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What my sister and I did

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This is a true life experience I had with my sister
From the ages of 12 to 17. It al started one night when we were watching TV. There was a show on and there was a man on top of a women. They were laughing and gigglingmoaning. I looked at my sister and whispered, that looks fun do you want to try? She said sure. At this point my cock was hard as a rock. I had never felt it so big. So I eased my way on top of her and she said what is wrong with your private. I said I don’t know it’s never been so hard. She put her hand on it under my pajamas. She was rubbing it squeezing it. At this time I was 12yrs and she was 11. I had never jerked off before, so all this was all new. She was rubbing and basically jerking me off .I climbed on top of her. I started doing what the couple on TV was doing. At this time I didn’t put inside her cause neither one of us knew we could. I continued to rub up and down on her it felt awesome!! Then I came all over her and me , as I was cumming all over she is asking if I was peeing on us. I said I don’t know. We looked and there was white clear stuff all over us. I asked her to keep going she was kind of grossed out. Then about 10 minutes later it happened again. She asked if I was OK I said yes. I came 2 more times before my cock went soft. I was into doing that more. My sister at this time didn’t care she thought it was weird my cock was so hard and all of what she called cream came out over and over we were yet to know about her little pussy being wet cause I didn’t know to put my finger and cock inside her. I am next going to explain how I took her virginity. The first time I put my cock in my sister it was a accident. We were in my bedroom one day before school. We were alone in the morning .I was on too of her rubbing my cock on her pussy. I was really going for it I wanted to get the cream out cause it felt so good. Welll I went way back and my cock slid down and right in her she kind of sreamed quietly. I was alarmed cause I had no idea I could do that now I was inside her it was so warm and wet. She was into it but she was saying that it hurts. I kept asking if she wanted me to stop. She kept saying no. That morning was the first time my sister and I had sexxx we were no longer virgins!!! We still had no idea we were fucking. When we were done cause we had to go. There was blood in my bed. She look like at my cock cause I was cumming all the time. I rubbed her pussy and it was cummy also with sum blood
I asked her if she was all right she said yes . So we why were cleaning up I said you want to do that again she said yes that felt good. The next part is humorous. S we are older now . We were dating people. So my sister has a hott body till this day. She went on alot. Of dates. I went on them too. Not like her though. The first time she was to go on a date I was jealous. Didn’t know that but I do now. I asked her if I could fuck her before her date. She said that’s weird I think we were 16 and 15 then . We had been caught by our parents 2 times in 4 years so we kept fucking. Where got caught by our parents they told us what we were doing was wrong neither my sister or I could understand why they were telling us that when it felt so good. So back to her date. I told her she would like it . Then I said you are still going on your date just fuck me first. Finally she said yes. From that day on we fucked whenever one of us had a date .when I had one she would sit on my face and cumm all over my face and hair. She would want me to finger her so she was on me. I did the same to her she would suck me off and she could get me off 3 or 4 times . So I would cumm in her pussy in her hair between her tits . She would make sure that I was totally soft and wasn’t going to get hard anytime soon. Needless to say our dates never got very much out of us. I had sexxx with other girls and she did with other boys . We both told each other about our dates. She said and so did I they had no idea what they were doing like us . We did that until we were about 18.
We did it one more time in our 20z and we got caught. My wife caught us. My sister did this thing when she was blowing me. She would have me grab her by the hair why she was choking herself with my cock . She would look up and try hard to choke herself as soon as she would start crying she would cumm like it was the end of her life. As soon as she started cumming like that I would start cumming then she would really choke bad it was awesome!!! That’s what she was doing to me the day my wife caught us .

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