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Drunkards sexplode mom

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In continuation to my Last story of COMBO mom, my Grand mom died and My mom Honey became alone and sad for last one month. I am Nick and went to city for our property paper works and during returning to our there was a heavy shower with thundering and our cab became defective before reaching our home and due to thundering there was a total blackout with rain and thundering.
Meanwhile, we found a obsolete Mill and the wind blew so much that we both were fully drenched and we ran towards the mill.. There were already 3 people in the mill who looked to be labor type and all of them looked to be around 35-40 years of age. Mom was feeling a little strange because of getting wet. Then they made mom a little normal saying Madam dry yourself with a towel and then sit, the rain will stop immediately.
Mom wiped me and herself with the towel. Then they sat down and started playing cards and told mom that if you don’t mind, we can drink alcohol, then mom said that she has no problem. Then we sat there and started watching their game. The rain was showing no signs of stopping. It was already evening and it was slowly getting dark. They lit a small candle there.I came to know them as Greg, Tom and Billy
Then everyone started laughing. Meanwhile, Greg asked what is your name Madam? Mom replied Honey and again asked with a smile, Honey, my wife is not co operating with me, please tell me what to do.Tom and Billy started laughing by hearing that. Mom understood that all three drunker has been aroused and they are also getting horny. Then Greg, while playing the game, released his penis from the raw side. His 8 inch thick penis was now clearly visible to mom.
Mom was not wearing a bra due to which her breasts were hanging heavily . Due to which Greg’s penis was getting more sexcited. Now Greg told to his friends that they should arrange for some food, then both of them will see and went inside from there. Now Greg looked at my scared mom and started smiling. Greg Said Honey, you are looking amazing .
Mom was not saying anything to save ne as all three were may murder her son Nick at any time and told Nick , look inside, what are they doing… I sat quietly behind in the dark. Then Greg pushed mom and made her lie down. So mom said that if your friends come inside, Greg said that no one will come, so lie down. Greg had become very hot. He lifted all of mom’s dress up and took off her panty and made mom completely nude and climbed on mom’s naked body.
Now Greg was a dog in heat to fuck a bitch due to alcohol effect and my mom’s sexy figure. Greg now cupped my mom breasts and started fondling of boobs and then he took my mom’s nipples in his mouth and started sucking them. Due to drinking alcohol, the Greg was charged sexually and my mom started moaning and then both of his friends Tom and Billy entered the room.
Mom pushed Greg away and started adjusting herself. Greg said how do you know that you will be able to go without getting fucked by him. So mom got nervous and when she tried to get up, she caught hold of Greg and said let me go first.
Meanwhile both Tom and Billy became naked. The penis of both of them was quite big, it must have been 8-9 inches. Tom stood near mom’s mouth and his 8 inch penis is hanging in front of mom’s mouth. Mom refused to suck it, but he forcefully inserted his penis in my mom’s mouth.
Meanwhile, Greg ejaculated and dropped her sex jism inside my mom’s pussy. And lay down next to me. Then Billy wiped her pussy with a towel and inserted his erect 9 inch penis in one go, which made mom even more intense.
Then Billy started fucking mom but he released his sex jism very quickly. Now , Tom’s cock which was in mom’s mouth, pulled mom’s waist and brought her aside and started groping her ass. Then he slapped mom’s buttock and placed his 8 inch penis in the cleavage of my mom’s ass.
Now mom wanted to turn around. But Tom did not agree and started abusing my mom. Tom had become a sex beast because of alcohol. After that the penis started entering inside Honey’s ass, it was not going in much into Honey’s ass. Then Tom applied the semen flowing from the pussy of Honey on Tom’s penis and Honey’s ass and gave a jerk and the penis and it entered the ass. Then he started moving slowly. Mom was shouting very loudly.
But he was not showing any mercy and was not leaving my mom. And within 10-12 minutes he ejaculated inside my mom’s ass. . Now mom got up from there and said in fear that she had to go to the toilet. Then he threatened me to my mom if you want to otherwise we will kill your son .As mom stood up from her ass semen started coming out. All three Greg, Tom and Billy left the room .
Now Mom wiped her ass and before wiping her pussy mom stared at Nick and told my dear son I am not sex satisfied, neither they are sexpert like you nor they have thick and long cock like you. I have already gang bang fucked by outsiders but I want sex from my son, there is till drizzling outside and fuck me until you rains in my pussy and Nick fucked honey for 45 minutes and the rain stopped outside while there is rain in Honey’s pussy by her son.


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