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Don’t tell mom

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Don’t tell Mom she whispered in my ear This story is intersex basically a girl with a dick

Part one

I remember at the age of 9 I had a small drugs on my sister who was 10 Jordan was born with a dick and this is the time we’d stop taking baths because my mom caught us touching each other’s privates.

But that didn’t stop us one night out next door neighbor a old lady maria who was 85 was babysitting us while out parents took a two day business trip to the town over.

The first night Maria was sleep and Jordan came into my room and closed the door she told me we should hump because some boy at school showed her a video of porn.

I agreed we got naked and she laid her cock on my young cunt she rubbed it I moaned not knowing what to feel and let out satisfied grunts.

We did it every night we kissed and humped slot

But when I turned 11 and Jordan turned 12 we stopped for a moment until one night my parents were passed out drunk probably naked in there bed and Jordan came in.

She told me we should hump again town that I’ve grown boobs it’ll be funnier I agreed and we spooned I felt a small spark while she grabbed my groaning boobs.

And we stopped that night we got distant but when she turned 16 and I was still 15 oh I hated bloomed 34b cup boobs curvy body and I ran track and Jordan played basketball she had grown a six pack.

And I had grown a affection towards her perverted mind I purposely left the bathroom door unlocked while peeing and showering loving when she’d sneak in and peep on me.

One night my parents were out on a business trip for a week and we were old enough and she came in and confessed her feeling first me I confessed my feeling and we made out I enjoyed her hands groping me and she enjoyed me palming her thick cock.

She told me she wanted to make love and take my virginity I agreed.

She fucked me hard reminding me that is was hers and was gonna be her housewife when we got married.

We’d been fucking until we graduated highschool and we fucked in college and once Jordan landed a stable job we confessed to our parents how we’d been in sexual intercourse since we were 8 and 9 and in love.

They sat in quiet before telling us that they saw it coming catching us touching each other in baths and they approved and my mom confessed that her brother took her virginty and fucked multiple times and my dad was her brother.

I guess she didn’t need to take me not to tell mom

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  • Reply Lem ID:1efk2mboj2nj

    That was lovely, it’s great to finally find a story where someone actually understands and knows the term intersex is a thing.

    If I had a sister like her, I wouldn’t need anyone in my life, to be honest,.

    Intersex sibling plus incest is a fantastic combo, It was a great story

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  • Reply D. ID:2bgp27x343

    What about one where the girl is still a minor and the relative is an adult?
    I just turned 16 and have always wanted an older man or woman to fuck and dominate me

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