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Helping the homeless girl (part 2)

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I was virgin for 18 years of my life. living in a shitty apartment. life hadn’t been fair until I met a beggar sleeping in front of my door.

after my boss forced me to do overtime, I went back to my apartment and saw a guy wearing black jacket covering his whole body. but it turned out she’s a girl.

that beggar changed my life, and I fell in love with her in just a month.
I was happy to heard her saying, she love me too.


she went to doggie position spreading her legs wide.  her arms was clenching her ass cheeks spreading her gaping asshole and tight pussy.

”is this right?  I’m ready”  she said with a full of excitement.

It was our first time to loose our innocence at that night, and my body was visibly shaking.

”which hole do you want me to fuck first?”

”this one please”  she replied while making her gaping ass hole more wider.

I licked and fingered her asshole for 5 minutes to make it more wet and more wider, I was trying to be care full not to hurt this innocent girl.  then I moved forward my body and my cock was now on the outside of her ass hole entrance.

”honey, please face me and look in my eyes.  I want us to see our each reactions while doing this for the first time”     as I finished my words, her smile grew wide.

”yes honey, as you wish“ she replied giggling.

I held the edge of my cock to make it steady, and slowly my cock head was entering inside.  the gaped of her ass wasn’t enough  and I need to use more force to successfully envade her ass hole.

”ahh! honey your little brother is so big”
she said looking straight to my eyes.

our eyes were locked to each other and I could see her lovely face changed expression as soon as my cock head thrust inside her.  her eyes widened and her mouth turned in to O shape gasping.
she couldn’t resist  closing her eyes to feel the sensation from her ass. after seeing her cute facial reaction, it  aroused me even more. I didn’t hold back, I moaned out loud and showed her my genuine reaction too.

both hand was holding her waist to push my body forward steadily, my cock was half inside her and slowly inch by inch until the whole length of my cock disappeared from sight and went inside her ass. my pelvis was now pressed on her ass cheeks squeezing them hard.

”please just stay like this for a while, I wanna feel your warm cock more longer inside my ass. this is so good”  she begged while staring at me.

”yes. I like the feeling of your warm and tight ass honey” I replied

”don’t move, let me do it”  she said after 5 minutes of my cock soaked inside her.

I nodded without understanding what she said, but then she surprised me again.  she was using her knees and hands to moved her body, she was moving forwards and backwards slowly.  then she ended up moaning loud and clear.

”uugghh you…like…it?” she asked in the middle of her moaning

”yes, I love it, you’re good” I replied while my hands were caressing her snow white ass cheeks. after that she made her movements faster and faster, and I greeted her by thrusting my body forward, while my balls were hitting her pussy repeatedly. It was rough in full strength, our flesh and fats were jiggling in every thrusts, specially her round ass was creating small waves like a jelly.

as we proceeded, the earsplitting sounds of screaming and moaning in pleasure added to the loud sound of my pelvis slapping her butt cheeks,  were heard around the other apartment room near to us.

the people renting room around us were awaken by the loud sounds of pleasure coming from our room, they were dumbfounded for our shameless behavior.  the other tenants were angry because they have children and they could hear us. the others were aroused and fucked their partners .  but many of them specially women were envy hearing our passionate love making.  because some of their husbands didn’t have stamina and strength to make them moan as loud as we were.

back in our room.

But the best feeling of lust was because Ashley and I were never break our eye to eye contact and all of our moans and facial reactions were captured by our eyes.

after 20 minutes of hard pounding, I felt the entrance of her ass hole was clenching tightly and her body quivered as she had her orgasm.   subsequently  because of her clenching ass hole, my load was threatening to release. I made my movements more faster and deeper until her eyes rolled back , quickly, I pulled out my throbbing cock to stopped myself from having a full orgasm and placed it on the top of her ass cheeks.

as I expected, my cock was firing thick cum on her back up to her white neck. she turned her heads on me and frowned.

”you came behind my back?”  she pouted cutely

”not at all,I think I could do this all night” I grinned at her. as if I found a loop hole or cheat to stop myself from having a full orgasm.

”don’t waste it! give it to me”  she said in a cute and childish way while opening her mouth.  I scooped my white semen on her back and put my finger in her mouth, she quickly sucked my fingers and cleaned it.

then I spread her ass cheeks to fully observe her rear hole.

”fuck, your ass hole is now gaping wider than before”

”how wide?” she asked

”wait a sec.” i grabbed my phone and snapped a photo of her gaping ass.
now we were sitting next to each other while observing the picture of her gaping ass hole.  zoom in and out.

”how it became wide like this?” she asked in astonishment

”well, because you wished for it. you little perv” i replied then pinched her small nipple.

”I think , even my fist could fit inside” she commented while zooming the picture .

”yeah, but you’re not allowed to do that”

”and why not?”

”because all your holes only belong to me, understand?”   I said while acting like a soldier.

”look! so red, i think it’s swelling”  she zoomed on her snow white ass cheeks.

results of my hard pound on her

”sorry honey, maybe I went to excited and you ended up like this”  I said sheepishly

”it’s fine, I won’t mind to do it again next time.  but for now you have to put your little brother in my little sister”  she giggled.

as we were having a conversation, all of the neighboring room were disappointed when the pleasuring sounds stopped,and the others were happy.  but they dropped their jaw onto the floor when they heard our louder moans and screams than earlier.
the envy housewives couldn’t help but to cursed their poor husbands in their minds for not having that kind of stamina.  They couldn’t believe in just 2 minutes of resting, we were doing another round.

back in our room-

she went in a missionary position laying and spread legs,   her pussy was leaking her juices and the cheeks was red from my balls were hitting her pussy for 20 minutes.

the head of my cock easily entered her, not because it was gaping but because her pussy and my cock both soaked in our juices. she grunt as if she was trying to avoid shouting.   as I thrust slowly, the half of my cock inside her  touched the barrier and now she was moaning loud again.

”this would be hurt if i continue” I Warned her.

”wait! don’t move”  she said while panting.   after wiping her sweat on forehead she took a deep breath and she said.  ”please be gentle”

nodding then I moved inch by inch,very slowly  and gentle,   I could feel her hymen slowly ripping apart.   from grunt to moan and now ashley was screaming in pain.

”ahhh that’s hurt ahh”

I panicked and was about to pull out my cock inside her but all of a sudden her legs wrapped around me and she said

”I can do this please continue, just  ignore my screaming”  she said while in tears.

as I entered in the initial part, I continued forward and my cock fully breaking the seal, I didn’t stopped there until my whole cock was inside her pussy touching the womb inside.

”ahhhhhhhhhh ugghhhhh”

”ugghh youre so fucking tight, your pussy is wrapping around my cock,” I said

”I can feel your huge cock inside me, this is way better than when I was fingering my pussy”

”do you want me to move now?”

”yess please, all my holes are yours. use them whenever you want. make my pussy wide as my asshole please”

”ahh ahh ahh, fuck honey, I still cant believe I’m fucking a beautiful girl right now”

I was pounding her hard and deep while having lustful conversations with her in the middle of moaning and gasping and it made me more wild and uncontrollable.

”you’re handsome and have a huge cock, please more deeper and harder”

”you want this?” I pressed hard my pelvis to hers,  my cock was now deep inside of her.

”ahhhhh yes yess yess yess. ”

” my cock would destroy your pussy if I keep doing this”

”please don’t stop and destroy my pussy,  it’s all yours please do it”.

pulling up my cock from the inside, the head of my cock was now on the entrace of her pussy. then I plunged my cock straight deep down in her pussy using all my body weight. her body shook so wild as the inertia bounced all of her fats on her body.

”ahhh fuckkk alex, this is the best time of my life ahhh”

”since you want me to destroy your little pussy, will do it. you slut!”
I shouted then slapped her ass hard.

”ahhh yess yess I’m your slut, destroy my little pussy more please”

the sound of each pounding became slower, but it became harder and louder as I was giving all my weight to plunged my cock deep inside her.

little did they know all their neighboring room’s tenants  were listening to them exchange those nasty words and they could hear a slow but loud bang in every thrust.  now almost all of them specially the envy housewives were fingering themselves, as if it was a mass masturbation event  in the apartment building.

”i love you”
”i love you more”

”I’m cumming ahhhh” she shouted and her body was shivering. now it became more sloppier and tighter  I made my thrust as fast as I could.

”ahh ahh stop please let me rest for a while ahh uugghhh”  she begged in gasping

”it’s too late honey, I can’t stop”.

She know I was near to orgasm so she stopped  begging.  now I could feel my cum was about to released, I was about to pull out my cock to use my new skill and stop my orgasm, I wanted this to last longer as I could.  but she wrapped around her legs on me and gave me a ”don’t you dare” look.

I had no choice, and after few deep and fast thrust back and forth,  the flood loose open. heavy loads of fresh and hot semen burst inside her pussy.  I gave her a few more hard thrusting while my cock was continue firing inside her.

the whole apartment building went silent, as if they were waiting for another round. but after the tenants discovered  we were fucking for straight 3hours, their world view collapsed. the  husbands in every family living in the building became a joke, specially for those poor housewives.

I dropped my whole body on top of her while my half hard cock was still inside her.   we both full of sweat and breathing heavily.  I hugged her and she also placed her hands on my back to hug me.   after 5 minutes of resting she whispered

”let’s stay like this and sleep honey. you’re very tired. and thank you” she smiled and kissed my forehead,  then she realized I fell asleep and snoring.

she just laughed and slept as well.

next day 6am I woke up next to her naked body.  I didn’t want to disturb her so I just kissed her on lips, I stood up and went to bathroom.  after 10 minutes of shower I saw her sitting on the edge of bed grunting.  she tried to walk but couldn’t make any single step.

”  I’m sorry, is that really hurt?. do you need to see a doctor?”

she shook her head  saying everything will be alright soon..  as we observed her bellow I was shocked and felt bad for what I did.  her ass and pelvis were crimson red, her ass hole still gaping a little, her pussy was swollen red.
I looked down and saw a blood on our bed sheet, proof of last night pleasures.

”I think I went too far last night” I said in a sad tone.

”haha you think so? it’s worth it honey”


”no buts” I just need some rest don’t worry.

I nodded and give her a passionate kiss.
luckily it was sunday I don’t have work, I told her I’m  going to pharmacy to buy her some medicine and contraceptives she smiled and nodded.

after giving her a coffee I stepped outside the room and was about to leave. I saw strange looks from my neighbors, all men were looking at me with annoyance and all women were giving me an envy glances, I was sure I saw a lady who bit her lips as if she was inviting me.

I ran as fast as I could to escape from my weird neighbors.  same happened when I came back, but this time the others were giving me a thumbs up, I frowned and entered into my apartment quickly.

after a week we went back to normal, and my life with Ashley  became more and more exciting.  we had sex every morning and evening  to the point our neighbors used to us having a loud sex.  then after 5 months we celebrated Ashley’s  13th birthday in Disneyland. I also got promoted as manager in our office and I bought a practical car of us to use everyday.

I’d never been happier in my life, but Ashley as my lucky charm change it for the better.

(expecting to end here? haha sorry to disappoint you- author)

one day as I drove home, I was excited thinking how Ashley would be happy to see me home earlier than normal.  My hand was holding the key pressing it to unlock the door. but I stopped and paled when I heard Ashley was crying and talking to someone.    my heart beat fast and my hands shuddered in horror and many scenes flashed through my mind in just 10 seconds.

I shook my head and cursed myself to think anything, my priority now was Ashley’s safety.   quickly  I pushed the door wide open and ran in front of Ashley,  hugging her tightly while comforting her.  but I felt something wrong in the situation, I removed my arms from Ashley and looked behind me.  there was a little girl younger than Ashley  and without judgment it was obvious  she was homeless as well.

”who’s this?”  I asked Ashley  as the previous awkwardness forgotten.

”honey, this is Ivy, my friend from orphanage. she also escaped like me and I saw her earlier outside the supermarket looking for garbage”  Ashley couldn’t stop crying as she pitied how her friend ended up like this.

It was hurting me seeing my girl crying so bad like this.  So I continued to interview the second homeless girl stepped inside my apartment.

I learned her name is Ivy and she was 14 years old, 1 year older that Ashley but what the fuck happening to this world? Ivy looks like an elementary student small petite and I couldn’t judge her appearance yet.  my Ashley was 13 and looked like a real woman, but Ivy was 14 and looked like an elementary student. WTF?
anyway, she had same sad story  as Ashley.

then Ashley said
”can we…..”  I didn’t let her to finish

”yes” I said quickly

both girls jumped to hug each other, they didn’t expect I would agreed so fast.


they freeze and looked at me with worries for my conditions.

”I will rent another room in this building and you will stay there”
I said in confidence, knowing they would agree.  and money wasn’t important to me now since I had a better salary and got promoted 3 times in just 8 months.

” we can’t do that to her, she’s my friend and not a dog”  I was shocked seeing Ashley angry expression for the first time.

”honey we can’t  let her…”

”fine I’ll stay with her in that apartment if you want”  she said seriously

she caught me off guard from her words I just did was nodding my head without thinking. next thing I know the 3 of us were having dinner in my small shitty apartment.

”what if we rent a real house with 2 rooms. i think thats better”

”no”  she said mercilessly

I just sighed in surrender.

”first you go and take a shower. you stink”  we laughed when Ashley said that line to Ivy.  the same line I used the first time we met.

”hey that’s my line”

”sorry, it’s mine now” she stucked her tongue cutely.

Ivy nodded shyly while blushing because of our public display of attention  in front of her.

To be continued……
I’m  sleepy now. zzzzz

ps: im not native english so please just ignore those wrong grammar and spelling, I’m not a professional writer.

I don’t know when will I continue this.  but it depends on the request in the comments .

lastly- I’m just doing this for fun and to improve my english.  don’t act like you’re my boss and commenting harshly if you don’t like the story and my english.   also to those people who thinks my fantasy stories are real life, bro… I hope you didn’t turned into ashes when thanos snapped his fingers. lol

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