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Babysitting the sisters

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What happens when a hot Asian mom leaves her preteen daughters in the care of a teen boy

I am 19 and I babysit for neighbours quite often.It gives a little extra cash that helps with fun activities. Sometimes stints are hard to come by cause I am a guy.

One Friday evening one of our neighbours Ms.Chan rang up my mom to see if I could babysit that night. She was 37, very fit,athletic and a single mother of 2 daughters and wanted some time alone with her girlfriends.

I rang the bell to Ms.Chan’s house around 6pm. Man, was she looking stunning hot when she opened the door. Her petite Asian frame was dressed in a little red dress that showed off her curves perfectly. Needless to say, it gave me a nice little boner. Thankfully, my erection subsided moments after she left.

I was babysitting Ange, 12 and Emma,10 that night.The girls played with their dolls for a while and dragged me into their girly games a little while later.

After dinner, it was time to start getting them ready for bed. I had the girls shower and put on their night clothes. As I was tucking them into bed, Emma said ” You are a very naughty boy,Jack. I saw you were hiding something in your pants when you spoke with Mom”.

I was stunned for a moment. Before I could answer, Angel chimed in,”It’s his penis. Boys have it and they sometimes grow big”

“What do you mean, they grow big?”, Emma was tad confused at this stage.

“When boys see pretty girls, their penis grows big” replied the elder sister.

I was getting a bit turned on by the conversation. More blood surged forth to my dick when the younger sister asked

“Is it possible that you can show it to us?”

I explained that I could get into trouble if I flash myself in front of the two. But the girls weren’t having any of it.

Finally I relented and said that it was only fair that they showed me their bodies if I was going to show them mine.

I wasn’t prepared for what happened next as Angel stripped out of her night clothes and stood stark naked in front of me. I could see 2 little budding bumps on her otherwise flat chest. My eyes followed downwards towards her young, virgin, beautifully pink slit. Her pussy lips were shut closed. That was enough to harden my dick to its fullest.

Following the idea from her older sister, Emma stripped as well. Here was a totally flat-chested girl whose pussy lips seemed slightly developed.

For a moo,I was lost in the beauty of these little bodies. I pulled off my jeans and shirt and stood in front of them with my hard 7 incher.

“May I touch it?” Emma naively.

“Umm… yeah sure you can touch it “. Her small hands engulfed my dick. I held her hand and started rubbing it up and down.

“Move your hands this way. Makes me feel better”. She started moving her hand and inexpertly attempted a handjob. In turn, I lay her on her bed and started exploring her pussy.

” I ought to return the favour as well”, I winked. I rubbed her little clit till I sensed she was enjoying it. Her hand fell limp and she went into a different zone.

” Come here Angel. Continue rubbing my dick”. The elder sis proceeded with the hand job. I circled my hands on Emma’s slit and started pushing my middle finger into her slightly wet and tight cunt.

“Actually Angel, put it in your mouth and start sucking as if it is a lollipop” . She was visibly repulsed by the thought. Nevertheless, she wrapped her cute little mouth around my erect manhood.

Meanwhile, I was rubbing the younger one to an orgasm. As I sent shockwaves through her body, I felt the blowjob wasn’t quite cutting it for me. Emma shuddered and gasped as the little girl got her first ever orgasm.

“Stop Angel. Lay down. I’m going to please you now” Angel obliged and lay down. I knelt in between her knees and brought my face to her pussy lips. Emma was up and could see what I was doing to her older sister.

“What are you doing!?” exclaimed Emma.

“Preparing her”

“For what?” Both sisters asked in unison.

” A boys penis when hard is supposed to go inside a girls vagina. By licking it, I will get you wet so that my penis goes in nice and easily.”

I spread her pussy lips with tow of my fingers and prised it open briefly. With the outer open lips, I proceeded to lick every inch of that delicious pussy. Ohh, so delicious!I started licking ver slowly and rolled my tongue around her moistness.

Angle moaned loudly ” Ahhhh, it feels soo good! Oohh…..” Her voice trailer off.

“Emma, lick your sister’s tits” . The younger one joined in. I kept lapping up the sweet juices flowing from Angel. It was taking every inch of strength to stop me from cumming.

I was leaking precum and Angel was nice and wet already. I moved away and said ” I am going to enter you now.It might hurt a bit at first. If you aren’t okay, let me know asap”

“Ok Jack”, I could sense she was a little scared with her ragged breaths and raspy voice.

I rubbed my erect manhood up and down her wet slit, before putting the tip into her little hole. I pushed gently into her and watched her wince a bit.

“Owwww!” she exclaimed.

I held myself in position to let her come to grips with my size.

“Are you okay?” She simply nodded

I pushed myself further inwards. The feeling was unbelievable! Her young cunt was so tight it felt like it was trying to squeeze every bit of my dick.I kept going in slowly till I reached a little obstruction. At this point, I kissed Angel full on the lips. I guess the pain of my dick entering had not fully subsided as I saw a couple of tears.

I looked at her and tore into her with my full strength.


Truth be told, her screams turned me on even more. I started kissing her to muffle them whilst boning into her at a rapid pace.

“Just.keep.with.me” I told her ” It will be better in a few minutes”

I started thrusting faster and faster and that’s when I felt her hip dance rhythmically to my moves.

“Ahhh, that’s it ,my little darling, move your hips”

“Ohhhhh that feels amazing!” Angel yelped. “I feel so full!” We carried on fucking for another few minutes and then Angel cried out again, “Take it out, take it out! I feel like I’m going to pee! Oh but it feels so good!”

“That’s just your orgasm. Just relax and let it all out,” I said.

She was writhing and slithering around underneath me. “AHHHHHH!!!!!! Oh fuck!” she screamed. She lay motionless right after and I knew she had cum.

I was going to cum any second as well. I didn’t know whether I’d make her pregnant if I came inside of her, so I tried pulling out. But her pussy lips had sucked me in so nicely that I couldn’t help unloading myself inside her warm pussy.

I pulled out of her and saw the sticky mess I had made.

“When’s my turn?” Asked an innocent Emma.

“Not tonight darling! Perhaps the next time I babysit. Now off to bed you go”

I cleaned myself up, put on my clothes and could help smiling as I closed the room door. Had had one of my best sex experiences ever.

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