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Diary of a Sheltered Teen Entry #2

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So I’ve been getting a lot of emails and thank you guys for responding to help me out. A few of your have suggested starting my experiences nearby (with my dad). So here are some of the things I did in response to your advice.

Saturday: We were at the hotel for a while and then had to get on the road, but before we did, when we were getting ready, I showered first, then he did. While he was showering, I got dressed, but left my shirt off (had a bra on). To give you guys an idea, I have a 32D bra size. When he came out, he was shocked to see me just laying on the bed texting in my bra and asked why I wasn’t dressed yet. I said I was just still hot from the shower and cooling off. He actually was fine with it. I kinda felt that it was pretty hot him checking me out and I liked showing off my cute bra. That’s all that happened for now. I’m working my way slowly towards other things and taking all your advice into consideration.

Keep guiding me on my journey!

Thank you all. Good night.

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  • Reply dll ID:2c3g7uer8l

    there are few porn vids out in x video tells and show how to seduce you dad see you in bra first step let him more private areas to but not to fast
    good luck

  • Reply The captain ID:fx7i93fi9

    You should pee in public places like a play ground

  • Reply Jack ID:fx7itdzra

    You should be exhibitionist with strangers. You can be more daring without fear of getting in trouble. Like you should flash someone in the halls in the next hotel you stay at

  • Reply Kevin ID:bo1u79hr9

    Wear pigtails and kneesocks. That might get his attention

  • Reply Jane ID:c0ks5oik

    Personally I love doing toilet stuff like peeing and getting peed on. You should try it

    • Big ed ID:11awnw3im9k

      Hey can we chat

  • Reply Other ID:c0ks5oik

    I think next time you should just go full nude