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My Father In Law Takes My Husband Place When He Was Called For Duty Overseas

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Me an my husband had been married a couple years when he got his orders to go overseas with his unit.I was heartbroken. He was gonna be gone at least a year. We didn’t have any kids and we had just been renting so, my husband, Ronnie said, he thought I should move in with his dad. That would save us some money and help take care of his dad too. His dad was in good health but, Ronnie worried about him living alone and me living alone. I didn’t really wanna do that because, Ronnie’s dad always tried to grab me or touch me. I never told Ronnie but, he did. Anyway, I finally agreed for Ronnie.

We got me moved in and everything taken care of from our apartment. Then, Ronnie left. I tried to lay down the rules to Matt. Matt was a good looking guy stocky but, not fat. He was as strong as a bull. I know because, he had trapped me and held my wrist before an I couldn’t get loose.

When I was talking to him about the touching he just let out a big laugh. I was gonna be sleeping in the second bedroom. Matt was in the other one. Everything seemed to be going well. I got ready for bed and was so sad Ronnie was gone. I missed him so much. I cried awhile then, finally fell asleep. Something was shaking my bed and woke me up. It was Matt climbing in behind me, pulling me up against him. I’m weak feeling as I tried to get up. I said, “Matt, what are you doing?”

He said, “I just wanted to sleep with you, I was lonely.” I said, “Please get out of here.” He reaches his hand up under my nightgown and slides up to my titties and grabs on to pull me close to him. He’s squeezing my titty an I can feel his dick is hard against my butt. I said, “Matt, stop and get off of my body.” Then, he takes his hand and pulls my panties down in the back. That’s when I realize he’s completely naked. I can feel his hard dick against my butt. He has his hand inside my panties and reaches around finding his way to my pussy. He cups his hand on my naked pussy then, sticks his finger in, playing with my clit.

I’m trying to push his hand away but, he’s strong as can be and I couldn’t get his hand off my clit. His dick is very hard behind me. He said, “Come on, Sophia you need somebody to fuck you while Ronnie’s gone, an I can be that person.” “You won’t have to go looking and risk somebody finding out you cheated on Ronnie while he’s away.” We can satisfy each other right here. I said, “No Matt, that’s just wrong.” Well, I’m gonna have some of this pussy whether you wanna give it to me or if I have to take it.” TheI’m struggling to get away from him. He turns me over and gets on top of me and in between my legs.

I feel his hard cock touching my pussy and thigh. He spreads my legs with his knees and aims his dick at my opening. He finds it and jams it in. I can’t stop him. He pushes all of his dick in me and starts fucking me, in an out and in an out. He’s got a very big dick. Much bigger than Ronnie. At this point, I can’t do anything except lay there. He’s got his hands cupped under my arms and his hands on my shoulders. He using his hands to hold me still as he rams his dick all the way in my pussy. He said, “Oh fuck Sophia, I knew you’d have good pussy.” “I’m gonna fuck you every day and night, so get ready.”

I didn’t say anything because, I knew he could fuck me whenever he wanted. He just too strong for me to fight him. I did like his dick. I can’t believe I said that. But, I did an it was true. His dick filled my pussy very snugly. Matt had accomplished what he had been trying to do for months, fuck me. Now, with Ronnie gone I’m just gonna be his cum slut daughter in law. I’m sure he was gonna use me for all his sexual desires.

Matt fucked me twice the first night. In the morning at the breakfast table, I was drinking my coffee when he came in to the kitchen. I was wearing my robe with nothing on under it because, I was gonna take a shower. Matt came up behind me and reached down and opened my robe so my titties were totally exposed. He said, “That’s how you sit at the table in the morning, I need something beautiful to look at, your tits are what I wanna see as I drink my coffee, understand, Sophia?” I just looked at him and said, “I do.” So, I sat there with my titties hanging out so Matt could look at them. He would reach over and roll my nipple or squeeze them.

I finished my coffee and got in the shower. Matt got in behind me stuck his dick in my pussy, pushing me up against the wall fucking me hard until he cum in me. Then, he left. So, this was gonna be my life for as long as Ronnie is gone. Matt was retired and I was looking for a job but, couldn’t find one. So, I was home with him all day. He chased me around the house like a horny teenager. He was only wearing his boxer shorts and told me he wanted me to stay in this robe. He handed me a short robe that was very thin. I wasn’t allowed to close the robe or wear any panties or bra. The robe barely covered my butt. I have no idea where he got it. So, that’s what I cleaned the house and cook in. Matt would fuck me, run his hands all over me all through out the day. I got to where I didn’t mind the sex but, I did wanna wear clothes.

A week or so later when we were in bed, he said, I need you to suck my dick. I said, “I don’t like that Matt.”
He said, “I don’t care, I want you to suck me and I’m gonna cum in your mouth.” I said, ‘No Matt, I don’t like that, I told you.” He said, “What is it you don’t like?” I said, “I don’t like the slimy cum, Ronnie always made me suck him and he would leak an I hated it.” But, he made you anyway?” I said, “Yeah, he would get upon my chest and force his dick in my mouth.”

Matt said, “That’s exactly how I will do it too.” So, either do it or I’ll make you.” I just laid there. So, Matt got up on my chest and squeezed my mouth to open it and stuck his dick in. He said, “Suck it, Sophia, I won’t leak my cum.” I started sucking his dick and he didn’t leak. I actually liked it when it didn’t leak cum. He ran it down my throat. Ronnie only did that once. Matt did it a lot . Matt was smacking my titties with his hands. He did it so many times it hurt. I could see they were red as can be and they were stinging.

Matt said, “I’m gonna cum, Sophia, I’m cuuummmiinnggg.” I tried to move my head so he couldn’t cum in my mouth but, he held my head still with both hands and cum in the back of my throat. I felt it squirting three or four times. I held it in my mouth until he pulled his dick out. Then, I turned my head and spit it out on his side of the bed. He said, “What did you do that for? ” I said, “Giving you what yours.”

He got off and said, “You sucked me pretty good.” I said, “Well it wasn’t bad because, you didn’t leak in my mouth.” He laid there a few minutes then, started finger fucking me with three of his fingers. He could make me cum like that. After I cum, he climbed on me and pushed my knees up by my head and fucked me hard. I cum again. Matt was a better lover than Ronnie. I started loving him fucking me all the time. He told me he didn’t want me to work so, I quit looking. There wasn’t any work anyway. Matt had a good retirement.

I missed my husband. I wondered if I should tell him about his dad or not. I wondered if he would be mad that I fucked his father. Ronnie once said his dad always tried to touch his first wife. He said, he told his ex wife she should have let him. So, he might not care.

Then, about a month and a half after Ronnie left I got a letter from him. He said, “I’m fine and I was wondering how things was going with you and dad?” He said, “I’m sure dad’s fucked you by now, I know how he is.” Plus, “Dad said he was gonna take care of you an all your needs, even sexual.” I told him he had my blessing. I don’t want you out running around looking for sex. So, let dad have his way with you. As for me I’m settling for my hand.

I was shocked to read this. I showed Matt and he said, “That’s my boy.” After that Matt become more bold. He would tie me up and fuck me. He turned me over and tied me back up and fucked my ass. He fucked me any way he could think of. I was used an I didn’t even mind.

I started writing some of the things Matt was doing to me and Ronnie said he would shoot a huge load when he read jt. He thanked me for sharing what his dad was doing to me. Matt would say tell Ronnie about this or that.

Then, finally, Ronnie came home.I was so glad to see him and hold him. He was glad to fuck me. His dad was glad to see him too. That night when going to bed Ronnie was getting ready to fuck me and Matt came in and said, “I’ll take the back door son.” So, I got on top of Ronnie and Matt got on top of me. They fucked me and I liked every thing about it. I had two men to fuck me and I was glad to keep two men satisfied. I would do whatever they wanted. We lived together for a long time They shared me between them and we were happy. That’s all I ever wanted was to be happy, and I was

The sex was fantastic and I was completely happy.

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    What a wonderful story. I enjoy successful relationships like this. They are awesome.

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    Loved it……………………..03/11/23

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    Good story and well written.

  • Reply TARA ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

    Thank you Sophia ! I am really hoping for that to happen !

  • Reply TARA ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

    My boyfriends dad can’t wait to get under my skirt ever since i put my stocking covered foot in his crotch during sunday dinner, causing him to almost spit out his food as i winked at him ,now he knows how playful i am . but some day he’s going to get me alone and have his way with me !

    • Sophia, Cum Slut ID:1a912bhj

      I hope he has a big thick dick to fuck you with. It makes a difference. It feels so good when the big dick is stretching the walls of your pussy.

    • James ID:38c2u3qrk

      Sophia how are you

    • Sophia, Cum Slut ID:1a912bhj

      I’m good, thanks for asking. Still getting fucked by my husband and his father. I love how they use me for their gratification.

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      Sophia want to chat

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    Great beginning keep writing you got a good product going