. Anything he could do to her seemed preferable to the tensely condemning quietness. She very slowly twisted her head back to venture a gaze into his mood. He still stood there between her feet but he was not scowling at her as much as he was fixated on her naked sex, and not just in anger but with a trace of wonder.

She could not see his eyes through the thick bush of his brow but she could feel his stare burning into her bare pussy. She wanted to break away; escape his accusing eyes and far worse his still unquenched anger. Shame pressed down upon her and she felt like crawling into a deep hole to die. What would he do? Paddle her; march her home to her mother; then what? She had no idea what would happen to her next or how her day would end but she found herself longing to be safe at home with this terrifying encounter long behind her. She wished she had never trespassed on the shed and that she and the boys had never started playing this game.

The Stone Man stood there between her feet glowering down on her with all the rage her imagination had built into her perception of him. She could not blame him, she had violated his domain and was worthy of his contempt and had been caught in the most shameful activity imaginable. She awaited his judgment and expected something akin to a spanking but absolutely dreaded the worst; hauling her before her mother or Seth’s and Timmy’s mothers and telling them what he had caught them all doing.

Tears rolled from her eyes at the thought of her doom and how her life would be virtually unlivable in all this shame. But then her fortune took a turn down an even more shocking path. Without taking his eyes off of her exposed pussy, the old man slowly took the slate board from around his neck and laid it on the bench. Sadie watched his big hands move slowly to the front of his dusty trousers. She did not have to wonder long about her fate when he began to unfasten them. Loosening the belt and pulling the pants open, he let the garment fall down his legs to the floor. Sadie knew then her punishment would fit the crime.

When Sadie caught her first sight of the enormous cock Mr. Simmons presented, her eyes grew wide with fright. Stifling her amazement that a man might possess so huge an organ was the horror that it was about to be used on her. It hung menacingly before his hair-covered loins nearly thrice as long as the boys’ little dicks and six times as fat, and it was not even hard yet. It was darker in color and its skin was loose and porous. Its entire length was a meandering network of bulging blue veins. The size of a ripened plum, the crest was like a rounded arrowhead with a blunt tip. Its rim swelled out from the rest of the cock by nearly a quarter of an inch and it was a raging purple color. The big cock throbbed with his heartbeat and grew with every pulse. It was growing longer, thicker and lifting up from its slump to point at her. From underneath it she could see his balls hanging pendulously, one lower than the other and each the size of large eggs. The whole sack hung from his body longer than the length of her hand.

After a long minute of standing there and staring at Sadie’s bare, open pussy, his enormous dick was standing at full attention. She could see the underside of it now, the skin stretched smooth over brawny firmness. She could see the veins pulsing fiercely and the front of the head like some double-sided plow. Behind it his balls alternately raised and dropped out of some preparatory function of his aroused state or anticipation of their pending employ. The head was swollen even bigger and some fluid had welled up through the hole at its tip.

Sadie had to admit that deep in her heart she had longed to feel a greater presence within her and now that such an opportunity presented itself, she felt a curious pang of excitement. However, to see so huge an organ standing before her she was apprehensive about the pain it might inflict. She knew a woman could open up big enough to pass a baby but not without some difficulty. A baby!?! A real man was about to have her and maybe make her pregnant. Oh such dread! Regardless, the Stone Man seemed unlikely to stop and, quite frankly, Sadie lacked the fortitude to really prevent him.

The man slowly lowered himself to his knees between her legs. She pleaded to him with her eyes to reconsider, but he seemed to be driven by something beyond her persuasive powers. He bent over her and eased forward on his knees. Sadie raised her head to look down at the doom that was about to befall her un-tempered pussy and could scarce believe her calamity. Beneath his shirttail the gigantic cock pointed down, directly at her small, helpless black patch. Closer it got, finally brushing over the top of her dark, curly nest. Viewing the massive thing in perspective to her dainty sex and framed by the spread of her young thighs, she could finally see how horribly huge his cock was. She feared not just for the pain, a tiny notion emerged that the thing might seriously injure her. She was too frightened to make a sound but she felt like screaming. She began to twist and struggle but her bound hands limited her ability to move. His hips fell down upon hers and seized her motion completely.

Trapped, she finally found the courage to scream. Her voice tore through her throat. Over and over she wailed but it fell upon dispassionate ears. He was too possessed by his desire to heed her cries. Furthermore, the gag in her mouth muffled her screams too well to carry outside the shed. She was lost and tears streamed from her eyes. She gave herself up to her fate and waited for her tribulation to transpire.

He was suspended over her entire body, a contrasting juxtaposition of size. Resting on his elbows, the top of Sadie’s head did not even come up to his chin. His broad shoulders and chest completely covered her adolescent torso. Her pale, petite thighs were forced apart to accommodate his gigantic pelvis. His testicles hanging freely in their oversized sack rested against Sadie’s ass. That monster cock lay heavy on her belly and extended from her crotch almost up to her ribs. She could feel the coolness of his balls against her butt-cheeks, the feverish warmth of his dick throbbing against her skin, and a chill as a big drop of his fluid drooled from his cockhead onto her navel. She did not need any more poignant demonstration of what she faced. She laid back her head and her eyes looked up toward his face to discern his disposition and then closed.

He lowered his body down hers, dragging his big organ to its target. He needed no guidance; Sadie’s rut with the boys had raised her arousal perfectly. Swollen and wet, her labia welcomed him like an open gate. Dropping in to her moistened groove, his cock was poised to take her. He slowly pushed against her and his enormous head spread her lips apart and centered on her ravaged but anxious opening.

Sadie tensed. Her young heart thundered in her chest. She could well sense his girth and knew its implications. Luckily, he was not driven by the same impetuous lust as the boys. He pushed ahead slowly, letting her immature orifice adjust to him gradually. The pain was still just barely within her tolerance, Sadie felt like she were being torn apart. The massive head squeezed into her, stretching open her untested flesh for a task it was scarcely suited to assume. Again she squirmed under him and groaned her protest into the gag. Gently but firmly he pressed onward until at last the ridge around the head finally broke through the narrow passage near the outside of her young cunt. He was in her, really in her. She sighed her relief but still wrestled inside herself between fear of more pain or other consequences and a deep longing for missed gratification.

The Stone Man paused for a brief second or two before continuing his invasion. His cock was still dry and he needed to spread her wetness about him to ease his passage. She recognized at least that much concern in him for her well-being. He pushed in a mere half on an inch and then pulled out a quarter inch. Sliding back and forth in her, he spread her moisture over his shaft and helped her cunt adjust to his size. When she seemed ready for more he advanced another half of an inch. And so he claimed her tight pussy tiny bit by tiny bit. Consuming her slowly like quicksand instead of rapidly like fire.

Sadie’s mind was in a dizzying maelstrom of conflicting thoughts. She was being raped by a mysterious recluse neighbor man who was angry with her for trespassing. This filled her with a loathing and anger for the filching of her precious body. She was being inflicted by a preposterously gigantic organ her novel pussy was too small to accommodate. This filled her with fear of pain and serious internal damage. She was engaged in sexual intercourse with a potent adult male. This filled her with an overwhelming apprehension about becoming with child and all the terrible social stigma such a condition would bring upon an underage girl in a small-town community. Lastly, her undernourished libido was being treated to the kind of physical stimulation she had craved for months, sparking a strange receptive impulse within her she did not quite understand. And it was this last thought that filled her with a lust to wring every last sensation she could attain from this impulsive, incompatible, and implausible coupling between a pretty, young schoolgirl and a dirty old hermit.

Meanwhile, onward he advanced, and inside, Sadie could feel her internal organs shifting, getting pushed aside by his steady encroachment, with yet even more of his huge cock waiting to enter her. The pain of the monster-sized cock was constant. With every inch in her she felt her cunt stretched to its limit. For every inch her body became adjusted to, more cock was shoved into her. Her fists clenched, her heels dug into the floor, her body’s every muscle tensed against the painful invasion and the fear of more. Half of her wanted to scream out, ‘NO!’. And yet, to her dismay, half of her was curious, almost hungry to carry this contact to its conclusion; to feel what this man could give her. Their determined struggle to press themselves into a complete union continued one marginal bit at a time. If anything, Sadie could be thankful for his steady patience, carefully applying his manhood to her where he could much more easily force it with no concern for her safety was notably appreciated.

In what seemed to her an eternity, he finally reached Sadie’s very limit. With one last heave, she felt the big swollen head of his dick pressed up against the very back of her adolescent canal. She hoped he realized that he had filled her to capacity and in spite of the overall discomfort of having her entire cunt stretched to near bursting; she wished she could have taken his full measure. Whether she would enjoy this or not, Sadie was always disappointed by job only half done. Her captor, her punisher, her partner was not quite finished though, with one last push he pressed into her just a bit more. Sadie felt his head squeeze tight against her back wall, his balls come to rest against her butt, and his pelvic bone was flush against hers. He was all the way in her. She had taken him completely and amidst all of her fears she reveled in that significant accomplishment.

For a long instant they were both still. They waited in the uneasy silence for her twitching cunt-flesh to settle around his throbbing cock-flesh. Like a secret bargain, their sex organs negotiated terms for the ensuing fuck. With a man’s cock lodged firmly in her young pussy, the single thought that surfaced in Sadie’s mind was that now, in of all places but this dingy old shed, with of all people but this reclusive old man, Sadie was an entirely new person. She all at once felt matured into a role of giver and taker. A woman. What changes could she expect next?

Beginning with a subtle pull Sadie felt within her overstuffed quim, the old man set his hips in motion and the massive dick started to withdraw from her. Her skin clung to it as inch by inch it slid out of her and she began to think it might pull her innards out with it. In his slow, even motion she felt every bump, dip and wrinkle of his gigantic tool drag through her narrow channel until all that remained in her was the great swollen head. Her relieved passage collapsed on itself in his cock’s absence and she got a true sense of his size in how empty she felt. The emptiness did not last long as he pushed his way back into her with the same slow, deliberate pace but now aided by her own wetness. All the way in the huge prick came, pushing out her vagina until it was again stuffed up tight against her limit. Out – and his hips lifted from her thighs; his balls lifted from her ass. In – his hips mashed down against her thighs; his cold balls slapped against her butt.

Sadie’s heart was aflutter, her breath was ragged, and she was on a precarious adventure ride of unknown consequences. She had no idea what his intentions were or in what ways he intended to use her, but fear of what effect his enormous size would have on her immature body was rapidly waning. Back and forth he continued to stroke into her body using the same slow, even canter, she was now sure she could at least withstand the assault. She relaxed and let her body do as nature intended. With each stroke it became easier for her pussy to accept his massive cock and as she settled into her circumstance she let herself take what she could get from this encounter.

She opened her eyes to see his heaving chest over her face. She looked up to his face. His eyes were closed, he was lost in his task, closed to all distractions, living and working for the pleasure her body was giving him. It seemed so odd to her, to fall into such consumption, and just moments before they were practical strangers in mutually exclusive worlds. She did not know if his actions were driven by a need to punish her or if he was just overcome by the sight of a naked girl. What ever his state of mind Sadie recognized care in him for at the very least her comfort. Though he was focused on having off with her, he had tried deliberately to save her from great pain when he really did not have to.

She let her mind go and the circumstances that brought them together began to fade away. The sensations her body was giving took center stage in her mind. That big dick of his was affecting her in ways and in places the boys never could. Her pussy felt so full and so completely utilized. The slow movement of it within her allowed her to feel all of its intricate contours rolling over her sensitive inner flesh. She found it quite easy to start enjoying this encounter as the exact kind of fuck she had always craved.

His pace was steadier now. Long strokes delivered constant bliss to every inch of her cunt walls. His cock jammed in and out of her as his hairy pubis brushed up snug against her clit. She was feeling her excitement mount and she started to participate in the act by swirling her hips in circles to add extra friction to his movement within her.

She did not need Errol Flynn, Clark Gable, or even Frank Sinatra. She was enjoying her fuck for what it was. A real man’s cock was stimulating her in her neglected depths at a soothing and highly pleasurable pace. Without forethought, preparation or even a modicum of effort she could feel a climax approaching. To her absolute disbelief, she had allowed an old man she had feared all her life to take her and he was giving her an orgasm in a place she would not be caught dead.

It was on her in an instant, a huge climax. She planted her feet firmly on the floor and pushed her hips up against him. The electric jolt of overwhelming ecstasy seized her and all her muscles convulsed. She did not hesitate to vocalize her satisfaction with deep moans of pleasure. Inside, her pussy clutched and convulsed around the invading penis in ways she had never felt with her smaller suitors. Sadie strained through the ordeal and enjoyed it with every last expanse of her senses. At last, she collapsed, physically drained and her mind whirling in dismay.

The Stone Man was undaunted by her episode. He continued his steady boring of her small, rag-doll body, sheathing and unsheathing himself in her snug warmth. In only three strokes she had awoken from her stupor and with a new yearning to play an active part in their act. She wanted to feel more of that wonderful sensation his cock was creating in her cunt. With his next long, steady lunge in she lifted her hips up and it rewarded her by forcing his cockhead to scrape the roof of her cunt. She wanted her clit to greet his pelvic bone when he was flush against her so she pushed her hips forward, into his thrust and her clitoris greeted him just as his great head mashed against her womb. As he pulled out she wanted his shaft to drag on the top of her pussy’s mouth so she dropped her hips down. She next pulled her hips back to prepare for his re-entry. It worked so beautifully for her, she partnered with him in fucking her and it felt oh so fantastic to ride his dick in full motion.

Stroke after stroke they worked together. Round and round she cycled her hips. She moaned richly with his every charge into her. As her pleasure mounted she hungered for more participation, more inclusion. She opened her legs wider to feel more of his flesh against her. She pulled her knees up higher to allow him even deeper. Her fingers gathered the material of his shirt and she clenched it tight in her fists. She then hooked her heels behind his thighs for leverage. They moved as one, an impassioned couple united in the rite of sex, and her active grind against him spurred him on. His pumping into her became more determined. He hammered against her faster. They both breathed heavily in their effort and their lust. Harder and quicker they joined their hips together. There was no hiding it for either of them that their struggle was nearing a tremendous crescendo. Each thrust of his mighty cock smashed into the back of her cunny, his balls slapped against her ass, her weeping pussy sweat matted their pubes flat. Her shoes dug into the backs of his legs, his hips bruised her thighs, and her moans slowly became grunts. Yes, she was so very close and she wanted desperately to make it with him.

He gave her one last deep thrust. With his dick-head pressed tight against the back of her cunt he froze. She froze with him wanting to experience his release with all of her attention. Squeezing their organs tight between their hips, his orgasm burst within her. Sadie felt a throb go through his turgid length greater than any she had yet felt. Then came a gush, a distinct spurt against the back of her canal and with it a swelling, a pocket of fluid warmth opening up. She gasped; a potent man’s cum had just surged into her fertile, young quim, and she was elated by what her young, inexperienced cunny had made him do. Another mighty squirt shot from him. And another. Sadie held on tight, it was so erotically wonderful to feel his culmination spill into her. She gave a long groan in celebration. She felt another spurt and still more. She wondered at how much he had spent and how much more he would give. She still clung tight to him, anxious to feel every last drop of his expenditure. And he still kept shooting. She lost count of the tiny pulses at the end of his amazing rod. She could feel by the expanding mass around the head of his dick that he had already deposited a considerable pool of semen in her. She then felt the pool start to seep out around his deeply lodged tool. The growing fluid expanse slowly pushed its way around the intricate contours of his weapon and down her cunt. And finally, the pulses subsided.

With his cock spent, old Mr. Simmons remained tensed and rigid within her, still enjoying the remnants of his mighty climax. But Sadie was not done yet. She reveled in feeling his orgasm erupt inside her but she had gotten so close herself and she wanted her release too. Gripping him firmly with her calves, she began to squirm and roll her hips under his. She tried everything she could in the cramped space beneath him to rub her tender pussy around him and feel just a little bit more of his wonderful dick moving within her. She bumped and strained until her tightly squeezed clit triggered her relief. Like her last episode, a spasm of pleasure tore through her in great waves. With it came the same convulsions throughout her pussy. She felt her cunt clutch, tug, and gently chew on the massive dick it hosted. Subtly, her pussy pulsed around his cockhead and his considerable ejaculate; gently churning it and at the same time sucking it into her open womb. Sadie hoped more than anything that he felt it too; it was her tribute to him. In her delirium of joy she floated, with him in his joy. They rode delight together.

At that point, it just got real quiet and still. They each slowly relaxed and their bodies settled onto the lumpy pallet and each other. Post-sex peace soothed their agitated nerves into restful bliss. Sadie was nervous, she did not know what would come next or in what mood he would be in after their rut. She hoped he would be pleased with her because she rather fancied doing that some more. Maybe he was waiting for a sign from her. Neither gave one. She cleared her throat. He scratched his nose. All else was serenity.

After their long, thoughtful period of reflection, he was the first to move. He rose up on his hands above her and then started pulling his hips away from hers. She felt let down, like when a carnival ride was over. Nonetheless, she unhooked her heels from him and let him go. Her flesh reluctantly let go of his as inch by bumpy inch his impressive cock was retracted from her. She lifted her head to watch the spectacle. She saw their pubic patches part and stretching between them, the great gnarled rope of flesh that had delighted her so, now glistened with her moisture. He pulled out to the point where only his bulbous dick-head still engaged her and she marveled that a cock almost as long as her forearm had been entirely within her. With one last tug her clinging pussy’s lips let go of the bloated head. Slowly rising to his feet the monstrous organ swung free from its attachment to Sadie and dangled almost to the old man’s knees.

Sadie could not take her eyes off it. It swayed between his thighs as the old man staggered backwards from between Sadie’s legs. He braced himself against the bench before plopping himself down on the stool.

Sadie struggled to sit up. The physical toll of all her antics while lying on her back caused the blood to rush to her head and make her dizzy. Slumping forward, she looked down to see a great glob of her partner’s semen spill out of her pouting lips and dribble onto the canvas. She watched the thick white fluid roll slowly down and it filled her with a sense of wonder about herself and the man she had just entertained. She distractedly unwound the twine from one hand and then the other and shook it from her wrists. Her hand weakly pulled the handkerchief from her mouth and she lifted her head to speak.

Before she could make the words come from her mouth, the old man reached under his arm to pull the slate and chalk from the bench. He scrawled on it hastily and then turned it to show Sadie. It read simply, “SO SORRY”. He had underlined the word sorry three times. He turned his head in shame and began to cry. He bent over and silently sobbed in a pitiful fashion, his whole body shook with every heave of his chest. It was apparent to her that he acted entirely out of his nature and was driven only by forces he could not control. She could see quite clearly he regretted what he had done to her and felt both ashamed of himself and unworthy of any forgiveness.

For a sobering moment, Sadie paused, watched his sorrow spill from him, and tried to understand his feelings. As best as she could surmise, she reasoned that he must think that he had hurt her or at least taken advantage of her bound position. She wanted to reach out to him, comfort him, and convince him that it was all an illusion. She wanted to tell him she was not hurt and had in fact enjoyed what they had done together. She did not know how.

Her heart went out to him. In that instant she saw the kindness within him bound up by the loneliness of his circumstances. She saw goodness in him, if not for what he had given her already, then for the tenderness he was exposing to her now. He was not the maligned hermit she had characterized him as her whole life, he was a good man with only a maligned life. She wanted to comfort him and ease his pain for, at the very least, she also began to see in him a very striking resemblance to Gary Cooper.

She tried to stand up but her legs buckled under the strain and she fell forward against him. He moved quickly, caught her in his big arms, and gently set her on her knees before him. Sadie reached out to embrace him and he pushed her back, turning his head away and sobbing his remorse. Sadie persisted; pushing her way between his arms she reached around his chest and pulled herself against him.

“It’s alright. I’m alright,” she said as she laid her head against his chest. “Shhhhh. Don’t cry. Everything is just fine.”

His sobbing stopped as he was obviously stranded in a circumstance he did not quite understand how to respond to. He was caught off guard and did not know how to react to her. His arms slowly settled around her, reluctantly returning her embrace. He did not seem to know how to respond or why Sadie clung to him but he resolved it in the only kind of reaction he could make.

Sadie clarified herself. “That was wonderful,” she offered. “I feel happy and I want you to feel happy too.” And with that simple exchange the couple settled into another long silence only now with a better grasp of each other’s mood. As she nestled against his chest she felt her pussy weep. Another great mass of his semen oozed from her nether lips and ran slowly down the inside of her thigh. Her mind dwelt on it as it passed and on where it came from and how she had acquired it. Pregnancy suddenly seemed to her like a trivial concern, her mind was filled with the beauty of sex and how procreation was woven into such a wonderful act.

“We were good for each other,” she continued. “When people do good things for each other they should be friends. You’re my friend now and I want to be yours.”

His slow reply was a soft pat on her back and it made her feel warm inside, not only to have made this contact but also to be in a man’s embrace again with her father gone for so long. With that, she rose to her feet and sat herself on his lap. Sadie threw her arms around him and he hugged her tight in return. The mood within the dirty little shack suddenly transformed into one of warmth and happiness. Like sunshine bursting through the clouds the pair’s relationship changed as well into one of understanding and familiarity. Sadie picked up his slate and handed it to him and from there began a long exchange of questions, answers, and deep revelations of feelings and impressions.

Sadie explained the sex game she had played with the boys so that he would understand her needs and sexual awareness. She learned from him his name was Walter and that he had had a gift for sculpture since he was a boy. A wealthy patron sponsored him and he was sent to Italy to study The Masters. He left his studies and came back home to enlist in Mr. Wilson’s war and it was in France that he was wounded. He had been here working in stone ever since. From there on their conversation covered all aspects of life and their feelings within it. They learned a great many things about each other and enjoyed the time immensely.

They talked past the afternoon and into the early evening until at last it was time for Sadie to go home. They got dressed and Walter walked her to her house. As they passed Seth’s house, she thought she saw the curtains move and she smirked to herself that Seth probably thought he was in the deepest trouble ever. Walter brought her to her front gate, kissed her hand, and they silently parted with warm smiles.

Her mother was a bit distraught about where she had been but when she explained she was helping Mr. Simmons, Sadie’s mom was pleased and even thanked her for being so conscientious and kind.

In the following days, Sadie became an almost constant feature in the home of Walter, the old stone carver. She made a beeline for his house every day after school. They spent hours conversing over their lives, their thoughts, and their feelings. Sadie made herself indispensable as she cooked and cleaned for him and she found a new direction for her life.

Sadie became his model and posed for his sculptures. Walter found new inspiration from her and her faith in him. He brought stone to life in the image of Sadie’s shapely, nubile form. A long-dormant talent re-awoke in his hands and emerged in his work. In time, news of his talent spread and the art world roundly celebrated the vitality he wrought from stone.

And there was time for love too. To quench the fire that burned in both of them, they fell into their passion and would retire to his squeaky old bed for inspired and deeply satisfying lovemaking. It was an awakening for them both and they learned about their bodies and sex like two naïve children at the dawn of discovery. Many afternoons of conversation or modeling broke over the bedsprings, a tall, sinewy man pressing his tremendous sword to the extreme limit of a tender young girl’s yearning sheath.

Of course, it was hard for Sadie when the day came to tell her mother she was carrying Mr. Simmons’ child. But the joy in Sadie’s heart helped to smooth the shock. They were wed and Sadie dropped out of school to devote herself to her new home and family. Walter took money he had saved over the decades and built for her a fabulous new house at the end of the lane, surrounded with beautiful sculptures lovingly crafted by his own hands. In the years that followed Sadie filled the fabulous house with happy children and they all lived out their days without care or concern.

All through the small town, people openly wondered for years why such a pretty, young girl would commit her life to a tired, old recluse of a man or how such an unlikely couple could be so in love. For Sadie and The Stone Man, life was the answer to its own riddles.

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