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Hard but who wasn’t

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I finally found my self at a nudist colony and my fears of being erect were quickly laid to rest.

I decided to visit a nudist colony on vacation with my wife and daughter. It wasn’t a rule to be naked everywhere except for the places we absolutely wanted to be. We arrived late in the evening and after being shown our little cabin that was almost identical to all the others we laughed about the experience we were embarking on. The next morning I woke up next to my wife in bed and quickly noticed our daughter was not in the room. I sprang to my feet and bolted out the door in my boxers alone. Calling out her name I hear a familiar giggle and race towards a cabin three or four spots from ours. Calling her name out less and less frantic as I noticed her talking to girls her age. Nervously laughing in relief she was ok I still nervously smiled in excitement and appreciation of her joining the four other girls in complete nudity. I couldn’t help but admire the small hair patches two girls wore proudly next to the other 3 bald peaches my daughter included. All of the girls had the same chest features other than a slight puffiness each one offered. Trying to talk to my daughter and figure out why she was up so early I was distracted by each girls beauty from head to toe. I started to realize my cock was seconds from being a rock hard 7” pressing into my thin boxers that would serve as no defense to contain its rapid growth. Noticing the girls eyes glancing down and blushing as we made out introductions I now realized I was busted with a rock hard cock that isn’t accepted in these circumstances outside of the cooony. A voice of a man cheerfully made his appearance as he announced breakfast being served in minutes. All the girls began to handle different tasks to ensure the table and dishes would all be in order. I nervously watched my daughter start in the same direction with one of the fuzzy peach girls and as I made my eyes around to shake the man’s hand for introductions I noticed his erect unclothed cock pointing straight out. I realized I wasn’t alone with being out here with a hard cock. I thought as a smiled to myself and to the man reaching out to shake my hand, that this was going to be even better than I expected.

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  • Reply Monkey ID:1esdgob4yura

    Tying hard hello. You can play several games at nude resorts. And you can have orgies or swap with other couples. Yes it’s also a common place to try women on women sex.

  • Reply WantedDaughter ID:1dpn79bg6po2

    Great start, is there more. Like your style.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:vuf1mkdz

    Nice n a dream cum true 😁