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Homework sex show on camera

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Doing a group video chat to do our homework on reproduction with my friends turned in to a real sex show when our friend shagged her brother on camera

This isn’t my sex story because I didn’t have sex in it but I wanted to tell about what happened last night while zoom group calling with my friends.

There was me, Krystal, and my friends, Jess, Emma, Rebecca, Siobhan, Sarah and Chloe, we’re all 12 and 13 and go to the same school, we’ve been home schooling for months because of everything that’s been going on and we always do group calls so we can do our homework together at night.

We were given an assignment at school to do a presentation on reproductive organs but we had to do both female and male, we were fine with the female ones but when it came to the male ones we were all stuck and didn’t know what to do apart from copy out of a book or search online for information.

Our friend Beck’s, that’s what we call Rebecca, then did something totally out of the blue and really embarrassing, she went off camera and came back a few minutes later with her younger brother, Leo, he must have been in bed because he was wearing his pajamas, she said if we want to understand it properly we should have a proper look.

She adjusted the camera a little and then got Leo to stand on her bed so he was in the camera view, we were all wondering what she was doing then she suddenly pulled down his pajama bottoms and showed his willy to the camera, we all laughed in disbelief, his willy was dangling over his ball sack, it was about two inches long or something, it looked really weird as it flapped around when he moved.

Beck’s then pointed to it and said “This is a penis.”, honestly we couldn’t stop laughing, and staring at it, she lifted it up with her thumb and index finger and when she did that it looked a bit longer, then she pointed to his balls, “These are testis.”, so hilarious, we thought Leo would have been really embarrassed having his bits shown to all us girls but he appeared fine with it and even gave us a thumbs up to the camera like he was proud of his bits.

Siobhan started shouting at the camera, “Show us an erection.”, so Beck’s starts to rub his willy and we all spent the next few minutes watching her rub it and watching as his willy got longer and wider, when it was erect, it was about four and half inches long, Beck’s pointed to it, “There’s your erection.”, so funny, Siobhan said she couldn’t see it clear enough so Beck’s put her laptop on her chair and got Leo to stand in front of it, he was really close and we could all see his erection very clearly, it was like covering the entire screen.

Then everyone started shouting, “Show us his semen.”, I turned to turn the volume down on my laptop and cover myself and my laptop over with my bed covers in case someone walked in to my room, this was getting out of control, Beck’s jerked on his willy and even licked it on occasion, we all “Eeew-ed” at the screen when we saw the tip of her tongue slide up and down his erection but still we couldn’t stop laughing and giggling.

“Keep watching. You’ll miss it.” Announced Beck’s, she was rubbing it really fast, so fast her hand blurred on camera due to low frame rate, a couple of minutes later she stopped and slowly squeezed white gooey semen out of the end of Leo’s willy, it dripped down in front of the camera and some even landed on the lens.

Beck’s grossed us all out when we saw her lick some of the semen off the end of Leo’s willy, that was nasty, and he’s her brother, then she wiped the semen off the camera and held up her hand, it had semen all over it, “This is semen.” She said, then she told us all to keep watching.

A minute or so passed while the rest of us talked and laughed about what we’d just seen, then Leo came back in view, he sat on the edge of the bed, still with his pants down and an erection pointing upwards, then Beck’s walked in to view, she was only wearing a night shirt, she lifted her shirt up and flashed her pussy on camera then she walked backwards and stopped when Leo’s legs were between hers, we all watched intensely as she squatted down and Leo’s willy went in her pussy.

Our laughter turned to shock and a few of us swore out of pure disbelief, Beck’s was bouncing on Leo’s willy and making sex noises, Leo laid back on the bed while she shagged him, after a few minutes Leo and Beck’s both groaned really loudly and they stopped shagging.

We couldn’t believe she’d just shagged her brother live on camera with us all watching but I’ll admit it was educational, I haven’t ever watched porn or done any sex stuff so it was all genuinely new for me to see all that, it kind of turn me on and made me wet, I feel maybe I should do it someday soon.

Beck’s has invited me around to hers next week to teach me some more stuff, private lessons, I can’t wait.

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  • Reply lesbeurk

    remind me a bit of when i was a kid, i hope what ahe will teach you its girl to boy and nothing girl on girl.

    • Phantazy

      It’s okay to teach children incest, and child molestation, as long as it’s not girl-on-girl? Nothing about the FBI, and committing multiple felonies, though.

      I’m just wondering what about this you remember from your childhood.

  • Reply Elijah

    JESSICA do you have a kik or Snapchat


    K8256453 do you have kik or snapchat

  • Reply JESSICA

    Bet you lose your virginity if you go.
    I was 16 my bf was over. My 12 year old sister walked into my room . I told her to leave she said she would tell dad if I didn’t let her watch us having sex.
    The little girl curiosity got the best of her, she kept asking questions did it hurt what it feel like. I told her if she wanted to know so bad get naked and my bf would teach her.

    He played with her pussy a bit and soon started putting his dick in her. She let out a little yelp but she wanted more. It wasn’t long and he said he was going to cum. I told him not to pull out to get her pregnant. He pushed really hard and came in her.

    Luckly she didn’t get pregnant but she was worried until her period came. I was worried to as she said she would tell dad I let my bf get her pregnant.

    • AP

      Jessica, once your sister dodged the bullet what was she like? Did your bf ever ask for a threesome with both you and your sister?

    • Jessica


      Yes my sister and I have had three some with my bf. She gets upset that he has to.cum in me as I’m on bc.
      We agreed to let my bf bring a friend over how doesn’t mind using condoms. She still gets upset. We all encourage her to talk to mom. I have plan b ready incase she allows him to be bareback.

    • AP

      Jessica, if she *really* wants him to pump his load in her have your boyfriend start doing her anal. She’ll either get your mom to get her on birth control or like getting her ass pumped enough she’ll quit getting upset.
      How big is your bf? If she can take all of him in her pussy then she should be able to take him up the ass. If she can’t take him all in her pussy she may like anal even better because she can take all if him that way.
      Of course, that does open the option of your bf and his friend showing her (and you) the fun of DP.

  • Reply Psiberzerker

    So sick, and sexy. I love it! *****