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Daddy made me do it

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When I was 12 my parents divorced like so many others, I went with dad and sis went with mom, we moved all the way from New York to San Fran, dad has a job with one of his high school buddies, he is a salesman, selling office equipment, at least that is what I was told,

we had been there for a couple of years, my birthday came up in july as dad said we are going out on the town, I was happy to go out for dinner as we normally eat in and take aways,

dad told me dress nice as we are going to a club for dinner, I got dressed in my nicest shirt and dress pants and dress shoes, my dad told me i looked sharp

we got to the club about 8pm and went in, dad showed the door man big smile, and the doorman said, how are you Frank, my dad said all good here how are you Fred, this is my boy Tim, Fred put out his massive hand and I put mine out and he shook it, my hand disappeared in his grip

When the door opened you could hear the music loud and clear, a major dance beat, we walked in and everyone seemed to know dad, everyone said hello and shook are hands, we got to a booth and we slipped into it, dad told me to sit beside him so we could hear each other talk over the music,

I sat right next to him, he put his hand in my lap, I jumped a little as he had never done anything like that before, a tall skinny guy asked what we wanted for drinks and dad told him two Jacks and cokes, he looked at me and smiled, dad squeezed my inner thigh and I asked for a coke, the waiter walked away

couple of minutes later he was back with two jacks and cokes, I looked at him and all he did was smile, dad took one and then handed me the other one, I smelled it and it smelled strong, I took a sip and it burned my throat, dad drank his, slowly, the waiter came back and asked if are eating, dad asked what the special was, the waiter told us and I did not understand any of it, dad ordered surf and turf, I asked for the a burger and fries,

Dad asked about the new school and how did i like it and just small talk, I had finished my drink and was feeling funny, then are food showed up and we eat it all, another couple of drinks came as well, I was feeling better and the drink went down real nice,

Dad put his hand back in my lap but this time he was rubbing my inner thigh higher and higher, I was starting to breath heavy and could feel my cock start to grow, he took his hand and put it right on my hard cock and that made me jump, he squeezed it and I moaned out loud,

Dad asked me to undo my pants and pull them down off my butt, I looked around and no one was looking, dad told me it would be ok no one can see, so I did as he asked, I sat there with my pants at my knees and my underpants in place, he put his hands into my under pants and touched my rock hard cock, I gasped at his touch,

Dad asked if anyone had played with his cock before, I shook my head no, he pulled my underpants down and exposed my cock for the world to see, dad asked if I wanted another drink, I shook my head yes, dad signaled the waiter over but never stopped playing with my cock and now my balls,

The waiter came over and could see my rock hard cock and my dad playing with it, he licked his lips and asked if he could be of service, dad asked if the waiter could sit with them for a while, I shook my head yes, the man sat right next to me and he started to play with me as well,

Dad slipped under the table and put his mouth on the head of my cock, I thought I was going to scream as it was be best feeling I have ever had, the waiter watched and played with my balls as dad sucked my cock into his mouth, dad bounced his mouth up and down slowly and suck on the up and opened his mouth wide on the down

The waiter took out his cock and was stroking is slowly, I reached over and wrapped my hand around his stiffening cock, he smiled at me and whispered in my ear, I want to fuck you and your daddy, I shivered as he said that to me, dad picked up his pace and was sucking me harder and faster, I could not hold out and my body went stiff as I shot my first load into my dads mouth, he sucked till I stopped giving him cum

the waiter started to shake as well and he moaned into my ear, Im cumming, o god that was so hot to see you cum in daddys mouth, I watch the waiter shot his cum all over the top of the table, once he had stopped cumming he took my hand and licked all his cum off of it,

Dad had sat back next to me and had his cock out, I leaned over and took the head of his big purple headed cock into my mouth, I did what I think he did to me, sucked on the up and opened wide in the down, I licked the head like it was an all day candy, I loved the taste of him and I like the taste of his precum, dads breath was heavy and ragged, he told me im going to cum baby, I sucked harder on the head of his cock, he put his hands on my shoulder and pushed me down and I took some of his shaft as I felt his cum hit the entrance of my throat

I gagged and coughed at first but it only took a couple of tries and I swallowed his cum down mt throat, dad grunted and moaned and shook, once he was finished, I sat up and dad put his cock away, I did the same, dad said we should go home as there is more surprises,

Dad paid the bill and we left, I was week in the knees from the drink and my cumming,

We got home and dad said we need to shower, I went to my room and stripped and was about to get into my shower when dad walked into my room naked and took me by my hand to his master bedroom with the massive bathroom, we got into the shower together and dad washed me from top of my head to the tips of my toes, he washed my back and made his wat to my ass, he ran his bog hands over my ass cheeks, and then slid his fingers between my ass cheeks, all I did was moan as his finger touched me in ways I did not know could happen,

dad then pulled me my back to his front and he ran his hands all over my flat chest down my flat belly and started to play with my hard cock and balls, I moaned as I rested my head on his chest, dad kissed my neck and my ears, he whispered in my ear, daddy wants to fuck you baby, I moaned as I could feel his hard cock pressing up against my asshole,

once we had washed off we went to his bed, he told me to get on his bed on all fours, I did with my ass pointing at him, dad took a tube out of his dresser, he also took out a funny looking cone shaped thing and some gloves, he put the gloves on his hands and then lubed my asshole, he slowly pushed one finger into me I yelped and then moaned as he got past my tight ring,

Dad finger fucked me till I felt loosened up to him, then he took the cone thing and pushed it up my ass, I grunted and moaned as I felt it deep in me, dad worked it in and out a number of times, i was pushing back each time he pulled and pushed, I was panting and wanted more, I told him, daddy please fuck me,

dad took his rock hard cock and rubbed some other lube on it and then shoved the tip of the lube into my ass and he squeezed the tube, I could fell my ass with clod lube it felt so good,

Dad took his big cock and pushed the head into my asshole, I yelped but pushed back as well, I wanted to be fucked, dads cock when in about 2 inches and I had to stop pushing he was really opening me up, he grabbed my hips and applied pressure in my ass with his cock, I could feel it sink into me slowly, I felt it go deeper and deeper, I held my breath as the pain started to go away,

I started to push back again, dad felt me pushing back and pushed forward and I felt his cock slid into me, O god it hurts and yet feels so good, then I felt him stop, he pulled almost all the way back out but then pushed forward, I gasped and groaned and begged please daddy fuck me, and he did just that he started to fuck me slowly and he slowly speed up and I took him balls deep into my body, I was crying out fuck me daddy o god yes fuck me daddy,

daddy pumped my ass for what felt like hours, my mind was a blank, all I knew for sure is I wanted my ass fucked hard and without mercy, daddy pounded my ass for a good 30 min and then I felt it, the warmth, the feeling of getting full, the desperate need to pee or was it cum as it felt as if I did both at the same time,

daddy roared that he was cumming, and rammed my ass hard as he could, daddy collapsed on top of me and we both hit the bed flat out, daddys cock has still in me and I could feel it jumping around in me,

we slept like that all night, daddys cock never really got soft, and my asshole was wide open, dad pulled out the next morning, and got out of bed, I was in a dream like state when I felt dad climb back onto the bed,

I laid there as I felt the head of a hard cock push into my ass, I grunted, and moaned, this cock felt bigger and so I opened my eye to find the door man from last night on top of me and then I felt the rest of his massive cock go deep into me, he fucked my ass hard and all I could do was laid there begging him to fuck me, he pounded my ass for a good 10 min when to grunted and rammed his cock deep into my bowels, I cried out I amd cumming and shot my load on the bed, he pulled his cock out of me and told me to get on my knees in front of his and suck him clean, I did my best but the cock was to big to fit in my mouth,

Dad came back into the room and got down on his knees and took the mans cock right down his throat, the man moaned and dad sucked him like an expert, the man told dad he was going to cum again, and dad took him down his throat and held his cock there till he was finished cumming,

Dad gasped for air once he let go of the mans cock, dad said to him see you tomorrow and the man left

Dad told me everything, how he loved mom but he loved cock more, and that he wanted me to help with his sales business,

I asked how could I help, he smiled at me and said with your sweet ass and my sweet ass we will suck and fuck so much they will be lined up for miles, some of the customers he has love to watch father son teams fuck and suck each other,

We showered together and I fucked dads ass in the shower, it was so hot, and dad sucked me clean and then I sucked him off,

We travel the world to see dads customers, and the special ones get that extra service, we sleep together every night, my room has become the guest room,

I seen sis a number of times and told her all about me and dad, sis told me about her and her girlfriend, Sam

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