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A families descent- Training begins

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A young mother and her two daughters awaken in their new home, to be humiliated, trained and used as slaves.

Slowly Mirei awoke, her head aching, groggy with an extremely dry mouth and sore throat, her arms and shoulders aching. Raising her head, confused, trying to pull her widely spread legs together to take the strain from her sore arms. looking at the large room, with bare stone walls on two sides, 4 small cell fronts on another wall, and a bare stone wall with a solid metal door on the final side. Where were they? How long was she sedated? Where are her poor daughters? as her mind began to clear more she began to notice more details. The whips and crops and other punishment devices hanging on the walls, the various frightening devices and furniture around the dimly lit room for restraining and tormenting helpless victims. She began to sob and shake with fear, pulling her legs against the restraints holding the spread, starting to frantically struggle, seeing the table full of sex toys, the couches against the wall with the door in it, and the many cameras positioned around the room.

As soon as Mirei begins to struggle, the sound of a lock being opened is followed by the door opening to Maya and two men walking into the room, each holding a long, multi tailed whip. As Maya approaches, Mirie, Naked, hanging from the leather cuffs on her wrists and legs pulled wide apart by ropes to the cuffs on her legs, starts to speak “Where am I? Where are my” and screams as Maya lashes violently across her chest with the whip in her hand. “SILENCE SLAVE, you never speak without permission”. Again the whip snaps against the hanging woman’s chest, tearing another shriek of pain and shock. “You will address me as mistress, and any person you meet as sir or madam. DO YOU UNDERSTAND”. Again the loud snap of the wip rings out. “Yes, yes I understand”. Again the slashing pain flashes across her burning breasts. “YES MISTRESS, you useless slave”. And her again the explosion of pain across her breasts. Sobbing and gasping the hanging slave stutters out “Yes mistress, I am sorry mistress, I understand mistress” and hangs her head, shaking with sobs.
Standing in front of the crying woman, Maya began to speak. “You, and the other two slaves, have been brought to what we call the facility. Here you will be broken, then trained as sex slaves. You will be rented out to customers to fulfill whatever desires they have. You will be used, alone or with other slaves, by customers alone or in groups, and will have no choice in what is done with your body. If you resist, or If you do not please your masters to our satisfaction, you will suffer. This will be filmed at all times, and it will be sold to millions so they can enjoy your pain and humiliation. And you will properly thank your masters every time. Do you understand, slave.”

Sobbing, shaking her head slowly Mirei mumbles out “Why? How did this happen? “. The three whips lash out, pain exploding across her back, her bottom, and again across her red, striped, aching breasts. As the scream ends she is told ” I ASKED A QUESTION. Answer it, and properly”. As Maya draws her arm back to lash again Mirei yells out “YES MISTRESS, I UNDERSTAND MISTRESS. Please, no more mistress’ ‘. “Now ask to be trained as a good slave, Slut.” Softly Mirie sobs out ” Please train me to be a good slave for you, mistress’ ‘, crying as she stares at one of the cameras recording her humiliation, her mind in turmoil and her body aching.

“What is your name, slave?”. “Mirei, mistress”. immediately her crotch explodes in pain, one of the men snapping upwards between her spread legs with his wip” you have no name cunt, you are number 182″ . The wip snaps loudly across the sobbing woman’s ass. ” I AM 182 MISTRESS” she screams out.” Again” orders one of the men behind her. I AM 182, MASTER” she screams out in terror. “AGAIN” barks Maya. “I AM 182 MISTRESS” the slave yells out again. “WHAT ARE YOU”. “I am your slave, mistress” sobs the sore, humiliated naked woman.

At this, Maya steps to the suspended woman, gently stroking her aching pussy, and starts gently sucking and licking her nipples, still burning from the wip. As Maya expertly strokes her clit, slipping two fingers into her slit and alternating between licking and sucking her two nipples, Mirei moans, struggling to resist the slow dampening of her tight pussy. Maya softly says “see slut, if you do as you are told, you can have pleasure as well as pain, when we choose.” One of the men hands Maya a vibrator, and she gently slips it deeply into Mirei’s now damp slit , turning it on low and slowly stroking it in and out. Still teasing her now erect , sensitive nipples. Soon the suspended woman is gently bucking her hips, and moaning softly while Maya slowly and deeply fucks her with the dildo. “What are you?” Maya asks, staring into her eyes with her lips inches from Mirei’s. “Your slave, mistress”. Gently,almost lovingly Maya kisses her, gently stroking her lips with her tongue. “Your name” Mirei softly moans as Maya speeds up her strokes with the now powerfully vibrating dildo. “I am 182, mistress” Miri moans out louder, rocking her hips to fuck back at the dildo being so expertly used on her now soaked slit. “Again, louder” Miri, nearing the edge of orgasm at the expert hands using her shouts “I am slave 182, mistress”

Maya steps back, quickly pulling the toy from her, leaving the moaning woman rocking her hips on the edge of cumming, panting with arousal. The two men step in, releasing the slave’s ankles so she can stand on her feet, then unclip her wrists allowing her arms to fall to her sides. “Position one” says Maya, standing in front of the naked slave. After a split second both men strike with the whips they hold, leaving red stripes across her belly and lower back. ” You were shown this. On your knees, with your ass on your heels, legs spread wider than your shoulders, hands palm up on your thighs, now bitch”. Immediately the sobbing woman rushes to drop to her knees in the position told. Her mistress steps forward, spreading her knees even more, and using both hands to push the slaves shoulders back to make her sit with her back straight and breasts pushed out. She then guides the slave’s head so she is looking down at the floor in front of her.

“This is your most important position. This is how you will wait when told to. It is the position you will take whenever a person is in the same room as you unless told otherwise. It is the position you will take whenever you finish a task assigned by a master or mistress. Do you understand?” “Yes mistress, I understand,” said the still softly panting woman. “Stand”. As quickly as possible the sobbing woman scrambles to her feet to stand, staring humiliated at the floor at her feet. Her legs are roughly forced apart to slightly more than shoulder width by the man standing behind her, and her arms grabbed and positioned crossed behind her back, each hand gripping an elbow forcing her shoulders back, lifting her red striped breasts invitingly forward. “This is how you stand, displayed and available at all times. Do you understand? ” “Yes Mistress”. Taking Mirei’s unresisting hands, and putting them behind her head, elbows out as far as possible and fingers interlaced behind her head Maya tells her “This is the present position” as she slips the vibrator into her still damp pussy and licks her erect nipples. After a few moments stroking the slave with the dildo, she pulls it out. “Bend forward, and stick your ass out”. As Mirei does so, she is told “This is the inspection position” as one of the men starts rubbing her from her clit to past her tight rosebud, drawing another low moan from the aroused, and humiliated woman.

For the next several hours Mirei, now known as slave 182 is trained in her slave positions. Sweating and panting she is forced to learn, and practice several humiliating and often uncomfortable positions while frequently repeating that she is slave 182, and exists to serve her masters. Wipped or cropped whenever she moves too slowly, or does not take the position to the satisfaction of the three people heartlessly training the young mother, and being kept at a constant state of arousal being repeatedly brought to the brink of orgasm without ever being allowed to cum. Eventually the exhausted, trembling and sweating woman is told to kneel one more time.

As the other two training the poor woman leave the room, The last man takes her arms, and locks them behind her. Exhausted, slave 182 makes no effort to resist, her will completely broken, focused on only following her next command. The man steps in front of her and pulls his penis from his pants. “Suck” is all he says. With slight hesitation the slave leans forward to take him in her mouth. As she bobs forward and back, licking and sucking the soft dick in her mouth begins to harden, growing and choking her as she struggles to swallow all of it. Stepping behind her he pushes her forward until her chest and face rest on the stone floor, her ass up in the air. The Exhausted woman makes no resistance until he suddenly slams into her exposed pussy from behind, burying to the hilt into her quivering pussy in one painful thrust. As he violently rapes the exhausted woman, she sobs, to tired to resist, being rocked forward with every thrust until he pushes hard into her, shuddering and groaning as he cums deep in side of her. stepping in front of her he grabs a handful of her hair to pull her back to kneeling to suck him clean. sobbing, as he holds her head and pushes his wet cock into her mouth. With no will left to resist she sucks and licks all traces of herself, and his cum off the softening penis. When he is clean he does up his pants and pulling her by her collar forces her to her feet with his cum slowly running down her leg, then leads her to one of the empty cells. As he locks the door she kneels as taught and stares at the floor as he locks her cell, then exits the room, loudly fastening the lock on the solid iron door on the far side of the room. A few moments after the last man has left the training room the exhausted slave slowly lays on her side, arms locked behind her back, on a thin carpet on the cold stone floor and slowly cries herself to an exhausted, uncomfortable sleep.

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