Thicc 15 Year Old Im Leggings Gets Pounded By A 13 Year Old

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Two kids have insane sex in a trampoline park.

My Name Is Sam. I am 13 Year Old. My Sister Jessica Is Turning 11 Today. She decided to have her party at our local trampoline park. She invited all her friends. Since it was only girls and I was the only guy, it was hard to have fun at the park. But something changed that. As I was walking away from the trampolines I took a seat on the bench.

I noticed my sister about 10 – 20 Feet away from me. She was talking to this girl who was definetly older then her. The girl Jessica was talking to had silky brown hair, Juicy boobs nestled in a black sexy sport bras, and she had the fattest ass I’ve ever seen. It was literally so wide and juicy. Her tight sexy leggings made her ass look so fuckable. I wanted to play with her fat leggings ass as soon as I saw her. But then I noticed a boner coming. I tried to hide it with my hoodie. It worked. The girl then walked away from my sister and gave me a look. She smiled at me and walked over to the trampolines.

“Who was that? She looks older then you” I said

“That was Emma. My friend Mac’s older sister. She’s 15” My sister responds

“Oh ok” I say. Jessica walks away. I’m still sitting on the bench. I noticed Emma jumping up and down in her leggings. Her ass jiggling with ever second of jumping. She notices me staring, but then she looks away and keeps jumping. Her wide plump ass is jumping up and down, up and down, So juicy. I decide to get on the trampolines. I’m jumping on the other side of the trampolines trying to get closer to Emma. The closer I get, The more I get a perfect view of her plump juicy ass. The soft butt jiggling every jump. Up and down in her delicate leggings. She turns around and jumps towards me too.

“Hey Sammy, I saw you staring at my booty. You like my fat ass in these leggings?” Emma says

“ummmm” I can’t process words. All I can process is her soft voice, her flawless skin, and her big boobs being this close to me.

“You want my ass Sam? you want to squeeze it and slap it?”

Emma turns around to expose her juicy leggings ass. I want to grab her giant plump leggings booty more then anything on this planet. I can’t even process words, this minor has an ass fatter and nicer then any unnatural bitch I’ve seen. My dick is slowly getting erect. So I do what any other 13 year old boy would do If they see an ass this big and this close. I put my hands on her buttcheeks and massage the buttcheeks around. The soft plump ass jiggles with every movement. I then grab Emma’s ass with one hand and with the other I massage her ass gently. Emma’s ass is so soft and juicy, I am put to a trance as soon as I touch it.

After about 5 minutes of me silently touching emma’s giant ass, I think about the next move. I grab onto both sides of the plump enormous ass and shove my face in between her ass. I stay in this position for a while, as I occasionaly lick her leggings ass and her vagina. I don’t even give a fuck if the five year olds are watching me explore emmas curvy leggings, and she doesn’t care either. I grab her sexy leggings ass and squeeze it hard. I give her ass a hard slap then massage her juicy ass. I grab her leggings booty and sniff it, and then I take off her leggings.

“Daddy Sam, There are kids here” Emma says

“I don’t give a fuck Emma. We’re kids too”

Emma knows better not to fight, so she lets me pull her leggings off. I grab her bare lightly tanned ass and jiggle it around. A fresh, unfucked giant ass all for me. I notice some of the kids leaving the section me and emma were in, which makes things easier. I then finger her in her little black panties and Emma makes some whimpers.

“Emma. You’re getting doggystyle fucked today. Get on all fours”

“M-Minors having sex is illegal daddy. But lets do it”

Hm. Maybe watching pornhub will help me fuck Emma better.

Emma gets on all fours on the trampoline. I take her panties off to unveil a wet pink pussy. I immediatley get to licking. Emma can’t hold her moans in so she makes some light moans. After slurping up all of Emma’s juices, I put my hands onto her giant soft ass. I slowly massage her giant ass and give it some spanks. Her ass jiggles with every spank. I then grab Emma’s giant 15 year old ass and jiggle it around. I then slowly massage Emma’s plump booty around and give it some occasional slaps. Emma’s fat ass jiggles with every touch. I then grab her enormous ass with both hands and squeeze her soft ass good. I then continue massaging.

Emma then shakes her ass around for me. Her asscheeks shake as she twerks for me, her giant ass moving around and jiggling. I get almost fully erect at the sight. I then lay my hands onto her soft ass and give it a slap. Then I decide to grab Emmas giant minor ass and start to lick it. Emma’s plump ass is soft to the touch, so when my tounge starts slurping up Emma’s ass I get fully erect. I continue to slurp her plump 15 year old ass up left and right and give it an occasional slap. I then take my tounge off her giant ass and just stare at her bare ass, waiting to be fucked. I give emma’s giant ass on more slap before we start fucking. I pull out my erect dick. 8 inches. above average for anyone, especially for a 13 year old. I get my dick ready and stick it in Emma’s wet gooey underage pussy.

“Shove your dick in me daddy” Emma moans.

“Ok Emma” I respond.

I slowly start shoving my dick deep into Emma’s soft pussy and move my cock around.

I grab her giant ass and give it a slap. I repeat my movement in Emma’s vagina but now faster. I slowly accelerate the speed and can feel Emma’s damp pussy tightning up. I keep pushing my dick. Now going faster. Emma is moaning pretty loud. I tell her to be quiet if she wants us to continue. But she doesn’t care. The moans are coming out and make me want to fuck her harder.

“Fuck Me Harder Daddy” Emma Says

Thats my que. I go ultra speed all at once. Pushing hard and going ultra speed, fucking her perfectly. I can hear her whimpering. I give her ass a slap. And I go faster: Faster. Faster. And Faster. At this point she’s literally about to cry. Emma’s moaning and groaning is becoming so loud that I’m afraid we might get caught. I keep pushing for 3 more minutes and keep accelerating. I can tell it hurts for her a lot, but she wants to contiue. I’m getting pretty worn out, but I won’t stop fucking this thick sexy bitch until I die. I keep going. Keep pushing. She’s starting to cry. I keep going and pushing to the maximum limit. And then at the 7 minute mark, I cum. Emma does too. We both cum in sync.

“Ahhhhhh! Stuff Me Up Daddy!!” Emma Screams.

I’m groaning of relief. I cummed so much. I stuffed Emma’s pussy up with my cum. I give her ass a gentle grab, And then grab a wipe out of my pocket to clean up the mess. Once were done, Emma puts back her sexy tight leggings.


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    Part 2 indeed. That was a great ass description

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    LOL you had me right up to the point you pulled a wipe out of your pocket LOL

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    This sounds like a scene for a porn. So fucking hot.

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      WELL I DON’T HAVE TO FEAR YOU FUCKING MY ASS BECAUSE I’M 5’3 and weigh 116 pounds.

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