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A Special Family

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It happened some time ago right after my divorce. I was at a party and was introduced to a woman a few years younger than me. She was fairly average looking, nice but not huge tits, firm ass but what really got my attention was the red hair, freckles and green eyes. Naturally I just had to know if that hair was really her natural color.

As the evening wore on, she and I found ourselves closer together. Finally, before another boring conversation could begin, she placed a hand on my arm and whispered in my ear.

“Take me somewhere and fuck me stupid or I’m going to scream.”

She was pawing at me before we even got to my car and I shot my first load in her mouth before pulling into my garage. We fucked on and off all night and most of the rest of the day before she said she had to get home. By the way, she was a real redhead and even had freckles on her pussy lips and clit hood.

We exchanged numbers and two days later she called and invited me to dinner at her place the next Friday. I rang the doorbell with a bottle of wine in one hand. She answered wearing just a cut off t-shirt and panties. The door was barely closed before she ripped off my pants and dropped to give me a blow job at the front door. At least I managed to get her standing and fucked her right there against the inside of the front door. By then, I only had my shirt on and she was naked, so I took it off and we stayed naked the entire weekend at her place.

This went on for a couple of months, either at her place or mine on weekends. We stayed naked and fucked like teenagers at every opportunity. At some point she mentioned grown kids, but I didn’t think much about it. They lived elsewhere going to college or something.

One day, she called to say her kids would join us for dinner. I wasn’t interested in anything serious but agreed anyway since she gave a truly awesome blow job and I didn’t see any reason to give that up because of one dinner with her grown kids.

It turned out more complicated than that. They were finishing their semester at college and were moving back with her for the summer. I tried to hide my disappointment but when we had a moment alone, she assured me it was not an issue. True enough, after dinner and a couple more drinks, she took me to her room and we fucked ourselves silly with her not holding back one decibel than usual when she climaxed. When I said something, she simply said they heard her plenty of times before.

I guess it was maybe three weeks or so later when I showed up at her place a little early and just walked in the back door like I always did at that point. I damn near fell over.

Gail was on her knees in front of her son, Sam, licking his cock and her daughter, Nicole, was right next to her helping her with their tongues lashing together over Sam’s dick.

I was stunned into silence but Sam saw me first. He just grinned and continued thrusting his cock in and out of their mouths in turn. It was only after he shot on their faces that Gail turned and looked at me…and smiled happily.

She got up, took my hand in hers and led me into the room. Nicole and Sam both rose and grinned at me, with some of his cum still dripping from his sister’s chin. My cock stiffened instantly seeing the luscious young woman and good looking guy naked for the first time.

“We have been wracking our brains the last few weeks trying to figure out how to tell you about us and wondering if you would run away instantly,” Gail explained after getting us all a cold beer. “We sure hope you don’t…all three of us…and that you will want to join in.”

As soon as she started to speak, Sam and Nicole stepped closer undid my belt and fly before ripping down my pants. To my utter surprise, the two kids started licking and sucking my cock while their mother rammed her tongue in my mouth and told me how much all three of them wanted my cock in every way.

It took me to that first orgasm shooting on Sam and his sister’s faces to get over my shock. Nicole liked giving blow jobs and getting fucked as much as her mother and both of them repeatedly got off watching Sam and I suck and fuck.

I practically lived at their place that summer and probably fucked and sucked more in that few months than most of the rest of my previous life, including when I was married. It turned out Gail started playing with her daughter’s pussy and son’s cock shortly after her divorce when they were preteens. By the time Sam started shooting cum, they already licked and fingered each other routinely. He fucked Gail first and then his sister the same night he first shot cum jerking off.

After the kids returned for their senior year, Gail and I kept going, even went to a few swinger parties.
The next spring, Sam got a great job on the west coast he couldn’t turn down. Sam went with him since they had been living together all through college as a couple anyway. A few months later, Gail decided she missed them too much. Right after Sam and Gail got to his new job, they got married and were pregnant when Gail moved in with them.

I tried staying in touch but after a while we simply drifted apart. I still remember those freckles on Gail and her daughter’s clit hoods.

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