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Taken with the Night – New Masters

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My cunt was sore and puffy from being repeatedly raped in the van as we drove to their house. I didn’t know what time it was, and there weren’t any windows in the van. My tears had long since dried as I began to come to terms with my fate. My pussy had also learned to accomodate my mistress’ thick cock.

Sometime into the drive, the blonde had produced a buttplug to shove up my ass as she raped me. I had stuck a finger up my ass before just to see how it felt, but that was nothing compared to the bulbous plug my mistress held before my face. “Ever had a plug in your ass before, baby? No? Oh you’re gonna love it! You’re gonna get used to having it in, since you’re constantly gonna have something stuffing your holes. Of course, you can have your ass empty to use the bathroom, but after you’re empty and clean it’s going right back up. Now let’s lift those legs and put this in your tight hole!”

My eyes widened and I shrieked as my legs were grabbed and forced over my head. My mistress’ cock was still buried in my cunt, her legs keeping mine up and spread as she laid her body weight on top of me so I couldn’t move too much. I continued to cry until my mistress slapped my face, hard. “Shut up, bitch! It’s either this or me turning your asshole inside out with my cock. Now put your mouth to good use and lick it.” The plug was thrust into my mouth and I sucked and licked obediently. I knew it would hurt more if I didn’t do a good job.

The plug popped back out of my mouth, and with no warning was forced in my ass. I screamed in pain as the plug stretched my unused ass and was met with a barrage of stinging slaps against my face. Both of my holes were stuffed full and getting fucked mercilessly as my mistress raped me even harder with her cock as she pounded my ass with the plug as punishment for screaming. I sobbed, but tried to keep quiet so she would stop raping my ass with the plug. Eventually she did and has continued fucking my pussy ever since.

I heard the engine cut again. “We’re home, bitch! Time for you to begin your new life as our personal sex slave!” I could hear the brunette giggling evilly with her statement. The blonde slid her cock out of me. The relief was unbelievable but short-lived as a dildo that felt to be about the same size was shoved up my pussy and a diaper was put on me to keep my holes filled.

I heard a zipper open and fabric rustle. The blonde grabbed my ankles and dragged me towards the sounds. “You’re going in the duffle bag, sweetheart, so the neighbors don’t see and you’re kept nice and safe. Open your mouth nice and wide for me now.” I opened my mouth wide and a ball gag was produced from the bag. It was placed in my mouth, which was stretched wide to fit it, and fastened around my head with leather straps. Both my mistresses then grabbed my wrists and ankles respectively and, on 3, I was hoisted into the duffle bag. My knees were forced to bend so my body could fit and the dildos pushed even further up my holes. Clips inside the bag were fastened to my tied-up wrists and the leather cuffs around my ankles so I couldn’t move or attempt to manipulate the zipper on the bag.

The bag was covered and zipped up, and I heard the van door open. A feeling of weightlessness settled in as the bag was lifted and my body pressed in the bottom of the bag. I heard the door close soon after, and the bag jumped up and down with every step, the dildos fucking themselves in and out of my holes. I moaned into my gag, but my voice was so hoarse from all the screaming earlier so everything came out as a raspy sigh.

I heard a lock being opened and a door swinging outward, then steps as we walked into the home. The door shut behind us and was locked. The bag was placed on the ground and I immediately heard chuckling and moaning. “You did such a good job, baby! Now we finally have the slave we always wanted. And when we want more we’ll just breed her. We’re set!” The sentences were intertwined with pauses as they kissed and panted. I lay there still and silent, waiting to see what they would do next. I didn’t have to wait long until the panting stopped and I was picked up at one end of the bag which was being dragged against the floor. After a little while, I heard a door open and was dragged inside.

The zipper started opening and the top was thrown off. The brunette mistress leaned her face down next to mine and kissed and licked at the ballgag in my mouth, moaning as she released the clips. “You’re gonna get so much fucking here, your holes will be soft enough to take two cocks each. For now we’ll have you get acquainted with our boys, though, while your new daddy takes your mommy to the bedroom and fucks her silly.” I must have looked confused at the mention of mommy and daddy because she continued, “We don’t like the terms mistress or goddess, and we like the taboo of keeping a slave daughter. So, you’ll refer to me as mommy and my partner as daddy. You’d better get used to it quick, although I have no problem punishing you until you get it right. Oh look, they’re back!”

I was still in the bag, which blocked my view, but I heard whining and panting in the background. The brunette grabbed my legs and began pulling me out. Once I was out, I was able to take in my surroundings. I was in a large, white room. The ceiling was high and the walls had wainscoating almost halfway up the wall. There was intricate gold crown molding around the ceiling, and a mirror spanned above me. A large crystal chandelier hung down from the middle of the room. Directly below it, on the floor that was decorated with a large red Turkish rug, was some padded metal contraption. And in front of this contraption on the wall was a large mirror in an massive gold frame matching the crown molding.

Looking in the mirror, I was able to see behind me. Standing in the doorway, which had large white and gold double doors, was the blonde. In her hands she held two black leashes and a pink, diamond encrusted collar with gold fittings. Attached to the leashes were two of the biggest Doberman Pinschers I have ever seen. Their coats were sleek and black with patches of brown on their chests and faces. Their ears were at attention and pointed towards me. Their long tongues were out and panting, their want to run off the leash expressed in their wide, dark eyes. They were clearly well-trained, though, as they didn’t strain on the leash against their black leather collars.

“You like our boys, bitch? They’re handsome, aren’t they? Lucky for you, you’ll all get to have plenty of time to get acquainted with each other as they teach you your place as their fuck toy!” The brunette tugged on my hair with that last sentence to force me to move. I started trying to get up on my feet, but she swiftly kicked to back of my knees. “You’re a worthless bitch whose only purpose is to please her masters! Bitches crawl on the ground and present their holes for fucking! Crawl!” Choking back a sob, I got on my hands and knees and tried my best to crawl with my legs and tied wrists as my hair was pulled toward the contraption.

My body was made to lay on a long padded portion of the contraption. The brunette swiftly locked my ankle cuffs to metal loops attached to a t-bar on the floor. A leather strap secured my body to the long pad. My wrists were then untied since I couldn’t move much. Leather cuffs were fitted to my wrists and secured the same way my ankles were. The diaper was removed and the dildo in my pussy was removed. The plug was taken out and replaced with a plug with a pink rubber tail. I moaned as it slipped into my stretched asshole. In the mirror, I could see the blonde move towards me with the dogs. She handed the pink collar to the brunette, who fastened it around my neck.

“Look at what a pretty bitch you are! You ready for your brothers to teach you your place?” The dogs were being held so close to me, whining and desperate. The blonde then reached down, unclipped the leashes from their collars, and gave them a command that caused them to leap towards me. They immediately went for my exposed pussy, sniffing me intently, analyzing my scent. Then came the licking. Their tongues were hot and long and dragged roughly against my cunt. I was terrified but their licks soothed my sore hole which had been raped for so long before, and I couldn’t help but feel grateful. I began to relax.

Noticing this, the women chuckled. The blonde barked another command at the dogs, and their demeanour changed. They became more frenzied as one positioned himself behind me and the other underneath me to continue lapping at my cunt. I wasn’t confused at what they were doing for long as I saw the dog’s thick, hard, red cock emerge from his sheath. My eyes widened in horror as the dog positioned himself behind me and jumped onto my back, his leaking cock stabbing wildly, desperately searching for my pussy. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t scream, I could only stay there on my hands and knees like a bitch waiting to be fucked by her mate.

As I came to realize what was happening, the searching dick hit home. It forced itself into my hole with one decisive thrust. I screamed into my gag as my captors laughed and watched as I was fucked hard and fast. In the mirror, I could see my tits swaying to the swift fuck I was receiving, the panting dog thrusting wildly, his mouth salivating and moving to bite the back of my neck so I would submit to my rape. I was moaning and whimpering as I felt his cock pump in and out of me, his balls slapping against my cunt. Then, I felt it. A large mass of flesh that was growing bigger and bigger, forcing itself in and out of me with every thrust.

“Take his knot, bitch! It won’t be long now until he fills you up with his puppys,” the brunetter sneered. The fucking slowed down and the knot buried itself inside me, locking us into place. A flood of hot, watery cum filled my womb as if someone had turned on a faucet. There was no room for it to escape, and my pussy felt more full than it had ever been. “You’ll be there, stuck together, for awhile. Eventually his knot will get smaller and you’ll be able to detach. And then it’ll be your other master’s turn to fuck his bitch, and they’ll continue taking turns until they’re sick of raping you. Mommy and Daddy are gonna go have our own fun now and figure out all the ways we’re gonna train you, slut. Enjoy your fucking!” The blonde smacked my ass and gave the dog attached to me a pat on the head, then grabbed the brunette by the waist as they walked out of the room, leaving me alone with the dogs.

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    sexy asf

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    Damn girl that was pretty good. You are a naughty minded girl, and I love it!. very well written an def look forward to more.