Anal sex with dog

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I had anal sex with boys from my schools so many times.I preferred anal sex .I am always interested in anal sex .I never refused any body .

This is story happened 10 years back when I was 20 years old.I had learned anal sex from my school friends. We used to fuck each other .in toilets..I like anal sex very much.I never refused any boy for my pleasure.. Sometimes I seduced them by my acts.if no one is available then I used candle. Pen.vegetable for my pleasure.. Once I was in my village for some days. We had agricultural land and we have one pump house for water I went to that room one night to water our land.I was to stay there that night. There was a bitch in the field .dhr came to my room.she was in heat I petted her she stand still..I put my finger in her vagina which was wet I inserted my one finger inside .she squeezed my finger .I removed my cloths to fuck her..I inserted two fingers in her to dilate her hole.suddenly ,,,4 male dogs came by smell of her vaginal smell. The bitch runaway with dogs one male dog stayed there .he wsd licking my wet fingers.I was already naked. So I decided to have sex with dog.so I became his bitch on my hands and feet’s. I put my wet fingers on my anal opening he licked my ass and jumped on me he started humping his pointed cock hit my ass and he entered in my ass .he started fucking in full speed he held me tight by his legs. His cock was in me and. His seman was coming with every stroke his cock became big and throbbing inside .giving me pleasure suddenly his knot entered in me and started to grow causing pain .he tried to pull out but I held his hind legs to remain in that position. Otherwise he ma torn my Ass.he was discharging his fluids and pulsating cock giving me more pleasure. I remained tied for 30 minutes the he was separated from me..I enjoyed it.


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  • Reply Jessica ID:4bn00en3fia

    Now Leave Your Comment…If i rate this story 2 star will you send someone to sex chat with me

  • Reply Jessica ID:4bn00en3fia

    Now Leave Your Comment…Pls send me someone to sex chat with

  • Reply Illvp 59 ID:1ctzol0rucyj

    Dog knots are wonderful. Ive been knotted hundereds of times over the years and still enjoy it now. I also love sucking them too. Also mini horsecock is yummy and feels good in my ass

  • Reply matt ID:1ep7u7ob13rg

    i want to feel the knot inside me