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(Chapter 2) Jacking Off For My 10yr Old Step Daughter

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This chapter is about grooming my step daughter into jacking me off and teaching her how to finger fuck herself.

It’s been a week since my 10yr old very pretty step daughter watched me jackoff for her 1st time.Let me say,as I lay there watching her watch my hand stroke my cock was the most erotic situation I had been in up to this point in my life.As I stroked I arched my hips up in the air ,I squeezed my cock so hard holding it straight up so she could see every stroke and quiver as I built up the huge load of cum about to explode out of my cock.I still to this day can jackoff to that night and its always a huge load of hot cum.
I really had 2nd thoughts on telling my step daughters name ,but, in the end without her name it’s just lacking that one erotic spark.So her name is Helena and as I said she is 10yrs old just maybe 3 months from turning 11.Helena has middle of her back long Auburn hair, I don’t know breat size but what I can say her breast fills my hand.Her nipples are still puffy and have that just developing puffy feel and look.Helena is maybe 65 to 75 lbs around 4’5″ tall.Her pussy is just delicious looking with a very high perfect rising long slit pussy mound with very shaply hips.There is not one ounce of fat on her tiny little sexy body.She has Hazel eyes perfect shape face which I would compare to as beautiful as Brook Shields was when she was 10.
I had been with my wife since Helena was 6 and never really looked at her in a sexual manner.She was just a happy go lucky little girl I loved as my own daughter.So now that we had this sexual part of our relationship started to my great pleasure life was exciting for us both.Its been about a week now since this had begun and its going great.Every time Helena and I have a chance to be alone I jackoff for her.To put a number on how many times Helena has seen my cock erupt with huge spurts of cum I would say at least 30 times.Its been a very erotic week for us both.
As the week goes by, on about day 3 I’m starting to groom Helena in a way that she can make her pussy feel good as well.I would tell her things like , you can make your body feel good too, as I stroked my cock for her.She asked questions but mostly she just watched with a huge smile on her face and her nipples hard as a rock.
Now as I would jackoff for Helena I would imagine her naked with her legs spread showing me her 10yrs old pussy as I move close to unload my hot cum all over her wet little pussy, which makes me hard to this day I really wish I had pictures hahah.
Helena was in school, her Mom was getting ready to leave for work.Helena arrives home from school at 3:55 pm and her Mom leaves for work at 2:30pm so it’s perfect we always have the house to our selves.On this perticuler day its raining very hard and my wife noticed we had developed a leak in the hall near the bathroom.So I being a carpenter by trade head up into the attic threw the drop down ladder in the hall.As I shine the flash light onto the ceiling checking to see where the leak may be coming from I notice some light coming up threw the insulation in the ceiling over our bathroom.So I move the insulation to see where the light is coming from and to my great delight there is about a 1/2 inch crack between the light and the ceiling sheetrock.I look threw the crack and it’s a perfect view into the tub.Yes you know what I’m thinking I can go into the attic when Helna is showering and finally see her naked 10yr old body.
You may be saying why didn’t you just ask Helena to to let you see her naked , and I struggled holding myself back from asking her this.But my thought was this,I’m 32 at the time and Helena is only 10 and just seen a cock for her 1st time in life and she has seen a grown man jackoff and squirt hot cum for her 1st time.My fear was I would overwhelm Helena and scare her into not wanting to watch me jackoff.I was not going to mess this up I loved jacking off for her and seeing how excited and turned on she would get as I stroked my cock was not something I wanted to lose.
So it’s 3:55 and right on time the school bus arrives and im there waiting with an umbrella so Helena don’t get soaked walking into our house , the house sits about 500ft off the road.In hind site I should have let her got wet would have been my chance to watch her change out of the wet clothes threw my new found view into the bathroom,but she would be showering later so not to worry I will see her fully naked in just a few hours.
Our routine was forming,when Helena would arrive home I was always ready to sit back and shot a load of cum for her and she was always ready to watch.As we walk into the house I walk towards the couch , pull my shorts and boxers off,lay back on the couch and say to Helena , are you ready to watch me jackoff,and she says with a huge smile on her face yes I am.Helena sits in the chair next to the couch and puts her full attention on my cock.I start off slow , rubbing my balls with one hand and slowly stroking with the other hand.As I stroke I say things like , it feels so good and tingles so good.I noticed as I stroke Helena will wiggle just ever so slightly and squeeze her legs together tight at the knees as she watched her stepdad stroke his cock.I would try so hard not to cum to fast but the fact that a 10yr old little girl was happily watching me jackoff it took about 30sec for me to explode with cum all over my chest ,my hand ,my cock and sometimes on the couch and floor.Everytime so far after I cum Helena would smile so big,her nipples would be trying there best to expose themselves to me, then she would go to her room and close the door until she was ready to watch again, which so far was usually a couple of hours.
Helena had brought her gym clothes home today telling me she needed Mommy to wash them they stink.Helena didn’t really do sports she was more of a sit and watch but gym class is a must.Well I know her Mom won’t want to do laundry when she gets home so I told Sis(Helena) ill wash them OK,she replied OK thanks Daddy.Yes she calls me Daddy and I love it.So I took her gym clothes to the basement.To my surprise there was 4 pair of Helenas dirty panties in her gym bag.I couldn’t stop myself I had to smell them.Oh my gosh I could see she had creamy crust right where her little 10yr old pussy would be.I smelled them over and over which got my cock super hard again.As I smelled my daughters panties I started to Stoke my cock I wanted to cum in her panties let it dry and taste our cum mixed together which is just what I did.Needless to say those panties are hid away now for my pleasure.
I’m watching TV having a beer , and Helena pops her head around the corner says Daddy I’m gonna take a bath do you need to go before I get in there,my brain went numb with excitement, oh no Sis I’m good go ahead.My chance is now I can’t believe it I’m going to see my 10yr old step daughter naked and instantly im so hard thinking about her pussy and tits ill soon see.What will her titties look like , what will her bald pussy look like,the thoughts were sending me over the edge I came a little in my pants and didn’t care.
Helena goes into the bathroom I hear the door lock,which we all did for some reason hahah.I know I can’t go to soon so I wait to hear the bath water running when I do I wait about 2min and head towards the pull down ladder in the hall.I ever so quietly ease the ladder down unfold it slowly so no squeaks to draw Helenas attention to what I’m doing.I head up the ladder successfully and quietly and make my way to my beautiful little secret peep hole.My breathing is fast like I just ran 100 yard dash my hands are shaky like I’m super nervous.
I’m at the peep hole I lay out across the rafters having already preped the area and tested I had enough room to lay out flat.I look down and there she is looking into the mirror at the sink.Helena is still dressed giving a glance over her shoulder checking the depth of her bath I will soon watch her naked 10yr old body soak up.She sits on the edge of the tub reaching down swirling her hand in the water, reaches up shuts the water off when it’s only just maybe 2inchs deep which was odd because I’ve let her bath water out before and it was always right up to the tub over flow.Kids always forget to drain the tub lol.
I could feel precum poring into my boxers with the excitement of knowing it’s time I’m gonna see Helenas pussy and tits.Then it starts she pulls her shirt over her head exposing her braw,she reaches back and takes her braw lose pulls it off dropping it to the floor, there they are , a perfect birds eye view of my 10yr old daughters tits.Her nipples are in the puffy stage about the size of a dime and stick out so beautiful.Helena takes both hands giving her little racketball size breast a good rub mashing them in and rubbing all around then she stands and starts to pull her shorts off.The moment I been waiting the most for,seeing Helenas 10yr old bald pussy.
Helena steps out of her shorts reveling her white plain little girl panties nothing sexy about them at all.She pulls her socks off as she grabs her shorts off the floor.The moment has arrived,she pulls her panties down walks in place making them fall to her feet and bends over to pick them up,my first view of her but cheeks, I can’t take it I’m coming just from watching I can feel cum all over my hard cock.
Helena turns towards the mirror grabs a hairbrush and gives her hair a good brushing.Watching her 10yr old tits giggle is so erotic I still can’t believe how this had worked out.She turns and steps into the tub slowly sitting down into the water and lays back full perfect view I can see it her pussy mound is so big,her slit goes so far,I can just see her clit sticking out it actually looks like it’s hard.I couldn’t hold back anymore so I turn onto my side unfastened my pants and pulled my cock out and started stroking.It took maybe 5 strokes looking straight at Helenas 10yr old pussy and tits and I exploded with such a huge load of cum.I could hear my cum hitting the ceiling sheeting rock where I had removed all the insulation earlier that day,it made a splat sound,almost loud enough she may hear it but I didn’t care it was such a good load of cum.
For about 5 min Helena just laid there still seemed to be relaxing almost in the very shallow water which to me didn’t make sense run more water right.I wasn’t complaining I just continued to watch imaging jacking off on her laying naked in my bed.Then she sat up moved towards the faucet and turned the water on to a nice trickle which confused me even more what is she doing?She holds her fingers in the stream of water making small adjustments to the temperature and then her legs spread open.Wow I’m looking at her cunt now full view there it is bald,pink,long slit,looks delicious. Helena scoots up close to the trickle of water and lays back in the tub.I still have no clue what she is doing but I don’t care because her legs are spread wide open I see her pussy I’m hard again already.Then to my great delight Helena puts her legs up in the air one leg outside the tub and the other leg was stretched out resting on the shower wall her legs spread as wide as they would go.She grabs the edge of the tub and pulls her little body towards the stream of water.She pulls her body until the water is now trickling down and splashing onto her little pussy my mind is exploding she’s gonna have an orgasm.I can’t believe my eyes I’m watching a 10yr old girl naked in a tub masturbate her young pussy with water how does she know how to do this,which will be revealed in a later chapter.I can’t believe my eyes I have to slow stroke so I can cum when Helena cums so I start rubbing my pre cum all over my cock it feels amazing.
Helena waisted no time twitching and wiggling almost instantly she laid back arched her back pushing her pussy up into the stream of water.The water was going into her cunt I could see her little opening. I so badly wanted to taste her pussy.She laid flat again looking up at her pussy as the water continued to splash on her little bald pussy.She reached down with both hands and yes sent me over the edge I exploded shot cum everywhere , she spread her pussy wide open exposing her little cunt opening allowed the trickle of warm water to fuck her into an orgasm.Helenas legs had started to quiver her chest was rising and falling as if she was running and breathing hard,her stomach would tighten and relax her mouth was open small moans were coming out.She started to thrust her hips up and down slowly at first and then a hard thrust would come arms wiggling legs now going straight and shaking hard,she has her mouth wide open in pleasure of the orgasm starting to explode threw her 10yr old sexy body.Thrust start going fast she’s almost pulling her pussy open I can the tips of her fingers buried into the sides of her pussy trying to open her cunt up as much as she can.Her body begins to shake like it’s out of control,she’s cumming so hard.Helena pushes her pussy up higher enjoying every drop of the water fucking her little 10yr old cunt.Her toes are curled,her niples are so hard and stiking straight out every quiver makes her little tittie jiggle.Im still stroking and about to cum again, as Helena lays back flat closing her eyes her orgasm slows,and she has after shocks from the incredible orgasm she just had.Well that did it for me seeing her take deep long breaths and the after quivers of an absolute bomb of an orgasm I do the same , my balls tighten I feel a long stream of cum shot out my cock , one after another , long just impossible to lay still loads of cum just stream out my cock,splat after splat of hot cum land on our hall ceiling .I was spent I had cum 3 times in maybe 10min and loved every squirt.
Helena laid their with after shocks about 5sec apart until finally it was over.I could see a milky look in the water I knew that was Helenas cum in the water I really hoped she would do as always and forget to drain the tub so I could lay in her bath water but she didn’t she drained the tub and stood up took a quick shower.So I made my escape as she was showering I for sure did not want her to see me up in the attic crawl space.
I successfully closed the attic access and ran to my chair to act as if I had been there the whole time.Helenas room was down the hall from the living room and that’s where she went when the door opened to the bathroom. I waisted no time heading toothed bathroom ,close the door and get her panties out of the hamper.To my delicious delight the crotch area in her panties was smoking wet and sticky.The smell of her little young 10yr old pussy was driving my mind wild with pleasure.I took in all her aroma, as I slowly lick her panties tasting my little girls cum.It was so creamy and good I had to keep these panties for now.
I hear music coming from Helenas bedroom so I know she is in there for awhile .Finding a way to see my little girl naked was awesome but i never expected to see her have what was a very hard orgasm.She stayed in her room until dinner and to my dismay she didn’t ask to see me jackoff the rest ofvtje day.Her bedtime came around I knew she would come in and tell me good night soon so I pulled my cock out and slow stroked till she popped around the corner .She stopped dead in her tracks looked me smiled and said ,good night Daddy, I said don’t you wanna watch. She said OK and came sat on the arm of my chair.I thought about what I watched her do in the shower as I slow stroked I didn’t want to cum yet.
I said Sis do you really like watching me do this , she said yes but you do it a lot Daddy.I ask do you like seeing me cum ,and she shook her head yes.I said OK because I like doing this it tingles so much better when you watch me.Helena gave me a curious look when I said that.I started to faster the seed was planted , I could cum now.I just sat and looked at her body as I stroked now knowing how little perfect body looked having an orgasm.Just as I started to cim I could feel the cum start up my cock I said ,Daddies gonna cum I wish you could cum with me.Helenas eyes went large and she looked deep into my eyes, I started to stream cum all over my chest she never stopped looking into my eyes.Finally my last squirt now the slow stream down my cock all over my hard the shakes happen and I’m done.She says OK nite see you in the morning.Off she went little butt jiggling as she walked away.I was satisfied I planted seed it’s better to cum with someone watching you cum.
You make your own decision on if this story is fiction or nonfiction.All I will say is my step daughter is named Helena so you decide if its fantasy.I hope this makes who ever is reading have one extreme jackoff or fingering session.
Let me know in the comments how you like the story .Chapter 3 will be in few days and is my favorite story to tell.Brief of what’s to come,Helena let’s me see her breast,I begin talking about how her Mommy cums when I fuck her,and Helena ask if she can touch me.Enjoy talk to you later.

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    I love this story , I would love to talk to you and share our experiences

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