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Agent Ava. Drug Gang P2

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Ava infiltrates the cartel through a job from the leader.

We landed at the air port around 9AM. I stepped into the bathroom to fix my clothes after the cartel member spent the flight feeling me up. “alright. let’s go” he said as I left. He was a 5’11 man with a lean but muscular build and black short hair. We got in a car and drove off to a coastal city.

“soooooo, this Manuel guy really gonna pay me big?” I asked curiously, obviously keeping up my naive wife looking for cash routine. The 2 mexican men laughed “don’t be silly, of course. He’ll pay you well so you can go back to your man” I started to inquire more about their gang but they were smart to keep things on the down low, but I managed to learn they’re a growing cartel dealing in some top tier stuff.

We arrived at a pretty high good resort and went to my room on the top floor, everything paid for by Manuel. “get comfortable. I must call Manuel” The man stepped out of the room and quickly I went to work checking for cameras or mics, but found none. Perfect. Once he stepped in he finally told me my job, I had to be a server at Manuel’s party at his villa on Sunday, 2 days from now. “ok sir, thanks!” I cheerily told him, then i started stripping down naked. His eyes were glued to my bare DDD tits, the bulge in his shorts clearly visible “hey…can you help me wash my back?”

We stepped into the bathroom together, his hard cock already out. I could feel the tip touching my ass as we walked in, so I bent over and pushed my ass into his crotch as I rolled my panties down. His 5″ cock
was snuggly hot dogging my fat round ass, twitching and even leaking pre-cum. We stepped into the shower together, he was almost drooling at the water rolling down my tan boobs.

He started washing my back, breathing heavily as his cock twitched against my ass. I took a slight step back and sandwiched it between my thighs. “oh, you’re a good slut” he said as I started giving him a thighjob, his hands gripping my tits as he licked my neck. It wasn’t long before I was panting against the wall, his hips thrusting his cock between my thighs like a wild animal until “oh baby, AAAHHH!” he grunted as his cock shot thick ropes of cum onto the floor.

“so, you said you’re leaving the country soon?” I asked as I wrapped my towel around myself. “yeah, going now” he said. As he finished telling me I’d be picked up on Sunday “ARGH!” I kicked him square in the dick. He fell to the ground reeling “what the fu-” he tried to say but I straddled him and covered his mouth with my towel. “oh, your cock is hard from this? shame” I said as I wrapped my hands around his neck gripping it as tightly as I could until he stopped moving, then I hid the body where I knew the staff wouldn’t check.

Sunday morning another agent arrived to take the body, one of the only things I can call them for is body clean up. Even hit and off to Manuel’s villa I went, I was in awe as I walked the place. It was beautiful, filled with flowers and decorations and also massive. I was brought to a room with other girls and given my uniform, a bunny suit. It was time, do or die. I began the night like the other girls serving drinks and snacks to wealthy looking men and women. Many of the other girls were clearly flirting with the single men, probably poor girls trying to get it in with rich criminals. They had nothing on my curves though, and it showed with how much attention I got.

I wasn’t interested in that, instead I was surveying the area trying to a good place and time to leave when 2 men with machetes approached me. My heart sank, I thought it was over but instead they brought me over to the man himself, Manuel. I towered over him at 5’10 as he was only 5ft, but I could tell by his smug face and the way he held himself that this man was dangerous. “you the American yes?” he said before pointing to the old man next to him “my father has never had American” I bowed my head before removing the bunny suit.

I kneeled down infront of the old man and sucked his 3″ cock in front of all the guests, I could feel the eyes of jealous wives and girls, horny men and more importantly the guards on me. Once his cock was nice and wet I bent over the nearby table for him to begin fucking my wet pussy nice and slow. “ah, so tight. your husband be tiny!” he said as the nearby guests and Manuel burst out laughing. Of course, I didn’t have a husband but I played along “yes…MMPH, you’re much better than my man” I moaned as he grinded his hips against me “louder slut!” he shouted as he spanked my ass. “oh god! You’re cock is better than my husbands!” I shouted as his cock started to swell inside me. He pulled out and I fell to my knees, looking up at him with my mouth open as he shot his sperm onto my tits and face.

I got dressed, cleaned up and went back to serving guests, my heart beating like crazy. One wrong move and I would’ve been dead. After a hour Manuel himself approached me “I know you need money baby, join me in my room later” he whispered before walking away. I was planning to slip away unseen, but maybe this is a better opportunity. I approached a guard who knew of the request and off I was brought to Manuel’s room. I was massive with a huge round bed in the middle.

Another hours went by and finally Manuel entered the room in a bathrobe “I see you’re a real slut” he said with a smirk. I was laying on his bed naked, my legs squirming as I fingered my pussy and pinched my nipple. “Take me, Manuel! please!” I moaned. He ranked my hand away and held my legs open, burying his head between my legs and eating me out. “oh god yes!” I moaned as his tongue explored my soaking wet pussy, quickly finding my weak spot. “you’re husband can’t do this, can he” he said as he slipped his finger into my ass “no, hes a pussy! his tiny cock can’t give me the baby I want!” I shouted as my pussy began to squirt on his face.

I laid there exhausted, looking up to see him drop his robes and unveil his stiff penis. He gripped my legs and slowly pushed himself inside me. I felt my pussy being spread as his very thick 4″ cock was buried inside, then with a firm grip on my tits he started to fuck me hard and fast. “oh god yes! you’re so BIG!” I moaned as I looked up to see his smug face smirking down at me, clearly pleased with his latest conquest. I felt his cock begin to swell, his cock was thrusting hard and deep inside me until finally he groaned as his cock erupted with his hot, thick baby batter.

He wasn’t done with me yet. He pulled out and flipped me over, lifting my ass into the air as he rammed his cock in. “you like it baby? say you love it!” his cock was now being rammed against my baby maker. “yes! Yes I love it!” I shouted, arching my back to allow him to go deeper. He was spanking my ass over and over, I couldn’t take it and finally my knees gave out but that didn’t stop him from fucking my prone bone. “fuck my husband! your cock is the BEST!” I screamed into the sheets as his cock again swelled inside me, dumping his hot thick seed into my unprotected pussy once again. Once he was done filling me up I heard him walk over to the nearby table and snort some stuff before coming back to go another round.

I barely got any rest, he fucked me for hours, cumming inside me over and over until he finally fell asleep. I slowly got out of bed, slipping on my black thong and grabbing my phone. It was 3AM on Monday. I peered out of the door, clearly it was a low time for the guards. I managed to sneak through the villa and found his fathers room, which also had lots of books and papers.

I snuck in quietly and began checking the drawers. Inside was everything I needed, transactions, locations of dealers and their assigned regions, even a list of safehouses and governments contacts. This is what I needed! Time to make my escape, though I would’ve preferred not to disappear wearing only a thin thong but beggars can’t be choosers.

Days later I saw on the news back home that their villa and safe houses were raided and everything was seized, then I got a call from my group telling me I did well. They paid me a bonus and told me to standby for my next case!

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