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Playing With My Older Stepbrother…

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The story of the first time I had done anything sexual with clothes off…

⚠️(This is my first story and is true about me in this case I am the younger one and I did enjoy it in no way does abuse have to do with this story. Currently I am under 18. The beginning of the story has alot of background but this will only be for this story I do plan on making others )⚠️

My mom and dad had separated when I was 8. My mom has 6 kids and we were poor living paycheck to paycheck. My oldest brothers were 17 and 15 had jobs so they took care of themselves we were never really starving and it was kinda fun with all of us in the house. My dad got into a real relationship 2 years later I was 10 average height for a 10 yr old caramel skin and short hair and my ass is nice and round I remember being obsessed with it and looking in the mirror when I was horny but I was fairly skinny too. At 10 I have seen a dick before but didn’t touch it and have been humped by a kid that lived on my street but with clothes on so nothing serious also I wasn’t gay I guess I was only sexually attracted to male maybe cuz I was just used to that but besides that I was a normal straight kid when I wasn’t horny. But my dad got into a relationship and I met his girlfriend and her kids in November specifically on thanks giving day. His girlfriends name was Chelsie she was nice and financially set maybe more than set but she did work alot and I never knew what she did but she has 2 kids 1 female and 1 male The female was 16 at the time Carmel skin like Chelsie (the mom) and the son Shawn has dark skin nappy hair braces about 10 inches taller than me and he was 12 but he was only a year and 11 months older than me I remember only being a year younger than him for a month each year. That day we met everything was cool we talked simple pre teen talk “what games u play” and stuff like that he also had a phone and I had a tablet we played subway surfers and compared scores we had fun and got along great. Fast forward to the next year (2 months later) I’m that 2 months our relationship got stronger we would go out places with family and sometimes I would spin a night at their house. Their house was daily nice at least compared to mine it was a 1 family home 3 bedrooms and a basement that wasn’t finished but had a couch and tv. And there was a park right across the street his bed room had a bunk bed in it and a tv on the wall and a dresser was fairly small tho there was a little space to play …

It was a late night and Chelsie (His mom) was getting her hair done a lady came over to do it and it was taking a long time it was 12 at night and me and Shawn were play fighting nothing extra and she would keep yelling at us telling us to relax we were on the top bunk and I had on a regular plaid pj set and he had on basket ball shorts and a white beater at the time I was into getting humped and getting my but rubbed but everything with clothes on wasn’t thinking about serious sex or taking clothes off but I was having fun playing that’s all. We were on the top bunk bed so we were laying down wrestling so every now and again we would end up in positions that would remind me of it we would be fighting and his dick would be on my ass I don’t think he was meaning to he seemed completely straight and sometimes we would talk about girls so I knew he was. But when we were in those positions I would get a little turned on it wouldn’t get me hard but it was on my mind I wanted to wanted to touch his dick so I thought of a way I could do it without being direct about it so everything now and again we would have small breaks and shit talk each other and I said “keep playing and ima kid u in the balls” he said “u won’t 😏” than attacked I managed to get our heads opposite of each other and we were play fighting side to side I put my foot on my penis slowly and rubbed it with my foot he didn’t really react just throwing soft hit but I was focused on rubbing his penis with my foot that was my sigh that I could take things a little farther so I stopped and went back to playing threw a couple of punches than he managed to but me in a head lock under his arm and than I rubbed his balls and dick with my hand they were just laying in my hand and I started to rub it through his pants he started to let go of me and started to get hard I let go and hit we started wrestling again and I layed on my stomach and he got on top of me and I felt his hard dick between my cheeks he was about 5 and a half inches I was probably 3-4 inches he started to hump just what I wanted I just layer my head down and let him do it but it only only lasted about 7 seconds than he got off me went back to wrestling than he got on his back and I got on top of him and turned around so my ass was on his dick and I moved up and down a little and than he pushed me off his mom came in and yelled at us… she only yelled because we were to loud I thought we got caught but we didn’t she left out than he said he have to make it look like we’re play fighting than he was trying to do penis to penis and I wasn’t into that and I was kinda scared of his mom at the moment so I didn’t really wanna anymore so we stopped play fighting stopped and got on the computer

The next story will be about the first time I sucked his penis
Here’s the link to a photo of me back than this was in the bathroom at his house around the time this happened I took on my tablet Thanks for reading

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    Next story is being processed I made a discord and there I will post photos thank u for reading add me than I’ll add u to the server you can use google for discord u don’t have to install the app My user is JaydenUnknown#1210

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    How old are you now? 15 male here if you want to talk

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    ⚠️THE LINK⚠️ (https://ibb.co/Q6MTnZX)

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    Fucking awesome bro, Where’s the link?

    And tell us more about what happened