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Surprise visit to my daughter and granddaughter

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I live a couple hours away from my daughter and her family. I was in town for work, so stopped by after work to surprise them.

It was 5:30 and I wasn’t in a hurry to get home, so I stopped by my daughter’s house after I finished work. I still had a couple hours drive home, but always love seeing my girls.
I knock on the door and step inside like usual. If the door is unlocked, they always want me to just come in.
“Oh dad,” my daughter Katelyn said, “i didn’t know that you were in town. We’re just heading out to meet friends for dinner. Just Alex and me though: April is staying. A sitter will be here any second. ”
“Oh, I’m sorry. I thought I would surprise you. SURPRISE!”
We laughed a second, then a knock on the door. The babysitter was a cute little brunette girl about 14. She had short hair in a bob cut. Short with nice grapefruit size tits. Her face was adorable. I wanted to take a picture of her and send it to my perv friend Tom. He knows I am a pedo. So is he, and this girl would have us both jerking off.
“Dad, this is Sandy. She’s watching April. We have to run. We’re meeting people in 20 minutes and they’re 30 minutes away.”
“Ok sweetheart. I’ll just visit with April for a few minutes and I will see you sometime soon. ”

My daughter and her husband sped away, leaving Sandy, me and my 10 yo granddaughter standing in the living room.
“Hi grandpa. What are you doing here?” April asked.
“I came to visit you guys. Come give me a hug you beautiful girl.”
She ran over and jumped at me. I caught her in midair like normal. Held her up as she wrapped her arms and legs around me and gave me kisses all over my face.
“That looks like fun!” Sandy said watching us.
I set April down turned to Sandy and said, “your turn.”
She didn’t run and jump into my arms for kisses, but just the thought of it combined with holding my sexy granddaughter, had my old cock hard.
“Maybe later,” Sandy joked with a cute smile.
I winked at her and said. “Any time.”
We talked for a few minutes before I remembered that I had told my son in law I would check his dryer. It wasn’t working and he isn’t much of a handyman. I told the girls that I would be in the laundry room for awhile. I grabbed tools and started on the dryer. After about 15 minutes I figured out the door switch was defective and I looked up a replacement on my phone. I ordered it on line, put away the tools, and went back to the living room. Nobody was there. The tv had some inane kid show on. I sat, grabbed the remote and found a movie that looked interesting. After another 5 minutes or so, I wondered what those two were doing. Probably in April’s room playing with her princess dolls. I got up and walked down the hall. In my pervy mind I imagined them both naked kissing as I walked in. I rubbed my semi-hard cock through my pants picturing it.
I got to her bedroom. What I saw was exactly what my pervy mind had just imagined. April was naked. Sandy had on just her blue g-string panties. April was sucking one tit as she squeezed the other.
“Oh, April. I love when you suck my tits,” Sandy said.
I immediately grabbed my phone and took a couple pictures. Then I started a video. My cock was completely hard. I had fantasized about my granddaughter as long as I remember. Here she was nude and suckling her babysitter.
“What the hell is going on in here?” I said while recording them while I walked in the room.
They both tried to cover up.
“No sense in trying to cover your bodies now. I’ve seen it all. And your parents, both of your parents,” I said looking at Sandy, “will see it too. You’re dad is going to get quite the show of his daughter’s big tits, Sandy. And you April. 10 year old sex maniac having a great time fucking the female sitter.”

“No grandpa. Don’t tell. We’ll get in lots of trouble.”

“And you don’t want to get in trouble? ”

“No. Please…”

“Would daddy spank you?”

“Definitely,” April said crying.

I sat on the bed. My cock straining against my pants. “Come here,” I ordered April.
She walked to me. Her skinny little body looking sweeter than in my imagination. I grabbed her and put her face down over my knees. Her butt up in the air facing me.
“Are you going to spank me, grandpa?”
“No, I’m not going to spank you,” I said as I started caressing her firm round ass. “Sandy is going to spank you.”
Sandy still holding her arms over those sweet teen tits was shocked.
“Come on over here Sandy. Spank this little slut like she deserves. And then she us going to spank you. And if either of you goes to gentle, I will take over, and that will really hurt.”
Sandy stood up and walked toward the bed. Her tits were solid rock; barely even jiggling as she walked. I couldn’t resist and grabbed one when she got close.
“.mmm these are wonderful tits”, I said as I squeezed them. She smiled as I did.
“Now spank this naughty girl.”
“I’m sorry. April ” she said as she smacked the 10 year old’s ass.
I saw red handprints on my granddaughter’s ass. It turned me on seeing her start to cry.
“Ok, your turn Sandy. Take off your panties and lay on my lap”
I watched as her shaved pussy was exposed. She didn’t hide it. I think she had already figured out that I was an old pervert.
“You like my pussy daddy?”
“Oh yes.”
“If I don’t have to be spanked, you can taste it”.
“I’m going to taste it anyway. Now get over my legs and take your punishment.”
She pouted, but obeyed.
April a little angry that her butt had been hit so hard, started smacking her sitters ass with a vengeance. Sandy yelled out and started crying.
“That’s good sweetie ” i told my granddaughter.
I rubbed Sandy’s big soft teen ass. “I’m sorry that had to happen. But, from now on you two can’t be having sex unless I am here to join in. If I’m not here, you need to FaceTime me so I can watch, understand? ”
“Yes grandpa ” April said.
Sandy was getting off my lap. She looked at me. I pulled her back to my lap only this time she sat facing me with one leg on either side of mine. Her face inches away.
“Understand?” I asked.
She just leaned forward and kissed me. Running her tongue in my mouth. I started caressing her ass and grabbed her tit again as we made out.
“No fair!” Protested April. “She’s my girlfriend.”
April walked next to us, pulled Sandy’s face away and started kissing her. I picked Sandy up and stood. I set her on the bed where the two of them continued to make out. I quickly stripped naked and crawled on the bed. I kissed my granddaughter like I had imagined so many times. Like a lover, not a relative. I sucked her puffy little titties. Then she asked if I would fuck her.
“I’ve never been fucked by a man”, she said.
I had Sandy lick April’s pussy to get it wet. Meanwhile, I ate Sandy.
Once she was lubed up I crawled on top of my granddaughter and put my cock against her tiny virgin hole. After pushing hard for several minutes the head of my cock popped inside. It was so tight, i couldn’t push more. I jerked off with my cockhead in her cunt and in a minute started spraying sperm in her.
“Oh grandpa! I can feel it pumping in me!”

The girls played with each other as I took more videos. We got dressed and I headed home.
The next day I got a text from Sandy.
“I got your number from April. Hope u dont mind.”
Then another text with Sandy in her classroom taking a selfie undef her desk of her bald pussy.
Third text: “it was sooo πŸ”₯ watching you fuck your granddaughter. Hope you do me next πŸ’‹ 😘 πŸ˜—. ”
I texted back that I loved her pics and she could text any time. I looked forward to seeing her soon.
I then got a text from Aril; “i love you” was all it said.
I rubbed my now hard cock, and tried to figure out how to get my daughter to go out on another date night.

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