Fucked by Older Guy

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a horny 15 years old girl who came across an older guy online, decided to meet and got fucked hard multiple times.

This took place when I was only 15 years old. I was a young naive girl who oddly had a fantasy of being fucked or being raped by an older man. I would describe myself as a curvy girl. I had a nice tits and perfectly shaped ass, blessed from my genetics. At the age of 13, I discovered porn from my dad’s phone. It was filled with an “age gap” porn where guys in their 40s fucked an underage girl. Ever since that, I became curious and ended masturbating every day by secretly watching porn through his phone while he was sleeping at night.

I never tried seducing him even though my mom wasn’t in the picture anymore, since they’ve gotten divorced and living separately that time. And by the time, I was turning 15, I was really curious about this fantasy that I always have, so I decided to act on it by getting myself a dating app to meet older men in my area.

Not long after that, I got matched with this older man. He was 30 years old. When he hit me up through the dating app, I told him that I was only 15 years old and I asked him whether he was okay knowing that I’m underage. Surprisingly he was thrilled and asked me to meet him the next day. He also requested me to wear a skirt without any panties and being the curious slut I was. I fulfilled his request.

I wore a tanktop and a white mini skirt when he picked me up using his car. When I finally sat down on the car seat he started kissing my neck and his hands started rubbing my pussy slowly, knowing that I wasn’t wearing anything down there. “ You fucking slut, you like that huh? You want me to rub your little cunt faster ?” He whispered to me while teasing my clitoris till my pussy became soaked. I was horny and aching to be filled. I nodded and said “ mmmh yes please daddy..put your finger -“ before I finished, he put two fingers inside of my holes roughly and started to finger me really fast. “ look at you pathetic slut. look how wet you’ve become” he said while slapping my face with his other hands.

I started moaning uncontrollably and tried to open his jeans to see his cock because I was really horny. He stopped fingering me and helped me to open his jeans. His pants were filled with pre cum and I started sucking and licking all of his precum on the car seat. “ ooooh yess babygirl.. suck my cock with your pretty mouth… yes just like that” he said. I gave him a deep throat while he pushed my head down to suck the rest of his big cock. He pulled my hair roughly while thrusting his cock inside of my mouth. He slapped my face and spit on my face in between. I was such a mess. Full of saliva and my makeup was ruined.

Not long after fucking my mouth, he flipped me over and spanked my ass really hard while fingering me again roughly with 3 fingers. It was hurt at first but I started enjoying it after 5 minutes. I begged him to fuck my hole while crying of pleasure because it was really good. “ fuck my tiny pussy please…I beg of you, give me that big cock of yours. I can’t hold this anymore” I said. He stopped and spit on my pussy and started to thrust his cock inside of my pussy from behind. “ fuck you’re so tight….You cumslut I’m gonna ruin your pussy. What a whore” he said. “ fuckkkk yess.. ohmygod it’s so good. Keep going daddy. Make me your little slut.. “ he rammed his cock roughly and spanked my ass till it became numb and red.

Not long after that ,we switched positions to missionary.
I rubbed my clit at the same time while he was fucking my pussy so hard. “ mmmhh daddy it feels so good. Fuck me harder.. I feel like I’m about to pee” I said and he replied “ hold it little slut I’m not done with you yet. I’m gonna tear your hole open.” He thrust my pussy deeply and constantly slapping my face at the same time calling me “ little whore”
“ oh yeah slut… I’m gonna cum.. I want to cum inside of you” he said. At that time I couldn’t give him any reply. So I just nodded because I was so weak and used. My pussy became so sore and I was basically being fucked so hard non stop for 40 minutes in the car. He finally came inside of me. And I had the biggest orgasm together with him.

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