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i fucked my granny’s dog

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Im Tanner I’m 13 and my dick is 5 and a half inches long.

this happened about a month ago when i was dog sitting for my granny for a night while she was away, I have tried to fuck my granny’s springer Holly before but had never been successful. I seen this as a chance to do it since no one could catch me in the act. I had been looking after her for around 3 hours before i thought it was time to try it, I had always fantasised about fucking her and always got hard when she just jumped up at me.

I started by calling her into the spare bedroom when where i was sitting waiting for her, When she got into the room i called her up onto the bed and began to undress, She was watching me undress which made me even harder than i already was. once i had all of my clothes off I lay on bed and showed her my hard cock, she began to lick it and i began to rub her pussy she then began licking my balls, after about five minutes of rubbing her pussy and getting my dick and balls licked I grabbed her two front paws and lay her on her back, I then spat on my fingers and rubbed it around her pussy to make her wetter. I then slowly stuck my dick into her it felt amazing, I started to get faster and faster as i went on, I would let her lick my face as i was fucking her, I started to pound her pussy going balls deep, after i while i finally cummed inside her it was the best feeling of my life i then pulled out and she curled up and started to clean her pussy, I interrupted her and got her to lick the remains of cum off of my dick.

I done this again later that night this time pulling out and cumming on her face, she licked all the cum she could and then i helped her get the remains into her mouth. I’m happy that i tried this it was amazing!

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    Wow I need someone to fuck my tiny pussy like that 😉

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      I would love to be the guy to do that for you

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      I can fuck her while u rubbing your pussy

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      So now u 14?

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    Wow great story i can be your cum dumpster

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    This was a Good story

  • Reply Mmmuah ID:60aki649a

    Wow! Id let you fuck me in the ass doggy style, im 37;)

    • Tanner ID:2dd0bs6v99

      That’s pretty hot

    • Kent B ID:i02kilific

      I would do it I have done dogs and I am very good !!! Kent

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      I’d love to fuck your ass. But, you’ll have to fuck mine too

  • Reply Pierre ID:153k2nn2v9i

    Do whatever makes you happy it sucks how we have to live in a society where they tell us what to to or what is okay like who tf are they besides another human created to tell me what’s wrong or right when it comes to sexuality. Everybody love language is different. I’m okay with incest, zoophillia. Animals enjoy sex just as people do

    • Tanner ID:2rv9jak0d

      yeah thanks, I don’t understand why we aren’t aloud it isn’t fair at all

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      Pierre my name is bernard and if you would like to hear about my sex story text me at 2034944923

    • Bernard ID:bo2qeo08i

      Tanner my name is bernard and if you would like to hear about my sex story text me at 2034944923

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      Pierre I agree with your comment completely. Thank you for that point of view.

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