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How I became Daddy’s new wife

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It started back when I was 10 years old. Mom was sick with cancer and knew she didn’t have too much time left. She started having conversations with me about female things knowing that my dad wouldn’t know what to say to me. She told me about having my first period what I need to do things like that since she probably wouldn’t be around when all that stuff began to happen to me. She also had a conversation with me telling me that she didn’t want Dad to be alone and that I had to try to get him to go out on dates and find someone to be with. She also told me if I couldn’t convince him to go on dates or he didn’t want to go out on dates that I would have to learn to take care of him.

I was confused a little bit about what she meant by this so I asked her what she meant. She explain to me that I would have to take over wife duties for her. To be more clear she said that I would have to have sex with him.

Since mom knew I was still too young she said I should take it in the ass to start and she began training me to take it in the ass. This went on for another year till the day she died.
Fast forward about 8 months Dad still hasn’t gone out on any dates and most of the time at night when he thinks I’m in bed I just catch him watching old home movies of him and Mom. I’ve talked to him many times about going out on dates but he refuses to do so because he can’t get over Mom.

So one night about 3 weeks later it was a Friday night and I had gone to bed but I heard sounds out in the living room. I got up to see what was going on and I saw my dad watching a porn of him and my mom. I could see he was jacking his cock off while he was watching this video and I just sat there watching him and I couldn’t take my eyes off of his big cock.
At this point I got the courage to take my clothes off and I slowly walked up behind Daddy and told him let me take care of that cock for you. Dad looked at me and his jaw dropped to the floor and disbelief. He ask me what I was doing I told him that Mom and I had talked and decided that I should take over wife duties if he doesn’t want to go out on dates and find someone new.

I could see on his face that he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He said to me did Mommy really talk to you about this and I replied yes. I also told him since I’m still young that mommy trained me to take it in the ass. Daddy was like oh my God I can’t believe all of this. So I reached out and grabbed his cock and began to stroke it. Dads eyes instantly rolled back into his head and I knew he was enjoying what I was doing. Mom also taught me how to suck dick.

I began sucking my dad’s dick slowly at first licking the shaft but Dad was kind of big and my mouth is still kind of small so basically all I can get in was his head a little. After about 10 minutes I looked up to my Daddy and asked him if he was enjoying what I was doing to him? He looked at me with a few tears in his eyes and said yes baby and it feels so good.

I continue to suck him for at least 15 minutes longer when he grabbed me and pulled me up onto his lap. feel his hard cock throbbing between my legs. He asked me are you sure you can take my cock in your ass and I replied there’s only one way to find out let’s try Daddy. He laid me out on the couch lifted my legs up and guided his cock towards my ass. He spit on his hand and rubbed it all over the head and shaft. Once felt his cock touching me and ready to push inside me I got excited but also a little scared.

Daddy slowly slit his cock into my ass and I let out a little scream. He instantly took one of his hands and covered my mouth and asked if I was okay. I replied yes Daddy. He slowly pushed his cock into my ass without pulling out and just pushed it in all the way in slowly. My heart was pounding fast my breathing was heavy but I knew that Daddy was enjoying this a lot. I asked him to go slow to not hurt me too much. Daddy looked at me and said if this is too much we can stop baby and I said no Daddy don’t stop. It maybe 15-20 minutes before it really didn’t hurt too much anymore. At that time Daddy was still going very slow in and out but I told him to fuck me harder.
which he did.

About another 20 minutes went by and Daddy yelled out that he was getting ready to come. I told him that I wanted to taste him and to come in my mouth. He pulled out brought his cut to my mouth and began shooting over and over loads of cum into my mouth.

this is all true but don’t worry thinking that this is going to hurt me in some way because it won’t. I was a straight a student all through elementary School junior high and high School and graduated college with a 4.0. It’s 2024 and Im still with Daddy and I am his new wife I take care of him like a wife should everyday I cook clean take care of his sexual desires and do anything my Daddy wants me to do. We or even talking about having a baby.

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  • Reply Daddys slut ID:1eqt5603fpxw

    Found out the sex well sex’s 1 boy n 1 girl im having twins cant believe it more stuff coming soon

  • Reply megabetaboy ID:nkbi52bt7ej

    Obviously, his wife was extremely thoughtful and knew what was best for her husband and her daughter. One could only we start more mothers, without the prospect of dying, with similarly think of the good they could do for their daughters and their husbands. Daddy is just love young Cunt and it loves them

  • Reply Kiddyfucker69 ID:1e2qbw4dt8g0

    What a lovely story about a young daughters first time of arse being fucked by her daddy, the way he used to fuck her mummy’s arse…

  • Reply Naugthy_Wolf ID:1a5tcn3jfij

    Daddy_Slut. Have you ever had a chance to meet couples (fathers with daughters) that are similar to yours?

  • Reply Anonymous1 ID:2bgp3wnv9d

    Wish I could meet you I love this story maybe you won’t mind talking with me personally

    • Daddys slut ID:1eqt5603fpxw

      Yes we have many times we have gatherings monthly and get together with other couples all dads snd daughters our newest couple is a 35 yr old dad and his 13 yr old daughter

  • Reply Waters ID:1en883z4ccso

    Please do more stories I love this one maybe do the update but with all the details

  • Reply Fairy11 ID:1ebv7tvfzy3l

    My neice and I finally f*cked last weekend after her “playing ” in my lap for a few weeks.. liligirll helped

    • Anonymous69710 ID:72yt3emoic

      I’d love to hear more

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      Omg guys Daddy got me pregnant in 5 weeks alog wooooohoooooo i find out the sex and ket you all know

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    let him start raping your ass full of his cum

  • Reply Daddys slut ID:juywp79zyud

    Ok quick update like I said we talked about having a baby. Well we talked and we decided to have a baby. Ive been off birth control for bout 3 months and Daddy has been giving me creampies daily for the last 3 weeks and my period is coming up soon so we shall see what happens. Im so excited for either a boy or girl. A girl would be nice Daddy would have some young pussy in the house again and im excited for mom daughter time as well. If its a boy well you all know ill be his first bj and fuck and as soon as he can get hard he will fuck me silly. After that Daddy and son can double time me can’t wait.

    On another note Daddy has conveyed to me that we should get a dog and he wantd to see me with it. And you already know I dont say no to Daddy. We got an 8 week old pitty and he has already been licking my pussy on a regular basis. Daddy enjoys this so much and so do I.

    • Waters ID:1en883z4ccso

      Please write more maybe take this update with all the details and then add in the next couple chapters

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1qkwnvpb0j

    Please write more

  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7j3f78l

    OMG!, this almost sounds just like My daughter and I story. I have never found out if my wife talked to my daughter but I get the feeling she did before she died of cancer. The same as my daughter could not take it any longer me watching video’s of myself and my wife. I will admit I cried repeatedly and if not for my job and daughter I would not be here today. I taught my daughter everything about sex plus a lot of other things. She began masterbating at 8 1/2 and by 9 six months later she just could not stand to see me lonely any longer. She walked into my room completely naked and told me”Daddy make love to me like you did to mom”. She would NOT take no for an answer and we made love to each other that night and I came deep in here pussy like 4 or 5 times that night. I had to work the next day and while I was at work she moved her entire room into the mater bedroom sore as hell. She was determined to take care of me properly as my wife did. From that night my daughter was my lover for 8 solid years almost every night until she left for collage never once complaining she was sore or tired. She cooked, cleaned and even sewn my torn work pants.
    My daughter between 18 and 19 came home from collage for a three day weekend and we had the most amazing sex in my life. I came so many times in her that weekend and a month later she informed me she was in fact pregnant. She was dating a guy at school and wound up marrying him. I later found out that her first girl was in fact a product of our love. Her second girl was her husbands child.
    Last month my daughter brought her two daughters to visit and we four fucked for a solid week losing both her daughters virginity to me. She is divorcing her husband and moving down here to live with me with both her daughters. Funny thing is both my oldest daughter and my youngest daughter both voiced their thought of a baby.
    Seems I might get my wish after all of hearing the pitter patter of lil feet on the floor once again.

  • Reply Liligirll ID:8mnaj5q49a

    Love to your parents like that is awesome.

    If you started your period..
    Give him a baby .. he will love that suprise

    • Yung lover ID:1euch8owj2n3

      Hi liligirl I bet U would love to help daddy

    • Liligirll ID:8mnaj5q49a

      I do help daddy … Still can’t get all his dick inside me

    • BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

      Your so hot and sassy lilligirl .

  • Reply Yung lover ID:1euch8owj2n3

    I’d love to hear more especially when he fucked ur pussy the first time and what age U were

    • Liligirll ID:8mnaj5q49a

      Daddy was not my first ..
      The man who took my virginity was 20 and I was 9 yrs old

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      So hot to read about guys having fantasy where is 10yo little girls. Love it how adult guys have secret sex fantasy about young girls and they bald small pussy. I don’t know anything more kinky than adult guys dreaming of having sex with little girls

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    Such an amzing daughter

    • Daddy's slut ID:juywp79zyud

      Yes ill post more stories

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      Hey there, what do those letters and numbers represent? Is it the address of your account on a platform where encrypted conversation can take place? If so, which platform?

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